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STRETCH YOURSELF Business Academy helps small business owners generate more leads and attract new clients by implementing a simple and quick 5 step formula that helps them grow their business based on STRETCH YOURSELF's PROVEN relational marketing principal.
STRETCH YOURSELF Business Academy gives you access to all of the tools. resources, and support you need to explode your revenue and profits.
Sign up for a complimentary 30 day VIP Membership and see how the academy brings value to help you position yourself in the marketplace with STRETCH YOURSELF's proven 5 step strategy to bring the results you want in your business. More qualified leads, more clients and customers, and the ability to effective market your product or service with measured results. visit

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STRETCH YOURSELF Business Academy guided tour-presentation

  1. 1. E-Learning Coaching System
  2. 2. And for those of you who stay with us until the end, we’ll give you the ability to add a substantial amount of newfound profits to your business... guaranteed! Small Business Owners
  3. 3. • Business owners today are in the fight of their lives - the global economy is in shambles - no additional revenue sources for financial support - most marketing and advertising doesn’t work like it used to • If you’re struggling to generate more leads and clients • Or you need immediate ways to dramatically increase revenue • We’ll make all of these problems disappear forever Small Business Owners
  4. 4. • Small business owners today are desperate for proven and tested ways they can generate more leads, attract more clients and make more money • What if we told you that we can show you how to generate all the leads a business owner needs in order to completely dominate their market? • What if we could prove to you right now that we can make ANY small business owner dramatically more revenue and profit… and do it in just 30 to 90 days? What If…
  5. 5. • Give you back door access to an online marketing system that many of today’s top marketing experts are calling the single, most powerful client attraction program ever created - 5 years in development - more than $1 million dollars invested building the “perfect” online small business coaching program • We’ll show you how the two of us can partner together on this and help you build your business • We can turn you into a lead generation, client attracting, revenue exploding “marketing maverick” See For Yourself
  6. 6. • Other online membership programs promise to help you grow your business - many of them offer excellent content - unfortunately, information on its own is totally worthless - it’s the APPLICATION of the information that produces results Other Marketing Programs
  7. 7. • Most programs attempt to justify the fees they charge by offering you access to a ton of information - you’re immediately overwhelmed - NO clue where to start - what to do - what will work for your business and what won’t - how to best apply the content to your specific business to insure you see actual, measurable and lucrative results Other Coaching Programs
  8. 8. Major considerations for the Academy… A fast way to generate all the leads your business can handle A proven and tested way for you to attract more clients Instant and immediate ways to generate more cash flow Instant access to the business growth information you need Confirmation the information will work for YOUR business Guidance and support to successfully apply the information A proven way for your business to reach one million dollars in total revenue and then continue to grow from there E-Learning Marketing System
  9. 9. Small business owners today simply want to know that what they’re buying will actually produce real results… (more money) I feel I should prove our ability to make you more money upfront… BEFORE I ask you to spend any of your hard earned money with me I’m not kidding when I say I can make any small business owner substantially more revenue and profit in just 30 to 90 days I’ll make you that money before I ask you to spend a dime with me E-Learning Marketing System
  10. 10. Start with the end in mind Your business is your single, most valuable asset If you build a million dollar business… you enjoy a lucrative income from the revenues generated your business can be sold and provide you with an excellent retirement income E-Learning Marketing System
  11. 11. • Helping you build a multimillion dollar business was a primary consideration in creating the E-Learning Marketing System • The first program we developed was called “How to Build a Multimillion Dollar Business… Your Step by Step Roadmap” • This program walks any small business owner… step by step… through a series of specific fundamentals that consistently produce multimillion dollar businesses • Sent weekly by email so members focus on the fundamentals • Review and apply the information and you will build a multimillion dollar business E-Learning Marketing System
  12. 12. • Many of you need immediate revenue and quick cash flow • We will email you bi-monthly marketing strategies - specifically designed to get cash coming in your door • These will get you started on building your dream business • We can help you build a multimillion dollar business, but it will take 12 months to complete that task • We know you need help RIGHT NOW to generate more leads, attract more clients and make more money than ever before • We positioned all the tools, resources, strategies, tactics and support in this online program so you can access it instantly… and use it to skyrocket your current revenue and profit E-Learning Marketing System
