Identifying Stress Symptoms in Women


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Those mentioned in here are just some of the stress symptoms in women. However, more than identifying these symptoms, stress relief and removing things that causes further stress are the vital ones in preventing resulting problems from stressful situations.

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Identifying Stress Symptoms in Women

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  2. 2. Stress Symptoms in Women INTRODUCTION Stress is a normal part of one’s life and with such statement; womenare not excluded from experiencing stress. There are a variety of factors orthings that causes stress among women as such stress symptoms in womenare important to be recognized. STRESS SYMPTOMS Symptoms of stress in women tend to vary from one reason toanother such as menstruation. Menstruation in itself causes stress as aresult of some hormones increasing such as estrogen and other hormonesdecreasing specifically progesterone. These changes in the body causes animbalance in how the body must cope as manifested by cramps in differentareas such as the stomach, back or even the pubic area which is also one ofthe common stress symptoms in women. This is accompanied byirritability at any little question or thing around the person andaccompanied by sudden changes in the mood from being an angry persondue to the physiologic stresses to a feeling of sadness. At the same time, lack, irregular or delayed menstrual periods isalso one of the common stress symptoms in women. This phenomenonresults from the common assumption and observation that females tend toover think of things such as pending tasks or payments or simplestatements. This is also the same reason for the occurrence of otheremotional stress symptoms such as insomnia because of repeatedpondering before one goes to sleep. Irritability and sudden changes in themood from being happy to anger to crying are also common stresssymptoms in women. Crying causes stress relief by allowing the person to pour out thestress or problems that tend to make the person uncomfortable or feelfrustrated. At the same time, this is also one of the stress symptoms in 2
  3. 3. Stress Symptoms in Women www.beststressreliefactivities.comwomen and usually accompanied by difficulty to expressing ideas orrecalling things. Increased frustration and feelings of not being able to cope with thecurrent levels of stress causes unusual behaviors. These stress symptoms inwomen may include shouting or an increase in the tone of voice as anattempt to release tension. Bouts of headache and feelings of dizziness arealso common stress symptoms in women. More severe stress symptoms in women include increased rate ofbreathing accompanied by a characteristic of having shallow respirationsand tightness in the chest because of the desire to take in more air andaccommodate the response of the body towards stressful situations. Ifaccompanied by emotional distress, the individual may appear to begasping or rushing for air. Stress symptoms in women may also include feelings of nausea ortrouble in the stomach which is due to the body trying to compensate withthe stress causing physiologic changes in the gastrointestinal system. Oneof the common but not really consistent stress symptoms in women are inrelation to appetite and weight, and it depends on how the individual copeswith stress. CONCLUSION Those mentioned in here are just some of the stress symptoms inwomen. However, more than identifying these symptoms, stress relief andremoving things that causes further stress are the vital ones in preventingresulting problems from stressful situations. 3
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