Collaborative Sketching for UX


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Collaborative Sketching for UX - presented by Robert Stribley at UX Sketchcamp NYC, 10/12/2013

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  • XKCD Cartoon
  • Photo by JasonTank, Flickr
  • Common precognitive visual attributes – from The Back of the Napkin – Dan Roam
  • Our Exercise
  • Defining Collaborative Sketching
  • Our Exercise
  • Our Exercise
  • Our Exercise
  • Our Exercise
  • Our Exercise
  • Our Exercise
  • Photo:
  • Resources
  • Books: Sketching User Experiences by Bill Buxton, The Back of the Napkin by Dan Roam
  • Sketching Apps
  • Prototyping with sketches – source:
  • thanks
  • Collaborative Sketching for UX

    1. 1. Collaborative Sketching for UX Robert Stribley UX Sketch Camp NYC – 10/12/14
    2. 2. First, remember, anyone can sketch Cartoon by XKCD
    3. 3. And for the purposes of today’s workshop, sketching is … •Quick •Simple •Collaborative
    4. 4. All the tools you need: Paper Sharpies Photo by JasonTank, Flickr
    5. 5. Some Examples
    6. 6. Any idea what this is a sketch of?
    7. 7. Twitter [This sketch] has very special significance – it's hanging in the office somewhere with one other page. Whenever I'm thinking about something, I really like to take out the yellow notepad and get it down. – Jack Dorsey, Twitter “twttr sketch”
    8. 8. Advice from the Experts
    9. 9. “There are techniques and processes whereby we can put experience front and center in design. My belief is that the basis for doing so lies in extending the traditional practice of sketching.” - Bill Buxton Bill Buxton Sketching User Experiences
    10. 10. Attributes of a Sketch •Quick •Timely •Inexpensive •Disposable •Plentiful •Clear vocabulary •Distinct gesture •Minimal detail •Appropriate degree of refinement •Suggest & explore rather than confirm •Ambiguity Bill Buxton Sketching User Experiences
    11. 11. "There is no more powerful way to prove that we know something well than to draw a simple picture of it. And there is no more powerful way to see hidden solutions than to pick up a pen and draw out the pieces of our problem." Dan Roam The Back of the Napkin
    12. 12. Collaborative Sketching
    13. 13. Defining Collaborative Sketching Origins • Rooted in Design Studio Methodology • Grew out of industrial design and architecture • No “rockstars” • Different versions/methods • For example, Todd Zaki Warfel, Message First, talks about … • Create. Pitch. Critique. • 6.8.5 game
    14. 14. Methodology • Sketch • Limit your time • Don’t worry about mistakes or style Goals • Benefit from the participation of your colleagues • Communicate ideas effectively by visualizing them • Quickly generate ideas and refine through iterations
    15. 15. Process: 1. Discuss 2. Sketch 3. Share 4. Revise
    16. 16. Discuss • Discuss the experience you’re sketching • What’s its purpose? • What features are necessary? • How would you prioritize them? • What’s the audience? • However, you are not discussing layout or design • Just the problem you’re trying to solve • No sketching yet!
    17. 17. Sketch • Sketch silently • Limit your time – 5, 10 minutes • Sketch as much has possible, as many different ideas as possible • Emphasis is on quantity of ideas not quality of sketches
    18. 18. Share • Review your work with your team • Keep it short – 60 seconds each • You provide feedback to others • What you like • Questions about didn’t work for you • You’re not grilling your colleagues and this is not a competition
    19. 19. Revise • Now begin your wireframe with a more informed view, more and better ideas • And sketch again if you need to
    20. 20. Our Exercise
    21. 21. What to do?
    22. 22. Our Exercise: A home page for • A website for finding local events – Listed by category – Listed by date – Listed by ??? • Who is the audience? – Personas
    23. 23. Our Exercise: Consider other event sites you’re familiar with. This will be your “competitive analysis”
    24. 24. Our Exercise: In teams, sketch your ideas. Home Page 1. Take 10 minutes to discuss what features belong here 2. Sketch your ideas silently for 10 minutes 3. Share your sketches with your team 4. Sketch again, incorporating what you learned from others
    25. 25. Our Exercise: 1. Take 10 minutes to discuss what features belong here
    26. 26. Our Exercise: 2. Sketch your ideas silently for 10 minutes
    27. 27. Our Exercise: 3. Share your sketches with your team
    28. 28. Our Exercise: 4. Sketch again, incorporating what you learned from others
    29. 29. Some Resources
    30. 30. Online Reading & Viewing Introduction to Design Studio Methodology The Design Studio Method – Presentation by Todd Zaki Warfel
    31. 31. Sketching Tools The following apps are all for the iPad: • Adobe Ideas • Bamboo Paper • Muji Notebook • Penultimate • SketchBook Pro
    32. 32. Prototyping With Sketches AppSeed Currently a Kickstarter projects, AppSeed allows you to turn your app sketches into working mobile prototypes "Sketching is simply the fastest way to test ideas and visually brainstorm” – Greg Goralski, AppSeed creator
    33. 33. thanks @stribs