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Street Games USA Rules Book


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Street Games USA Rules Book

Published in: Sports, Entertainment & Humor
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Street Games USA Rules Book

  1. 1. SCHEDULE 10:30 am Registration Opens 11:00 am Opening Ceremonies Emcee: Kevvy Kev with DJ Supreme Welcome by Co-Founders Jon Drummond, CEO, JDAF and Shelton Mercer, Executive Producer Recognition of Invited Guests 11:30am Free Play 12:00pm Sneaker Villa Demonstration Tent Emcee: Envy McKee Mike Scipione, Put Your Foot in It: Making Healthy Meals Cheryl Ingram, Zumba FitMob DJ Damage, Back to School Jam 1:00pm Main Stage Performances Phi.Gi. VEnt Kyleen & Radiant Soul Lydia Rene 3:00pm Closing Ceremonies Mayor Michael Nutter Councilman Curtis Jones (D-4th) Amber-Joi Watkins, Miss Pennsylvania USA 3:30pm Rising Stars Showcase Emcee: Shamara of Power99 FM Society Park Leah Smith
  2. 2. m on d rum WELCOME! D on J Are you ready to play, Philadelphia? We’re so proud to be back in the City of Brotherly Love for Shelt our 4th year! on M e rc In three past events, we have taught er thousands of area youth how to stay fit through fun. We believe that introducing play into daily life teaches kids core values like commitment, discipline and respect – skills they need to be successful on and off the playing field. In 2006, we pioneered Street Games USA™ in response to alarming juvenile obesity statistics. Our children are growing up without the benefits that regular activity offers: good health and fitness; physical skills; increased immunity; nutritional awareness; improved body image; confidence and self-esteem; social skills and making friends. We believe the lessons of team work, taking turns, and competition learned today will inspire youth to pursue higher levels of achievement. We appreciate the support of parents, block captains, youth leaders, local elected officials, and volunteers, including college athletes who are here to play “old school” games like foursquare, double-dutch jump rope, 40 yard dash, and hopscotch. These kinds of games don’t require membership fees or uniforms, just a little effort and imagination! Power99 FM’s Shamara hosts our Rising Stars Showcase featuring neo-soul sensation Leah Smith, Kyleen & Radiant Soul, Society Park, VEnt and Noelle Mercer! Plus, DJ Damage and DJ Supreme will get you moving – and keep you moving all day! Be sure to meet our special guests – Sacramento Kings’ Jason Thompson, Miss Pennsylvania-USA Amber-Joi Watkins and Lifestyle Maven Envy McKee. Thank you to the nonprofit organizations, area medical professionals, youth group leaders and health organizations in our Empowerment Zone. They are on site to provide free screenings and share resources that will empower you and enrich your everyday living. We appreciate the generous support of Mayor Michael Nutter, Councilman Curtis Jones (D-4th), The Goldenberg Group and West Philadelphia Financial Services Inc., USA Track& Field, Philadelphia Parks & Recreation, Power 99FM, Philly 360, Fourth Wall Arts Salon, The Food Trust. lvania USA n n sy This day is only possible because of our phenomenal Team STREET Pe ss GAMES, who dedicated their time and talent for many months to i ,M ins make today’s event a reality.r-Joi Watk Let’s Play! be Am 1
  4. 4. 40 YARD DASH RULESEQUIPMENTSix lanes fifty yards longMETHOD» Place all parts of the body behind the starting line.» Runners may start from a crouch or standing position.» On the start signal the runners run forward in lane as fast as they can. The runners time will be recorded when their torso crosses the 40 yard finish line.STARTER may use a voice command, starter pistol, whistle orsimilar tools.THE COMMANDS WILL BE» “Runners take your mark”» “Set”» Sound the start signal—“go” or fire gun or blow whistleFALSE STARTSMovement between the command “set” and the start signal is afalse start. Runners are permitted two false starts before beingdisqualified.DISQUALIFICATIONResults from:» Two false starts» Running outside of lane» Contact with the runner in an adjacent lane before the end of the race. 3
  5. 5. STANDING BROAD JUMP EQUIPMENT Long Jump Test Mat from Sport Book Publisher METHOD » Place both feet just behind the starting line. » Jump (leap) forward as far as you can. Your jump (leap) will be measured from the starting line forward to the touch point nearest the starting line at the end of the jump (leap). » Record the best of one to three jumps.VERTICAL JUMP RULES EQUIPMENT Long Jump Test Mat from Sport Book Publisher METHOD » Place both feet just behind the starting line. » Jump (leap) forward as far as you can. Your jump (leap) will be measured from the starting line forward to the touch point nearest the starting line at the end of the jump (leap). » Record the best of one to three jumps. 4
