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Characters analysis


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Characters analysis

  2. 2. Has big shoulders and walks with pride with his head up.<br />Shows no fear, so he walks and never runs for anybody.<br />Coyote is the big boss man.<br />This is the image we have of Coyote, boss yet hood.<br />His called Coyote because he’s a sneaky, a carnivore, and would never attack something bigger than him and is very sly. <br />Has to look hood yet boss.<br />Deep voice.<br />Wants something from Jason.<br />
  3. 3. Wears jeans with dark coloured hoody.<br />Skinz, very skinny guy, looks harmless but deadly.<br />He rolls with Coyote in the streets, they are like brothers.<br />Although Coyote is boss Skinz knows his second in command and so the others must follow him too.<br />This is the image we have of Skinz, skinny yet menacing.<br />Deep voice but not too deep and definitely not deeper than Coyote.<br />His called Skinz because he’s skinny but its shortened so he sounds more threatening.<br />Knows that Jason has something that Coyote wants and will do anything to get it for Coyote.<br />
  4. 4. Jason’s the name.<br />Not wearing a hood just casual clothes.<br />He has to look normal but there’s more to him than what people think.<br />He’s names Jason because he uses his real name unlike the other two because this shows that maybe he’s just a young man who had bad influences hence the reason he’s being chased.<br />This is the image we have of Jason, just a normal teen with a bit of mystery.<br />Won’t have much to say but his voice shouldn’t be deep .<br />Jason’s going to be shorter compared to the others to show him inferior.<br />Glasses to show that he’s coming from college.<br />
  5. 5. They do as told they know that it’s a ride or die situation “once in the gang there’s no way out”.<br />The Gang is lead by Coyote.<br />Loyalty is important to the gang therefore if you are not loyal it wont look good for you.<br />Their job is to just catch Jason.<br />Name of the gang O.D.T abbreviation of:<br />On <br />Dis <br />Ting<br />Have to look menacing and intimidating in a group.<br />This is the image we have of O.D.T, menacing and threatening. <br />Very anti-social, stereo typical gang.<br />