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Streetquest - RUN A GAME


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Streetquest brings whole new running dimension - REAL-TIME MULTIPLAYER CITY EVENTS!
Wanna do something cool? Why don’t you paint your city while running? Paint Bucket, Hailstorm, Brush Enlarger - gather bonuses placed on the map and use them to improve your results. Beware of other players and their paint marks. Gather points, gain new levels and achievements, publish your results. Simply enjoy your daily run!
Try to gather more stars than other players in your city and get a higher place.
* Real-Time Multiplayer City EVENTS
- Collect more stars than other players in your City
- Paint a map by moving or finding bonuses
* Track your daily workout with built-in GPS: distance, duration, speed, pace, calories
* See your route on the map
* Choose QUESTS for single or group activities
- Survive monsters invasion before you lose all your lives
- Chase the Rabbit
- Set traps for other players
- Meet time and distance goals
- Beat your Friends' results
* Fill your points bar, reach new levels and unlock new quests
* Gain achievements
* Rankings and Charts: Compete with other players, cities, countries, fractions
* Build the power of your fraction (Earth, Fire, Water, Air)
* Leaderboard: invite friends and be the best
* Share your activities (Facebook, Twitter, Email, Text Msg...)
* Automatic Facebook friends search
* See friends' and competition news
* Integrated music player

NOTE: We ask for permissions to access your personal information and read contacts, so you could compete with your friends and share game info within the app. Facebook or Gmail account is required for registration.
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Streetquest - RUN A GAME

  1. 1. World population hits 7 billion
  2. 2. Only 150 million of those admits that theyregularly jog or do some physical activities.It is about 2% of the population
  3. 3. About 98% of people do not run. The question is – Why?
  4. 4. Many people associaterunning with a boring activity
  5. 5. What they need is motivation, competition, fun
  6. 6. All of this offers them
  7. 7. Streetquest is a free application for Android phones
  8. 8. Soon it will have itspremiere for iPhones
  9. 9. Streetquest combines the real world with themultiplayer game. You are in the middle of the virtual world, but you run in reality
  10. 10. Collect stars and points by taking part in streets multiplayerevents or doing quests that will force you to run away frommonsters, chase rabbits or just run faster that your friend...
  11. 11. You run in the fractions, groups or alone to beat yourachievements or to hit top place in the ladder. Every single day you wait for a new adventure
  12. 12. With Streetquest You can also meet other people that run in your neighborhood.And start running with them!
  13. 13. Install Streetquest on your phone and discover that running does not have to be boring!
  14. 14. =pl.scapaflow.streetquest&hl=pl