  6. 6. FOUR SQUARE (KING BALL)EQUIPMENTThe Court and Ball» The game court shall consist of a large square subdivided into four squares of equal size.» Each square shall be numbered starting at one and going to four in a counter-clockwise fashion.» The “one” square is called the entrance square; it is the square that a new player enters the court.» The player in the “four” square is called the king/queen; a smaller square shall be placed in the far corner from the center which is called the serving square.PARTICIPANTS4 playersMETHODThe king/queen starts play with a serve and is allowed to modify thegame rules (within acceptable reason) before each serve. The serve isperformed from the serving square; a serve consists of an underhandedstrike and a bounce on the ground in the “four” square to any of theother three squares (like ping pong). The ball then is played so that theball strikes a player’s square but once and then struck (or returned) sothat it goes into another square.A player is out when:» The ball is in a player’s square and is unable to strike it into another player’s square» The ball is in a player’s square and the player’s return lands on a line» The ball is in a player’s square and the player’s return hits another player’s foot who doesn’t intentionally move it into the path of the ball» Various rules are implemented to change this condition (i.e. a player is out when another player catches their strike)When a player is out, then that player leaves the court. Players rotateclockwise if there is an empty space, a new player enters in the “one”square. 5
  7. 7. DOUBLE DUTCH EQUIPMENT Two lengths of 1/2”-3/4” clothesline quality rope, twelve feet long PARITICPANTS A minimum of three persons are required. METHOD There are two turners who grasp each end of the two ropes. The turners stand facing each other then back away, leaving enough space between them to allow the rope to reach a height of at least six feet at it highest point and touch the ground on each turn. Each rope is turned in the opposite direction. Varying speeds can increase the challenge. OBJECT The object is to match the tempo of the turning ropes. Once the turning starts, the jumper jumps in between the turns of the ropes, trying not to interfere with the turning ropes. Each jump is counted. The person with the most jumps without stopping the turning ropes wins.6
  8. 8. SKULLY (DEAD BLOCK)EQUIPMENTBottle capsGame board drawnwith chalkPARITICPANTS2-6 playersMETHODThe board consists of13 numbered boxes,1 through 12 on theperiphery of the board,and a box labeled 13 inthe center surroundedby a "dead mans zone"or "skull."Start at box 1 and aimfor the "2" box, flickingyour bottlecap with your finger. If you get it in (without it touchingany line), you keep your turn and shoot for the next box. You can alsoadvance a box by hitting the cap of an opposing player. If youre closeto another players piece, you can try to blast the piece halfway downthe block with your own. In some neighborhoods, you can replace yourcap with a special heavy one (like from a juice or peanut butter jar) forthis purpose, though you couldnt do this if someone calls "no blastingallowed." After going from 1 to 13, you have to return, going from 13to 1. After completing the full journey, you shoot back into 13 and thennavigate the "skull,"shooting your piece in the forbidden "dead areas"of the skull while declaring your new powers ("I am a killer diller").OBJECTFrom this point on, you hunt the other players. Only you (or otherkillers) can safely go within the skull. If you hit another player (3 timesconsecutively), theyre out of the game. If they hit you, they become akiller too (or, if you decide beforehand, theyre out of the game). The lastperson left wins. 7
