Bowling, russell


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Bowling, russell

  1. 1. By: Russell
  2. 2. Introduction Did you know that bowling is a sport thatcan be great exercise? It won’t take long tolearn the rules for bowling. There aren’tmany. By reading this book, you will learn therules for bowling that will lead to greatexercise. So let the fun begin!
  3. 3. Bowling RulesThe number one rule for bowling is … DO NOT DROP THE BALL ON YOUR FOOT!
  4. 4. Bowling Rules The second most important rule is …DO NOT JUGGLE OR THROW THE BOWLING BALL
  5. 5. Bowling RulesThe last most important rule is … DO NOT LICK THE BALL!
  6. 6. Bowling RulesThe final rule is … DO NOT HUG THE BOWLING BALL!To bowl, you have to roll the ball – NOT HUGIT! The pins are your target. Then, if you get astrike (all ten pins), you might win! If youdon’t get a strike, you will get a second try.Last, the claw will come and reset the pins forthe next person.
  7. 7. Bowling is Great Exercise Don’t forget, bowling can be great exercise too! It can help you build great muscles in your arms!With only a few rules and great muscles, who wouldn’t want to get out and bowl?