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BitRush Corp Update


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BitRush Corporate Update June 2016

Published in: Investor Relations
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BitRush Corp Update

  1. 1. Cryptographic Technologies at Work Toronto │ London │ Vienna Stock Symbol CSE: BRH Frankfurt :0XSN Corporate Update, June 2016 Tomorrow‘s Leading Cryptographic Payment Services Provider
  2. 2. DISCLOSURE This presentation is not an offer, invitation, solicitation or recommendation with respect to the subscription for, purchase or sale of any security, and neither this document nor anything in it shall form the basis of any contract or commitment. Securities may not be offered or sold in any jurisdiction absent available exemptions from applicable registration and prospectus requirements. The information contained in this presentation is based on information we believe to be reliable; however we do not represent that it is accurate, current, complete or error free. Assumptions, estimates and opinions contained in this document constitute our judgement as of the date of the document and are subject to change without notice. Any projections are based on a number of assumptions as to market conditions and there can be no guarantee that any projected results will be achieved. Past or current performance is not a guarantee of future results. We specifically disclaim all liability for any direct, indirect, consequential or other losses or damages including loss of profits incurred by a recipient of this presentation or any third party that may arise from any reliance on this document or for the reliability, accuracy, completeness or timeliness thereof.
  3. 3. The Opportunity The Peer-to-Peer-Challenge BitRush™: A Start-Up for the Masses ANOON™ is a Universal Payment Platform that integrates Cryptocurrencies and their respective blockchains as well as FIAT Currencies and their respective payment systems into a simple to use digital means of payment. Cryptographic technologies, a Distributed Ledger Architecture (DLA) and a comprehensive API Framework are used to integrate the FIAT Systems as well as blockchain services. ANOON (Old English) adverb: immediately, at once, right away
  4. 4. The Accomplishments After 30 months and before Relaunch up to 17 Million (M) Unique Users on more than 5,000 connected Websites with up to 50 M micro/nano payment transactions/mth. Redesign and integration into Visa/MC networks Launch of ANOON Payment (June 2016) ANOON Debit Cards available in June 2016 More than 60 leading trading and gaming brands are to integrate ANOON as means of payment
  5. 5. The Transaction Ecosphere The Initial Ecosphere for Market Penetration Gaming Partners & Affiliates 13 M Unique Users (FIAT) Business Partnerships continue to be developed AdBit™ Ad Network > 7 M Unique Users/mth WaggaWagga™ Gaming Portal up to 10 M Unique Users/mth
  6. 6. BitRush Develops Global Market Coverage Building a Global Ecosphere with Shareholders, Selective Acquisitions and Partnerships Vancouver Nick Rathman Toronto Karsten Arend London Werner Boehm Kiev Anna Lebedeva Vienna Joachim Kalcher Hong Kong Franz Kozich-Koschitzky Singapore Hansjoerg Wagner Bratislava Sven & Chris Wollner We are global …
  7. 7. The BitRush Team "A Start-Up Built by Grown Ups" - Experienced Banking & Technology People Werner Boehm Co-Founder, CEO 20 year banking & FinTech experience Karsten Arend President, Director 20 year cross industry & Entrepreneurship experience Joachim Kalcher Co-Founder, CTO 20 year banking & Payment experience Sven Wollner Director (Start-it Ltd) Tech Entrepreneur & Tech Investor Chris Wollner Director (Start-it Ltd) Tech Entrepreneur & Tech Investor Hansjoerg Wagner Co-Founder, Director Team Leader Singapore Tech Executive, Investor Nick Rathman Team Leader Vancouver AdBit & Blockchain Development Anna Lebedeva Team Leader Kiev Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Development Hannes Zeitelberger Team Leader Vienna Business Development Payment Services Franz Kozich- Koschitzky Director Market Development, Asia
