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Press Kit

  1. 1. Introducing The World’s First On-Line Interactive Teen Driver Training Program. Press Kit 6000 teens are killed in automobile accidents each year in the U.S.Street Smarts Interactive (SSI) aims to drastically reduce this number by providing teens with experience-baseddriver training that utilizes cutting edge technology and parental involvement to develop crash avoidance skills.A Serious Program for Serious ParentsStudies have proven that parental involvement with a teenager learning to drive is extremely important. Here isthe key to doing just that - getting involved with a scientific approach that is proven to be effective.Called Street Smarts 101, this curriculum is the first of its kind. It is a comprehensive and effective approach forteenagers and their parents to take together. It was developed with teen input by a knowledgeable and experi-enced team comprised of driving professionals, traffic law experts, internet-based training and instructionaldesign professionals, human behavior specialists, and parents. SSI have combined all of this valuable informa-tion into a course that will be easy to understand and to apply to real-life situations.Focuses on Three Distinct Avenues of SuccessStreet Smarts 101 focuses on three distinct avenues of success. First, is teaching teenagers some of the mostimportant aspects of driving that may have been overlooked by a basic drivers education course or that can atleast be more firmly cultivated. This is accomplished with five distinct lessons geared for a teen’s understandingand preference for learning. We call this Crash Reduction 101. They are able to take these lessons from theirown computer as often as needed to gain further awareness and confidence.Second, we have developed a course just for parents called Driving Coach 101. Because studies show thatparental involvement plays a significant part in the success of their teenager’s drivers education, this course hasbeen designed to teach parents how to understand and guide a child who is learning to drive. This course will putparents in the passenger seat and give them the tools they need to help their child succeed at becoming a safedriver.Third is Driving Contracts 101. Designed for both parent and teenager to take together, this intuitive course leadsparents step by step in drafting a driving contract to be signed by both parent and teen. This course encouragescommunication. It points out topics to be discussed and consider when writing a contract. At the end of thecourse, the contract can printed out to be signed.Make Informed and Invaluable DecisionsWith these three focuses, Street Smarts 101 will enable parents and teenagers to make informed and invaluabledecisions regarding driving behaviors and reactions.
  2. 2. The Street Smarts 101 TeamA team of ExpertsStreet Smarts 101 offers the first of their kind programs that are a comprehensive and effective approach for teenagers andtheir parents to take together. They are serious programs for serious a parents that has been developed by a knowledgeableand experienced team: • Teen Focus Groups - Made up of driving age teens that provided their perspective and input on every aspect of the program. • Parent Focus Groups - Made up of parents just like you that provided us input on what they wanted to see in the program. • Human Behavior Specialists - Were used to provide input on teen/parent interaction and communications issues. • Academic Research Professionals - We incorporated serious academic research studies on teen driving and consulted with academic researchers from prestigious universities around the United States on every aspect of the program. • Driving Professionals - Were utilized for their years of experience in teaching teens to drive. • Traffic Law Experts - Current and former law enforcement officers were utilized to ensure all of the scenarios we presented were compliant with traffic laws. • Internet-Based Training & Instructional Design Professionals - Were responsible to ensure the program met recognized instructional standards.Our Primary Development TeamTom Lee – Founder and President of Street Smarts Interactive, LLCTom is a father of teenage drivers and an entrepreneur. He provided the vision and the driving force behind the developmentof the Street Smarts 101 family of teen crash reduction products.A veteran of the United Sates Navy’s Special Operations Community of Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), Tom rosethrough the ranks and retired as one of its most experienced and trusted members. His military leadership, planning andimplementation experience has made it possible for him to create and bring to market the Street Smarts 101 crash preventionsystem.Reginald T. Welles - President & CEO – Applied Simulation Technologies (AST)Since the mid 1980s, Reg has been at the forefront of developing computer-based technologies to simulate next generationvehicles. In 1990, Reg and his partner Darrell Turpin started I-Sim Corporation to adapt the latest engineering simulator tech-nology for training applications. While at I-Sim, Reg’s team changed the world of training by introducing state-of-the-art Policeand Truck driving simulators; the PatrolSim & TranSim. Reg and his team also provided technical advice as well as participat-ed in the Federal DOT’s National Advanced Driving Simulation (NADS) program at the University of Iowa.In the area of driver training, Reg’s past responsibilities include Technical Advisor to the National Teen Research Center andTechnical Advisor for the 21st Century Teen Driving Program for the Joshua Brown Foundation. Present assignments includeTechnical Advisor (TA) for Career Path Training Schools; TA for the Teamster Training and Education Fund; and TA for theNational Driver Training Center in Georgia.
