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Open house agenda opendoc presentation


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Published in: Education
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Open house agenda opendoc presentation

  1. 1. Let’s Talk About . . . • Agendas • Expectations • Discipline • Snacks and Parties • Volunteering • Common Core State Standards • Contact Information
  2. 2. Agendas • Word Wall Words • Reading Log • Homework • Behavior Light • Notes From Teacher • Clean Out, Review Work, & Sign Nightly
  3. 3. Expectations • Homework Monday – Thursday • Read 20 Minutes Nightly and complete reading log • Practice Word Wall Words • Come to Class Prepared and On Time (8:35 am) – Classroom doors open at 8:15. Dismissal is 2:35 every day. • Make-up work for credit and grade is allowed for all excused absences. The number of days allowed to makeup the work is the same as the number of days the student was absent.
  4. 4. Discipline • Green: Great Day! • Blue: Warning • Yellow: In-Class Time Out • Purple: Teacher-To-Teacher Time Out • Red: Office Referral
  5. 5. Snacks and Parties • Snack donations are appreciated for special occasions. However, we will not be snacking on a daily basis. • Only Level-Two volunteers will be able to assist with classroom parties.
  6. 6. Volunteering All Level Two volunteers are welcome to assist in the classroom and on field trips. Please be sure you have completed the volunteer and chaperone paperwork.
  7. 7. Common Core State Standards Parent's Guide to Student Success Mathematics and English Language Arts Standards
  8. 8. Contact Information • Thank you for coming to Open House. I look forward to working with your child. You may contact me at anytime at (727) 469-5976 or (Best Way!) • Classroom Website