  8. 8. The Cryptographic ANOON Transaction Network Numbers from the ever Evolving ANOON Ecosphere, scheduled for end of June 2016 Targeting more than 30 Million Unique Users in the Ecosphere • 30 Million Unique Users/mth on more than 50 connected Websites • 20,000 Registered Users on land-based Gaming Machines (i.e. on the future ANOON ATM Network) Up to 80 Million Payment Related Transactions per month • Up to 50 Million Cryptocurrency Micro-Payment Transactions • Up to 50 Million fiat (Real) Money Related Payment Transactions (trading, gaming, betting) More than 2,000 cryptographic ANOON ATMs connected • Partnership with CryptoTec and their ecosphere • Land-based casino terminals become POS and ATMs for the ANOON Ecosphere Over 5,000 Websites are connected to the ANOON Ecosphere via our AdBit Ad Network More than 60 Gaming & Casino Brands to be connected by end of July
  9. 9. The BitRush Roadmap to ANOON The Evolution from Bitcoins to Blockchain Technology to a Universal Payment System Bitcoin as Cryptocurrency for Micro-Payments Bitcoin as Technology for Peer-to-Peer Business (Blockchain) Cryptographic Technologies for Efficient real-time Payment & Clearing (Private Sidechain with Patent Pending Technology) Experimental Gaming Sites AdBit as Blockchain-based Ad Network Business ANOONas Universal Payment System Scope/Volume
  10. 10. 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 450 500 Users in M 2014 2015 2016 20166 M FY* (*) Forecast Users Transactions First Investments into Bitcoins (BTC) First Investments into Bitcoin Gaming Sites Launch of Blockchain- Based Ad Network Acquisition of AdBit Ad Network Launch of Cryptocurrency Exchange „Bitcoin Obmen“ RTO with CSE listed Streetwear Corp Partnership with Wave Crest (Access to Visa/MC Network) Launch Bitcoin Lottery Relaunch AdBit Development of the crypto- Graphic gaming portal WaggaWagga Partnership with CryptoTec etc Private Placement w Asian Group Focus on Payment/Clearing Services Launch Payment Brand ANOON (June) The BitRush Ecosphere: Timeline & Milestones From Zero to more than 17 Million Unique Users per month within 30 Months Tx in M • 1 Million Unique Users • 20 Million Transactions • 8 Million Unique Users • 150 Million Transactions • 17 Million Unique Users • 175 Million Transactions 1st half 201620152014
  11. 11. The Gaming Market An urgent need for a new means of payment & clearing What problem do we solve? We can eliminate charge backs and we solve the slow, process of on-boarding new players to gaming sites, removing the need to fund accounts in the old, slow and expensive ways and therefore removing the resistance and trust issues for new players. Global online gambling market forecasted to be $ 46 billion U.S. in 2016, $ 56 billion U.S. in 2018.(Statista, 2016) A gross win of around $ 317 billion U.S. was forecasted for global land-based gambling in 2015. (Statista, 2016) 78 million Americans admitted to having visited a casino in the past 12 months. (Nielsen Scarborough, Spring 2015)
  12. 12. User Account Wallet(s) iGaming and land-based Casino Machines ANOON CryptoToken Registration │ Sign-In │ Payment • Real-Time Clearing– no Deposits , no Trust Accounts (reduces costs) • Secure Payment – cryptographic technologies with SHA-512 • Privacy Preservation – no User Data will be passed on ANOON Payment Solution for the iGaming Industry A hybrid solution designed for iGaming and land-based Casino Gaming
  13. 13. The $3 B/yr ANOON Ecosphere in Gaming and Trading BitRush has Already Built a Substantial Global Ecosphere for the Launch Campaign in June 2016 Tradologic: More than 50 binary option brands based on the Tradologic platform will integrate ANOON as a means of payment for more than 1 M trades per day Leading European Gaming, Lotto & Casino brands will be launch partners for ANOON: • BetSafe • Bet90 • KulBet • Lotto Palace ANOON aims to be the world‘s largest Cryptocurrency based Payment Services Provider in Q3 2016
