Volume One


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Volume One

  1. 1. Mrs. Street’s Pelicans with Class http://street.my-ecoach.com Classroom Website This periodic newsletter will help to keep you informed of our classroom events. It will include what we are learning about, field trips, school events, photos, and much more. This first newsletter will include a classroom supply list, grading information, homework guidelines, volunteer procedures, classroom rules, and contact information. About This Newsletter Plumb Elementary First Grade August 2013 Volume 1 Grading Information Homework Guidelines Homework will be given Monday – Thursday. With the exceptions of special projects, all assignments are due the next school day. To eliminate extra handling of papers, I do not return graded homework. However, I will notify you if your child is not turning in their homework. Additionally, students are expected to read 20 minutes nightly, and practice their word wall words to prepare for their tests on Fridays. Please keep your child’s reading log in their agenda so that I can monitor their reading at home as well as school. If your child is absent, they have one day for every day of absence to make up their work. BBAACCKK TTOO SSCCHHOOOOLL!! 90% - 100 E (Excellent) 80% - 89% V (Very Good) 70% - 79% S (Satisfactory) 60% - 69% N (Needs Improvement) 0% - 59% U (Unsatisfactory) Students will receive the above grade on most assignments. Some work that is done in class may simply have a mark on it such as a star, a smiley, a check, or a comment. This will indicate that the work was done together in class. You may obtain a password from the front desk to visit your child’s Focus (Portal) status. This contains the on-line grade book utilized by Pinellas County teachers. Keep in mind that this is an active grade book, and may not contain recent assignments. Supply List 3 Composition Books (Wide Ruled, Black and White) 2 One-Inch white View Binders (3 prongs & pockets) 1 Package glue sticks 1 Eraser (Pink Pearl) 1 Pack 24-count crayons 1 Box quart sized Zip Lock Bags 1 pkg. Ticonderoga Primary (My First) #2 Pencils with erasers 1 Large box of tissues 1 Antibacterial Hand Soap (7.5 oz) – Girls only 1 Hand Sanitizer (12 oz) – Boys only 1 Pair Headphones for computer/listening center use – comfortable fit for your child
  2. 2. Phone Number 727-469-5978 E-Mail streets@pcsb.org Classroom Website http://street.my-ecoach.com Agendas Please review and sign agendas nightly. Ms. Street’s Classroom Newsletter Page 2 Daily Schedule School hours are 8:35 – 2:50 every day. Classroom doors open for students at 8:15 daily. A specific daily schedule will be provided in the next newsletter. Rules The rules are focused around respect, responsibility, and safety. We will use the “light system” to notify you how your child’s day went. Green Great Day Blue Warning Yellow In Class Time Out Purple Teacher-to-Teacher Time Out Red Office Contacted If you do not see a note from the teacher or your child in the agenda, then they had a “green” day. However, if their light is any color other than green, I will indicate what the situation was in their agenda. Please be sure that you have completed both the volunteer and driver paperwork for this school year. Only approved volunteers will be able to assist in the classroom and on field trips (Level 2). I encourage everyone to complete this process at the beginning of the school year! Volunteer Procedures Contact Information