  13. 13. This program contains more content than some Universities offer in both their undergraduate and graduate programs The E-Learning Marketing System has taken more than 5 years to develop at a cost of more than $1 million dollars This program contains a multitude of unmatched and unequaled business growth and marketing information specifically designed to help you skyrocket your current revenue and profits… as well as build a multimillion dollar business… and it’s all for your personal and exclusive use E-Learning Marketing System
  14. 14. • But that’s the problem • Where do you begin? - how do you even know where to start - what to do - what will work for your business • Easy to go into immediate overwhelm the moment you attempt to access the information • We didn’t want that same thing to happen to you • Giving you a prescription without a diagnosis is blatant malpractice E-Learning Marketing System
  15. 15. • First, we ask you to complete a brief 5 to 7 minute marketing assessment on your business • Covers the five major areas where business owners need the most help to build a successful business - more leads - more conversions - more transactions - higher prices - more profits Getting Started
  16. 16. • Once you complete the assessment, we generate a customized roadmap specifically designed to take your business from wherever it is right now… to exactly where you want it to be • All you have to do is follow your step-by-step roadmap and you will build the business of your dreams • To keep this presentation short, let me give you actual examples to show you how our content will help you achieve immediate results when it comes to generating leads and making money Getting Started
  17. 17. • You’re a new real estate agent and you’re desperate to find sellers who need to sell their home quickly and for top dollar • You have no money for marketing and no prospective sellers • Your broker offers an online marketing system that works so well, it allows you to offer a 29 day sales guarantee • If the home doesn’t sell… the sellers don’t pay commission • What would you do if you had zero marketing dollars and no listings in sight, and yet you need to get some listings… and fast? Lead Generation Example
  18. 18. • Click on the More Leads link • Next, click on Strategies We Use To Generate Leads • The agent decides that networking fits their current financial situation • Click on How To Network Your Business To Success • Here’s a 7 video instructional series that walks them through this powerful networking strategy step-by-step Lead Generation Example
  19. 19. • How to create a powerful and compelling elevator pitch • The top link contains a step-by-step template to create either a 10 second or a 30 second pitch… along with specific and easy- to-relate-to examples • Within minutes, any small business owner can create a compelling message that will grab a prospects attention and practically force them to buy what you sell Lead Generation Example
  20. 20. • Click on the More Leads link • Click on Resources We Use To Generate Leads Using Our "Done-For-You" Competition-Crushing Marketing • 7 specific marketing libraries loaded with ready-to-use marketing collateral - advertising and marketing pieces - elevator pitches, emails, sales letters - scripts, TV ads & USP’s Lead Generation Example
  21. 21. • Click on elevator pitch library • Scroll down and click on real estate • Here are ready-to-use elevator pitches that will help this agent compel every prospective home seller they meet at this networking event to instantly list their home with them Worst Case Example
  22. 22. • The first thing anyone says to someone they have just met is “what do you do?” • Typical agent response is “I sell real estate” • A seasoned agent may say “I help buyers and sellers complete successful transactions” • Still doesn’t make you jump up and down does it? Networking Example
  23. 23. • But what if our rookie agent said this… “I help frustrated homeowners who are struggling to sell their homes in these financially troubling times to sell their home in 29 days or less… and for top dollar… guaranteed” • If you were preparing to sell your home, and you heard a real estate agent say that brief 10 second pitch, would you be lining up to ask them “how do you do that?” • And when this agent is asked that… they could then respond with the 30 second elevator pitch version that was in their E-Learning Library Networking Example
  24. 24. • It would sound something like this… “Do you know how homeowners today are discovering that their homes are now worth half of their original price and that it often takes more than a year to sell their home? I use a revolutionary new property listing process that less than 5% of all real estate agents even know about… and that is so successful I can guarantee any homeowner… in writing… that I will sell their home within 29 days of taking their listing… get them top dollar based on their current appraisal… and if I fail… I sell their home for FREE!” Networking Example
  25. 25. What if this real estate agent never had the opportunity to log into their Online Coaching System account so they could gain access to those elevator pitches? That could cost them a lot of business and potential revenue… wouldn’t you agree? Our online coaching system takes into account that most small business owners often need instant access to critical marketing information when they’re on the run Everything this agent accessed from their computer… they can also access from their mobile phone All of our world-class content is easily accessible by any mobile device, and it’s a service we provide our members … for FREE! Networking Example
  26. 26. • So how would you like to have your own compelling 10 second… 30 second and even a 60 second elevator pitch that instantly grabs your prospects attention and all but forces them to engage with you? • I have custom-designed elevator pitches for most businesses, and we continue to add more every day Networking Example
