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The Stretch Level System


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The Stretch Level System

  1. 1. You are one of a select few tool manufacturerswho are viewing this new invention.Each of you has received this information on thesame day giving each of you equal opportunity tobenefit from the revolutionary new concept ofthis device.My goal is to sell the rights to this invention forfinancial benefit to our company and muchgreater financial benefit to yours.It is with great pride that I introduce to you,THE STRETCH LEVEL SYSTEM.
  2. 2. Stretch Level LLC Frank Yowonske 1668 Buttonwood Dr. Big Pine Key, Fl. 33043 305 393 2692To whom it may concernIn 1999 I created The Stretch Level to solve a common problem. How to make acomplete and accurate level line longer than the level body without moving thelevel.Upon achieving that solution I discovered that as a system its possibilities andpotentials are unlimited.Stretch Level quickly evolved into a layout and measuring system that will replace,consolidate and improve many layout tools currently available.Stretch Level is beneficial to the occasional novice as well as every professionaltrade.The Stretch Level System will increase production and accuracy by thousands ofpercent while at the same time will lessen fatigue.The best part of the Stretch Level System is that it can be mass produced at aconsiderably lower cost than extendable levels available today, and yet thesystem is incredibly more useful and versatile.This, of course, will result in mass volume sales and great profit return.Let me explain to you how this is all possible.
  3. 3. Extendable levels are not a new concept. A patent was first issued for one in 1901.Every extendable level ever available has had basically one use and one majordrawback. The user can reference the main body and the end of the extendablemember but the gap between is not in reference to the complete line. It is also quiteexpensive to not have complete reference.I have borrowed an age old concept. One used as far back as the construction ofEgypt’s pyramids: The dovetail. This concept incorporated into a two part slide isincredibly strong and thanks to today’s CNC technology, effortless to massproduce precisely. Having the top edges of the slide and base meet accuratelycomplete the design and create two surfaces sliding precisely, almost effortless andcreates a perfectly true and complete reference line every time.A channel is also cut into the lower side of the sliding top member to accept stoppins and the locking screw so as not to mar the sliding surfaces.The larger channel machined into the top of the top sliding member helps reduceweight as well as serve as a vessel for magnets, an LED light, a laser or simply ahandy access to a pencil or scribe.The prototype shown in the enclosed photographs has been field tested andperforms even better than I had originally anticipated. It is 41.5 inches closed and72.5 inches fully extended. Perfectly true with no flex or deviation and allows aprecise true line to be marked.How does this work as a system? I propose there should be five lengths of theStretch Level available. A torpedo version would be smaller in width and heightthan the other four. The torpedo would extend from 8 inches to 14 inches. A 14inch length level will extend to 24.5 inches. A 24 inch level will extend to 42inches. A 41.5 inch level (shown in prototype) will extend to 72.5 inches. Lastly a72 inch level will extend to 126 inches. These four levels measure 1.75 inches inwidth, 3.75 inches in height. These dimensions are only slightly larger thanconventional levels yet offer the ability to create infinite lengths.
  4. 4. To complete the system, a series of attachable brackets will be available to furtherenhance custom applications as well as expand the use and increased productivityof the Stretch Level System. Listed below are the proposed brackets.Linear Bracket Attaches two Stretch Levels together in a straight line to furtherenhance length available for marking or reference.Right Angle Bracket Attaches two Stretch Levels together to form a 90 degreeright angle. This bracket is designed to connect the levels with the extendableblade on the inside or outside of the right angle. This bracket creates countlesspossibilities such as simultaneous plumbing and leveling of a doors jamb andheader or an exaggerated carpenters square or sheetrock square. The possibilitiesare limited only to the imagination and need of the user.Protractor Bracket Attaches two Stretch levels together to form a protractor formarking angles or finding the angle of an existing structure. Such as stairs, rooftrusses, railings or even the pitch of a landscape grade. Again the possibilities arelimitless. Of course a scale showing degree of angle will be applied to theProtractor Bracket for user reference.Trammel Points Designed to fit the extendable member of the Stretch Level and apivot attachment which slides onto the opposite base end of the Stretch level.Trammel points may be used to create circles or arcs of any length or parameter.Trammel points may also be used in conjunction with Right Angle Bracket orProtractor Bracket. Multiple Trammel Points may be purchased for markingmultiple lines simultaneously.Any given Stretch Level length will be available separately as should each formentioned bracket. All will be available as a complete package for a greaterconsumer value.
  5. 5. Who would be your target market?Who could benefit from the superior advantages of The Stretch LevelSystem? It may be easier to list who would not benefit from the StretchLevel but let’s look at some people or trades who will benefit.Carpenters, cabinet makers, cabinet installers, framers, architecturalmillworkers, trim carpenters, siding installers, concrete workers, soffitand fascia installers, sheetrock installers and finishers, electricians,plumbers, HVAC installers, painters, wallpaper hangers, floor coverers,machinists, metal workers, boat builders, furniture makers, door hangers,handymen, do it yourselfers, housewives, form builders, architects,interior decorators, store fixture installers, picture hangers, inventors,granite, tile, pool installers, dock workers, seawall fabricators,groundskeepers, appliance installers, furniture delivers, scientists,research teams, solar manufacturers and installers, solar integrators,telephone installers, cable workers, linemen, surveyors, hobbyists,chemists, mathematicians, tool collectors, window and door installers,stair builders, handrail installers, porch screen installers, art galleries,museums, archeologists, historical researchers, hot tub installers,concrete pylon workers, bridge workers, excavators, division of unitsand measurements, highways, streets, and roads, crime sceneinvestigation, Olympic events, sports fields, world records institutions,circuses, amusement park rides. Just to name a few.Anyone or any situation where an area of any size requires accurateleveling or plumbing. Anyone who would prefer to have greateraccuracy with less effort, increased production and ease of use.Anywhere the user would prefer to eliminate natural human error ofhaving to move the leveling instrument multiple times. Anywhere onecannot fit a conventional level between two or more points ofobstruction without an obstruction hindering accuracy results.
  6. 6. How does one justify such elaborate claims?It’s quite simple. Experience and research. I have been an ArchitecturalMillworker for 33 years. Much of that time on many different projectsand challenging situations I have been called upon to solve problemsthat arise during elaborate fabrication. When a special jig needed to becreated to perform a detailed or possibly dangerous operation, I wasusually the one to solve that particular problem and always found a wayto do it safely and increase production. Even more so, if there is aneasier way to complete a task with the same outcome and withoutcompromising quality, I will find it.I have carefully chosen extremely skilled individuals in many trades ofexpertise to view the Stretch Level. I asked each one of them if theythought it was a useful tool to their trade and most importantly, to giveme as much feedback concerning the design and function. They all saidthey would not change a thing and asked when it would be available forpurchase?Your Corporation as well as the others who are viewing this inventionright now was carefully chosen as one of the finest tool manufacturers inthe present market. You have all produced quality, reliable tools andmarketed them successfully. Many of these tools are in my cabinet shopand have served me well for years.In light of these facts, I firmly believe it would be in each of our bestinterests to further approach manufacturing and marketing this product.Marketed properly, this invention could not only prove profitable to eachof us, but also be a small step forward in improving the financial state ofour great Nation. Offering the public a great new and useful tool at anaffordable price would be beneficial to all.