  14. 14. Payments Scale Markets: Remittance, Debit Card, Peer-to-Peer $583 billion was remitted across borders in 2014, according to the World Bank, for revenue of about $34.3 billion. (Business Insider Intelligence, Feb. 10 , 2016) In the U.S. Visa had 469 million total debit cards, compared to just 313 million credit cards in 2015. MasterCard had 512 million debit cards, compared to 570 million credit cards. (Business Insider Intelligence, April 13 , 2016) Debit cards accounted for $1.5 trillion in purchase volume in the U.S. alone in 2015. (The Nilson Report, 2016). Peer-to-Peer (P2P) payments in the U.S., all methods, reached over $540 billion in 2014 and will grow to $566 billion by 2019 and mobile P2P payments will grow from $5.6 billion in 2014 to $174 billion by 2019. (Business Insider Intelligence, June 15 , 2016)
  15. 15. Payment Solutions Markets: Remittance, Debit Card, Peer-to-Peer Remittance What problems do we solve? High cost, slow transfers, security, convenience and limited use when funds arrive. Funds are available immediately on the ANOON debit card. Debit Card What problems do we solve? The ANOON Debit cards can pay in FIAT or Cryptocurrency, wherever VISA or MasterCard are accepted worldwide, without the prepaid hassle. Peer-to-Peer What problems do we solve? Slow, less secure & expensive modalities like cheque, email money transfer, bank transfer or wires are replaced with convenient 24/7 real-time clearing and extremely low cost between ANOON users. Hence we call it a Universal Payment Platform
  16. 16. Bitcoin Wallet Ether Wallet Bitcoin Blockchain Ethereum Blockchain WAGGA™ Wallet FIAT Wallet User Account ANOON Node Chain FIAT Money Systems ANOON – A Universal Payment Network Integration of FIAT Systems and Blockchains Into a Universal And Mobile Payment System
  17. 17. User Account Multi-Currency CryptoCurrencies CryptoAssets Wallet(s) FIAT Currencies CryptoAssets (Debit Card) Wallet(s) Online World (Gaming, Shops, Remittances) Real World (Shops, ATMs) Clearing Conversion ANOON - The Universal Transaction System Integrates FIAT and Cryptocurrency Into a Highly Efficient & Privacy Protecting Payment Service ANOON API Including CryptoToken (a la OAUTH) PayDirect (a la PayPal) ANOON ATM Network
  18. 18. User Bank ANOON Debit Card (virtual/plastic) FIAT API Online FIAT Payment User Wallet • Cryptocurrencies • FIAT Shop & ATM Bank Partners BitRush Account BitRush Account Exchange API Exchange Partners FIAT Money Flow WaveCrest API BankAPI Real-Time Card Transaction Authorization FIAT Money Flow Currency buy/sell orders Real-Time Deposit Real-Time Deposit Confirmation Real-Time Status Info Real-Time FIAT Payments The ANOON Fiat Network Ecosphere ANOON Integrates Existing FIAT Networks Into A Universal Transaction System (KYC/AML Compliant) ANOON ATMs (Cryptographic Casino Machines)
  19. 19. ANOON DLA ANOON Node (Agent) ANOON Admin Node  Decentralized Confirmation Process with  A minimum requirement of >51% Nodes  Integration of Agents (Banks, Auditors, POS)  Distributed (Private) Ledger Architecture (DLA)  It‘s a balance-based system (like Ethereum) ANOON Node (Agent) ANOON Node (Agent) ANOON Node (Agent) ANOON: A Distributed Ledger Architecture (DLA) Decentralized Node System with Centralized Architecture and Balance-Based Confirmations
  20. 20. ANOON Asset System Asset Class (e.g. Bitcoin) Asset Class (e.g. US-Dollar) Asset Class (e.g. Securities) Asset Class Specific Wallet AssetSplinters AssetSplinters AssetSplinters AssetSplinters Asset Class Specific Wallet AssetSplinters AssetSplinters AssetSplinters AssetSplinters Asset Class Specific Wallet AssetSplinters AssetSplinters AssetSplinters AssetSplinters Asset Mgmt & Clearing User Wallet User Wallet User Wallet User Account Architecture: The ANOON Asset Management ANOON can handle all kinds of Online/Offline Assets by using Splinter-Tokens
  21. 21. Root Splinter 1 Representing New Asset Value USD 100 Splinter 1.1 USD 30 Splinter 1.2 USD 40 Splinter 1.3 USD 5 Splinter 1.4 USD 8 Splinter 1.5 USD 17 Splinter 1.2.1 USD 10 Splinter 1.2.2 USD 8 Splinter 1.2.3 USD 12 Splinter 1.2.4 USD 6 Splinter 1.2.5 USD 4 External Asset deposited from other Blockchains/Systems (Bitcoin, FIAT, Securities etc.) via Agents Ledger-of-Splinters Splinter 1.5.1 USD 10 Splinter 1.5.2 USD 7 Valid Splinters Destroyed Splinters Architecture: The ANOON Splinter System "Splinters", as Digital Tokens, represent assets in the ANOON Distributed Architecture