  27. 27. • What if our real estate agent found themselves in a room full of real estate investors looking to BUY? • This agent could quickly log into their E-Learning member account using their mobile phone, access the Real Estate Elevator Pitch Library, and instantly know what to say to investors looking to buy real estate that would grab their attention Networking Example
  28. 28. When one of these investors asks our agent “what do you do?” they might say something like this… “I help savvy real estate investors take full advantage of the current drop in real estate values by showing them how to acquire multimillion dollar homes for no money down and add millions to their net worth overnight.” Networking Example
  29. 29. When an interested investor then asks them “how do you do that?”… they would respond by saying… “Do you know how real estate investors feel they may be missing out on the greatest time in recent history to acquire million dollar properties for pennies on the dollar? I help these investors identify the hidden cache’ of available multimillion dollar homes that are truly once-in- a-lifetime deals… and show them how they can buy these homes with no money down and become an overnight millionaire!” Do you think this type of message just might raise some interest… and have these investors clamoring for more? Networking Example
  30. 30. • Our elevator pitch library contains multiple, powerful and compelling messages that get real results • This is one of the best ways for any small business owner to generate a massive number of leads in a short amount of time for absolutely zero dollars in cost Networking Example
  31. 31. What happens when a prospect at a networking event IS interested in learning more about what you do They immediately ask for your business card… right? What happens to the business cards YOU collect? Don’t the vast majority of them wind up at the bottom of the circular file called the trash can? What makes you think that handing your business card to a prospective real estate buyer or seller will be any different? Networking Example
  32. 32. The typical business card contains nothing more than your name and a phone number It does NOTHING to continue to nurture the interest your elevator pitch created when you spoke with them It fails to create any additional leads for your business… or to compel a qualified prospect to want to follow up with you Your business card does nothing to continue to build on your elevator pitch Networking Example
  33. 33. • In our E-Learning System, we created an entire Resources and Templates Center where we placed all the tools, samples and templates you will ever need to build your business the right way, and do so with complete confidence and certainty • Click on our Resources & Templates • Scroll down to Business Card Template • We’ll show you how to design the front and the back of your business card to turn it into a lead generation and prospect nurturing machine Business Card Template
  34. 34. • We’ll teach you how to design the front of your card so you establish your credibility and continue to build rapport with that prospect • At the bottom, print “see backside for special offer” in red lettering to attract attention (or highlight it somehow) • The back should have a compelling offer • In this template, we used a link to a landing page where we have a free informative video for them to watch • Your business card should continue to move your prospects closer to the sale Business Card Template
  35. 35. Let’s revisit our two real estate agent examples One was looking for sellers, one was looking for investors What compelling offer should they place on their cards Your offer must coincide with your elevator pitch For the selling agent, their offer must address the claim they can sell the prospects home within 29 days… guaranteed Business Card Example
  36. 36. • In this instance, place a link to a landing page on the back of the card offering a free report titled “19 Things Every Home Seller Must Know to Sell Their Home Quickly and For Top Dollar” • Every prospect will be compelled to download that report to find out what those 19 things are, and they will have to register to receive it by simply entering their name and email address. • Capturing their information allows you to start a “drip campaign” - continues to highlight my expertise - explain the process that allows me to fully guarantee… IN WRITING… their home will sell for top dollar within 29 days • I become the logical choice for this prospect to work with Business Card Example
  37. 37. • As a member of your system, it’s already done for them • Just click on “Market-Dominating Advertising and Marketing (Ad Library)” • Then click on “Real Estate” • Scroll down to the “Report” section • There’s your free report titled… “19 Things That Every Home Seller Must Know To Sell Their Home Quickly And For Top Dollar” E-Learning Marketing System
  38. 38. • Go to the website / landing page section • They can choose from a multitude of landing page designs they feel best reflects their business • They can hand their selection to their webmaster to recreate on their website • Perhaps this agent prefers a two page flyer to give to interested prospects • Scroll to the flyer section • Here’s the template for them to follow when they create their own compelling flyer E-Learning Marketing System
  39. 39. E-Learning Marketing System • If our agent decided to build a website • Click on the More Leads link • Click on Tactics We Use To Market Your Business And Generate Leads • Click on How We Design Market- Dominating Websites • 5 video instructional series shows them how to design, build and develop a site that features their free report in such a compelling way that it’s irresistible to their prospects