  3. 3. The Street Smarts 101 TeamA team of Experts - continuedAndré Louis Chatelain - Lead Instructional System Designer – Program Manager (AST)Andre is the coordinating genius behind Street Smart 101 products. As program manager, he directed the research, designand creative processes as well as the specialists, scientists, psychologists, programmers, writers, and subject matter experts.Andre’s education and job experience is reflected in Street Smart 101’s artistic and interactive content. His prior work involveddeveloping driving simulation training scenarios. This, combined with his more recent authorship of computer-based training(CBT) tools for truck drivers and emergency vehicle operators has set the stage for Street Smart’s state-of-the-art novice driv-er training program incorporating on-line interactive and immersive computer graphic training technology.Andre is skilled in over a dozen computer tools and languages, has a Bachelor of Arts in the Humanities with a Master’sdegree in Instructional Design and Educational Technology.Camille B. Price - Senior Management and Technical Applications - Instructional Systems Design (AST)Camille’s extensive background in technology-based training spans over 25 years. She has developed over 100 training pro-grams for a variety of communities including education, transportation, heavy machinery, aerospace, government, military andcommercial organizations.Camille holds a CDL (commercial driver’s license) with a HAZMAT endorsement. She has a strong background in driver train-ing and has done extensive work with cognitive task analysis. Her other strengths include distance learning processes,courseware design, and the ability to create training programs that span culture and traditions.Camille is an accomplished instructor having taught at Pikes Peak Community College, University of Southern Colorado, andBloomsburg University. She is also a recognized public speaker within the e-Learning community. She is the recipient ofnumerous awards and accolades for her ground breaking work in interactive multi-media and simulation design. Camille hasearned academic credentials to include a BA in secondary education from the University of New Mexico and a mastersdegree in organizational communication from the University of Wyoming.Alan K. Springer, Ph.D. - Human Behavior Specialist – Family Relations, Training Psychology, Crisis CommunicationsDr. Springer was instrumental in establishing the tone and theme for Street Smarts 101 products. His thorough review of eachlesson addressed its interaction and dialog with specific attention to it being understandable and relevant. Alan’s vast experi-ence in family relations kept the lessons focused and interesting for both the parent and teen. Because there is the potentialfor a driver training experience to end in confrontation or disappointment, Alan guided the development team in establishinglessons that introduce solutions to minimize family discord.Dr. Springer is a practicing licensed family therapist with degrees inSociology, Family Studies, and Relationship Therapy. Street Smarts 101 products reflect his extensive years in the practice ofmending and maintaining strong positive relationships and developing communication skills.Doug Slagowski - Subject Matter Expert – Traffic law, vehicle maneuvering, driver trainingDoug has over 20 years of experience as a Police Officer and Emergency Vehicle Operations (EVO) trainer. His EVO experi-ence includes: overseeing the design and construction of Sate of Utah’s EVO Range, development and implementation ofnew curriculum and objective testing processes, new skill courses, evasive techniques courses, cumulative skill courses, nightpursuit courses, and testing functionality and implementing vehicle simulators into a driver training regimen.Doug is a consult-ant to police agencies around the world including the FBI, DEA, and the US Secret Service. He is one of the principal archi-tects and subject matter expert for the EVOC-101 program. His influence and direction in the Street Smart products hasensured best practices were followed and conformed to traffic law.
  4. 4. Why Street Smarts 101 ? This not about helping teens obtain their driver’s license.Our mission at Street Smarts Interactive, LLC is to save lives and reduce teen crashes. We are committedto providing teens with experience-based driver training that utilizes cutting edge technology and parental involve-ment to develop crash avoidance skills. To support this mission, we have set the following guidelines: • Our focus is training that influences the first 6 to 12 months after a teen receives their drivers license. • Our methodology is to integrate the latest scientific and academic research with interactive, easy to use internet access. • Our pledge is to deliver training and tools that are pertinent to our mission.Our commitment to improving driving safety is not limited to teens. Beyond the help our courses can provide toachieving our goals of fewer teen accidents and fatalities, we also support public policies that we believe will makeour roads safer for everyone. • We support and encourage public policy positions that are based on research and data that shows a decrease in crash rates based on professionally developed avoidance training programs. • We support strengthening graduated drivers license restrictions that are proven to reduce crash rates for teen drivers, especially during the first 6 months of independent driving. • We encourage requirements for parental education and training as a part of teen licensing requirements. • We support including crash reduction training as a part of mandated defensive driving programs for violators under the age of 25 years. • We encourage establishing standards for internet delivered driver training and education programs. • We support the increased use of Photo Radar and Red Light Camera technology. • Finally we support requiring ALL first time licensed drivers to complete a certified drivers education program which includes behind the wheel and crash reduction training at any age.Tom Lee, Founder and President of Streets Smart Interactive, can be contacted for more information by phone at 888-998-0979or by email at