  22. 22. $ Bon Bets Payment 3rd CryptoTec Content 3rd Party Content/Ads • Remittance • Online/Offline Purchases • Other BSI Certified Cryptographic Terminal The OMNI Channel Machine The Cryptographic ANOON ATM Network Teaming Up with CryptoTec to Build a Global Cryptographic ATM Network ANOON Transaction NetworkGaming & Casino Brands
  23. 23. 0 2,000 4,000 6,000 8,000 10,000 12,000 14,000 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 ANOON Only ANOON-External Total Tx Transaction Volume 2020 Highly Scalable Business Model with B2B Partnerships Potential Transaction Volume Including Micro and Nano Transactions Transactions in Millions
  24. 24. Transactions ANOON Transactions External Transactions Wallet-to-Wallet • Zero-Cost for Cryptocurrency Tx • >90% Gross Profit for fiat Tx • Exchange Fee Revenue ANOON-to-Other • External Costs (VISA/MC/Blockchains) • >70% Gross Profit for fiat Tx • Exchange Fee Revenue • Earning Opportunity for Card Selling Transaction Categories for Revenue Forecasting ANOON-only Transactions versus External Transactions
  25. 25. BitRush Stock Shareholders, Listings and Outlook Stock listed on: • Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE:BRH) • Frankfurt Stock Exchange:0XSN Planned Actions: • Move from CSE to TSXV (Venture) • Listing in Hong Kong Shareholder Structure • 50% MezzaCap Investments (UK) • 21% HSRC Investments (Singapore) • 10% Management • 8% Strategic Partners Capitalization: • 127 M Issued & Outstanding • 12.7 M Reserved for Issuance • 12.2 M Warrants Issued
  26. 26. $4.9 billion U.S. Fintech funding in Q1 2016 (KPMG and CB Insights) Bitcoin and Blockchain V.C. Funding alone tops $474 million U.S. in 2015* Blockchain funding is on the rise. In Q3 2015, blockchain and hybrid firms accounted for 31% of all- time VC investment in Bitcoin and blockchain firms. That rose to 34% in Q4 2015 and 40% in Q1 2016, according to CoinDesk. (For reference, this CoinDesk data tracks "all-time funding" through a given quarter, rather than quarter-specific data.) *(Business Insider Intelligence, The Blockchain Report, May 16, 2016)
  27. 27. Comparisons Where we stack up Blockstream raised $55M in Series A funding, total funding is $76M over two investment rounds. They are still in testing according to CoinDesk, Feb. 3, 2016. Digital Asset Holdings, the blockchain startup headed by the former JP Morgan banker Blythe Masters, raised $60M in funding. (CoinDesk, 2016) R3 CEV Plans to Raise $200m for Blockchain Trials. (NewsBTC May 16, 2016) BitRush: Tested and ready to go. Relaunch of ANOON Payment System in June 2016 Launch of ANOON Debit Card VISA/MC in June 2016 Already processing up to 50 Million micro/nano payments per month.
  28. 28. Kalixa Specialised Universal Regional Global XAPO wirex CoinBase Cryptopay Transfer- Wise Spectro Coins BitPay BitRush – Unique Competitive Postioning A Distinct Value Proposition with our Universal Cryptographic Payment System XAPO raised $40 million(CoinDesk) $120M valuation(Forbes) BitPay raised $32.5 million(CoinDesk) $160M valuation(Techcrunch) CoinBase raised $106 million(CoinDesk) >$400M valuation (Blomberg) TransferWise raised $117 million $1.1B valuation(Techcrunch) PayPalWestern Union Challengers Incumbents
  29. 29. The Design of ANOON Scope, Security, Compliance, Features, Metrics and Speed We designed ANOON to match or, in some cases, go beyond the core existing capabilities of XAPO, BitPay, TransferWise and CoinBase combined.
  30. 30. We look forward to your joining us! We can be contacted at: Karsten Arend Werner Boehm President, Director CEO Cell: +1 (416) 722 5512 Cell: +011 (44) 7713 085155 Franz Kozich Director Cell: +011 (852) 6086 4955 BitRush Corp. 133 Richmond Street W, Suite 403 Toronto, Ontario M3H 2L3 Office: +1 (416) 603 2114 BitRush Corp. is listed on the CSE in Toronto under the symbol BRH and on Deutsche Boerse in Frankfurt under the symbol 0XSN. © 2016 BitRush Corp. BitRush, ANOON, WaggaWagga, Wagga and AdBit are trademarks of BitRush Corp. E.&O.E.