  40. 40. • Now you know how you can turn your business card into a lead generation machine • When you combine this strategic approach with your compelling elevator pitch, together they form a competition-crushing team • However, this agent may discover that offering their free report is so powerful at attracting new leads they want to offer it to all prospective sellers throughout their entire community • Why not make sure that offer shows up on page one of the search engines so prospective sellers can easily find it Business Card Marketing
  41. 41. • Click on “How to Get Your Website Indexed Fast” • Here they will learn the insider secrets for getting their report listed in the top 10 rankings on all the major search engines • Can you see how simple we’ve made this, and how we’ve gone to tremendous lengths to provide you with all the tools, resources, templates, strategies, tactics and support you will ever need to build a multimillion dollar business? Business Card Marketing
  42. 42. • So that’s the process the selling agent would use to generate a multitude of highly qualified leads in a very short period of time, and get revenue flowing into their business • The agent looking for buyers would repeat the same process • They might name their report… “The 7 Hidden Secrets To Acquiring Multimillion Dollar Homes For No Money Down And Adding Millions To Your Net Worth Overnight?” • Think that title might compel real estate investors to want to know more? Business Card Marketing
  43. 43. E-Learning Marketing System • Members can access our market leading resource center where they will find the tools, resources, templates and scripts they need to literally dominate their market • Sales Letter Library - access script template • follow step-by-step format for writing powerful sales letters
  44. 44. • Our online libraries provide templates to create… - competition-crushing ads - TV ads - brochures - business cards - websites E-Learning Marketing System
  45. 45. • Your clients have access to world-class information on… - internet marketing - building a revenue generating website - getting their website indexed on all major search engines - secrets used by the pros to tap into the awesome power of social networking E-Learning Marketing System
  46. 46. • You only have to follow your customized roadmap • We’ve spared no expense or effort to bring you the world’s most powerful client attraction program • The best is yet to come • You also receive access to our world-class turnkey marketing campaigns that when developed separately... would cost a small business owner between $25,000 up to $50,000 each E-Learning Marketing System
  47. 47. • The biggest expense all small business owners incur is their marketing and advertising campaigns • Requirements to market your business… - hire a copywriter to create your marketing collateral - hire a good graphic designer - build a professional looking website • After spending $3k to $4k, you're left with… - a full page ad - a couple of postcards - a brochure - a non-revenue producing website E-Learning Marketing System
  48. 48. Marketing Examples
  49. 49. Home Improvement Contractor
  50. 50. Bathroom Remodeler Campaign
  51. 51. Dental Campaign
  52. 52. Child Care Campaign
  53. 53. Window Contractor Campaign
  54. 54. Home Remodeler Campaign
  55. 55. Closet Organizer Campaign
  56. 56. Roofing Contractor Campaign
  57. 57. Carpet Cleaner Campaign
  58. 58. IT Troubleshooter Campaign
  59. 59. Accountants / Financial Planner
  60. 60. Chiropractor Campaign
  61. 61. • Let's say you're a dentist, and you want you to implement a complete marketing campaign for your dental practice • You want to use a direct mail strategy to reach prospects within a 5 mile radius of your office • You learn from our lead generation strategy videos that oversized 6 by 11 postcards will be the most cost- effective approach to executing your direct mail campaign • You also decide that you want this campaign to appeal to families with kids… and the biggest hot button issue they have when visiting the dentist is pain E-Learning Marketing System
  62. 62. Sedation Dental Ads
  63. 63. Cosmetic Postcard Campaign
  64. 64. No Insurance Postcard Campaign
  65. 65. Restart Postcard Campaign
  66. 66. Reminder Postcard Campaign
  67. 67. Referral Postcard Campaign
  68. 68. • Suppose you could gain VIP access to your very own turnkey marketing program specifically designed for your business • All the tools, resources and support you've seen in this presentation • Use them as your very own • Stretch Yourself Business Academy provides complete online access to everything a small business owner will ever need... and any small business owner can easily afford it E-Learning Marketing System
  69. 69. • Let me help you build a successful business... • Let me provide you with all the leads your business can handle • Let me help you to instantly begin adding more revenue to your bottom line E-Learning Marketing System
  70. 70. • Let me send you the video series that I give to our members for them to use as a primary lead generation tool for their own business - shows you how to apply simple, yet often overlooked tactics that can instantly generate a multitude of leads... and add thousands of dollars in additional revenue... for ANY small business • These videos will prove to you once and for all that everything you have heard me say in this presentation is accurate and true E-Learning Marketing System
  71. 71. • Watch the videos I'll send to you... - apply their information to your own business - hold me accountable for the results YOU experience for yourself • If you decide to partner with me, I want you to have no doubt in your mind whatsoever that I can do everything I claim... and more E-Learning Marketing System
  72. 72. See for yourself the lead producing power of these videos… and then decide if partnering with me is the logical next step E-Learning Marketing System
  73. 73. E-Learning Marketing System Designed to get YOU results!