  9. 9. HOPSCOTCH EQUIPMENT Each player must start with a marker: items such as bean bags, pennies, and other assorted items. Hopscotch boards are drawn with a good piece of chalk. PARTICIPANTS 2 or more METHOD The first player tosses her marker into the first square. The marker must land completely within the designated square and without touching a line or bouncing out. If the marker lands in the wrong square, the player forfeits his/her turn. If the marker is successful, the player hops through the court beginning on square one. Side by side the squares are straddled, with the left foot landing in the left square, and the right foot landing in the right square. Single squares must be hopped on one foot. For the first single square, either foot may be used. Squares marked "Safe" "Home" or "Rest" are neutral squares, and may be hopped through in any manner without penalty. OBJECT When a player reaches the end of the court, she turns around and hops back through the court, moving through the squares in reverse order and stopping to pick up her marker on the way back. Upon successfully completing the sequence, the player continues his turn by tossing his marker into square number two, and repeating the pattern. If while hopping through the court in either direction, the player steps on a line, misses a square, or loses her balance, her turn ends. The player starts on her next turn where the player last left off. The first player to complete one course for every numbered square on the court wins the game.8
  10. 10. STEAL THE BACONEQUIPMENTAny safe object that may be grasped in one hand, i.e. hat, glove, bucket,small ball, etc., can serve as the Bacon.Boundary markings of two parallel lines formed by cones, chalk or paintat least 24’ apart. The play area is between the two parallel lines.PARTICIPANTSA minimum of ten persons are required.METHOD» Form two teams, one on each of the parallel lines, facing each other. Starting at the right, give each player a number consecutively, begging with one. If there is an odd number of players, player one may be number one and two on the short side.» Place the BACON in the center of the play area.» The leader calls out a number a number and the Players with that number run to get the BACON and return to their station on the line before being tagged by the opponent with the same number.OBJECTSteal the Bacon and return to your station WITHOUT CROSSING THEBOUNDARY LINE, EXCEPT AT HOME, before getting tagged wins apoint for your team.If the “thief” is tagged before he/she reaches their original station on theline, the tagger ears a point for his/ her team.Set a points goal for the winning team to achieve. The first team toachieve the goal wins. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 BACON O 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 9
  11. 11. EMPOWERMENT ZONE Thank you to the following community groups, health organizations, schools and academic enrichment programs, fitness experts and entrepreneurs for joining our efforts to present a program of physical activity and education that promotes health and wellness. Your participation in The Empowerment Zone will make a lasting impact on the lives of children and families in Philadelphia. Lace It Up Dance Studio Smith Memorial Playground & Playhouse Philadelphia Water Revenue Bureau Spectrum Health Services, Inc. Mayor’s Office of Community Services Keystone Mercy University of Pennsylvania L.I.F.E (Living Independently for Elders) Children of the Arts Foundation10
  12. 12. PLANNING COMMITTEECEO, JDAF/Co-Founder Jon DrummondExecutive Producer/Co-Founder Shelton MercerEvent Director Richelle PayneEntertainment/Stage Shows James ClaiborneGames Jared MeredithPrint + Web Design Jasmin ConnerLogistics Samuel Botts Nikki RichardsonPublic Relations Deja GilmoreSocial Media Wei Tsay Jasmin ConnerVolunteers TaiMarie AdamsWeb Master Kristin MosbyCommunity Liaisons Maxwell Brown Justina Shaw 11
  13. 13. STREET GAMES™ SHOWCASE OF PHILADELPHIA’S RISING STARS Special thanks to our guest entertainers, on-air personalities, and performers: Leah Smith, Lydia René, Phi.Gi., Kyleen and Radiant Soul, Society Park, VEnt, Noelle Mercer, Shamara, Kevvy-Kev, DJ Damage, DJ Supreme, Envy McKee and Amber-Joi Watkins, Miss Pennsylvania USA. 9 FM) th wer9 i Sm Po Shamara ( h Lea Lydia René o ul nt S adia dR an n eeKyl nt VE Phi.Gi. 12
  14. 14. WATCH FOR DETAILS ONSTREET GAMES™ PHILLY 2012! To register, volunteer or donate, visit Find us on Facebook: Street Games USA Follow us on Twitter @StreetGamesUSA
  15. 15. MANY THANKS TO THE FOLLOWINGDONORS AND SPONSORSJon Drummond Achievement FoundationThe Mercer Advisory GroupUSA Track & FieldClear ChannelPower99 FMThe Goldenberg GroupBrown’s ShopRiteParkWest Town CenterWest Philadelphia Financial ServicesPhilly 360Fourth Wall ArtsHurst & Leigh Communications GroupZero Gravity StudioGreater Philadelphia Cultural AllianceOffice of the MayorCouncilman Curtis Jones (D-4th)Food TrustGreater Philadelphia CaresKeystone Mercy Health PlanPhiladelphia Parks and RecreationLagosDevon Seafood and GrillSneaker Villa