August 2011Dear Partner:I am writing on behalf of the Jon Drummond Achievement Foundation (JDAF), inviting you to join us ...
2   3720 Spruce Street #445 ● Philadelphia, PA 19104 ● ● T: 484-362-9443 ● E: StreetGamesUSA@gmail....
EVENT CONCEPT & BRIEF: PHILADELPHIA 2011The vision of Olympic gold medalist Jon Drummond and global humanitarian Shelton M...
EMPOWERMENT ZONE APPLICATION: PHILADELPHIA 2011Application Fee:              $50□         Businesses                   □  ...
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Street games 2011 Empowerment Zone App


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Street games 2011 Empowerment Zone App

  1. 1. August 2011Dear Partner:I am writing on behalf of the Jon Drummond Achievement Foundation (JDAF), inviting you to join us on Saturday,September 17, 2011 for Street Games™ - a free, fun health & fitness festival for Philadelphia youth and theirfamilies at ParkWest Town Center, from 11:00am until 4:00pm.We are seeking your support as a sponsor of this year’s Empowerment Zone, a “gallery” of booths that will offerfree health screenings, information on academic enrichment programs, and pre-approved, pre-packaged healthyfood and beverage tastings. Your application fee provides one (1) 6-ft. table, two (2) chairs and a tablecloth.Supporting this event offers you the opportunity to join with us to promote the importance of fair play, goodhealth, and higher education. Thousands of boys and girls ages 6 to 18, along with their families, will gather for aday of “old school” games such as four square, skully, and hopscotch. Youth will also hear performance tips fromprofessional and Olympic athletes, participate in free health screenings, visit information booths, learn tips aboutpersonal and community safety, and enjoy a concert featuring national and local inspirational artists.Full sponsorship of the Empowerment Zone is available and valued at $2,500. Every contribution is important tomaking this special event a success and provides sponsors additional benefits such as: • Pre-event exposure to the general public and target exposure to VIPs within the Community • Free publicity and advertising through posters, flyers, event signage, and event website. Major sponsors receive additional exposure through radio and television PSAs • Enhanced image as a good corporate citizen and community supporterStreet Games™ was first produced in Philadelphia in the summer of 2006 and has emerged as a national, turnkeyprogram that engages youth in the process of taking the lessons of traditional play and turning them into skills theycan use for a lifetime.Founder Olympic Champion Jon Drummond and I believe there is a relationship between health, fitness andachievement. The JDAF team uses the lessons of team work, taking turns, and competition to inspire youth topursue higher levels of academic achievement. Studies show that programs that address risk behaviors such asinactivity and diet can help reverse negative trends such as childhood obesity, truancy, attrition and violence.Street Games™ was recognized by the Office of the Mayor of Philadelphia for its innovative approach to teachingkids how to be successful on and off the playing field.Street Games™ 2011 is your opportunity to join forces with local elected officials, schools and grassrootsorganizations and offer a culturally and age-appropriate program of physical activity and education that will makean impact on the lives of school-aged children.Thank you for your consideration. If you have any questions, I look forward toyour favorable reply.Sincerely,Shelton MercerEvent ProducerJon Drummond Achievement Foundation/Street Games™ 1 3720 Spruce Street #445 ● Philadelphia, PA 19104 ● ● T: 484-362-9443 ● E:
  2. 2. 2 3720 Spruce Street #445 ● Philadelphia, PA 19104 ● ● T: 484-362-9443 ● E:
  3. 3. EVENT CONCEPT & BRIEF: PHILADELPHIA 2011The vision of Olympic gold medalist Jon Drummond and global humanitarian Shelton Mercer, STREET GAMES TM is afree, day-long public festival that promotes family health and fitness, community building and youth violenceprevention and reduction. An initiative of the Jon Drummond Achievement Foundation designed to raiseawareness and provide attainable solutions to holistic health and wellness and community safety, STREETGAMESTM features: • Neighborhood sports such as dodge ball, box ball, four square, skully, volleyball, 40-yd street dash, shuttle relay, standing broad jump and double-dutch jump rope • Free screenings, information and referrals provided by key community, faith-based and health organizations • Professional athlete and celebrity appearances with autograph signings • Live stage show showcasing some of the finest national and local, inspirational talentTARGET AUDIENCESPhiladelphia children, youth, and their families who will be reached through schools, community programs, faithgroups, and public mediaDATE/TIMESaturday September 17, 2011 (Rain or Shine) at 11:00am – 3:00pmLOCATIONParkWest Town Center, Wynnefield (52nd & Jefferson)STRATEGY • Build team of seasoned professional volunteers to lead event • Collaborate with Councilman Curtis Jones (D-4th District), Dept of Recreation, Wynnefield/ Overbrook Revitalization Corp and Wynnefield Residents Association and other key stakeholders • Work with appropriate city departments to connect STREET GAMESTM with current initiatives • Secure local sponsors and donors • Leverage relationships with: o Local community and faith leaders to generate broad participation o Community centers and local youth organizations for attendees o Artists/entertainers to generate support for the stage show and celebrity appearances • Garner robust media coverageEVENT TEAMMore than two dozen volunteers have been working tirelessly for the past few months to organize every aspect ofthe day’s festivities, from event publicity and performances to game logistics and security.PREVIOUS & ONGOING SPONSORS & PARTNERSThe following companies and individuals provide technical, venue, and promotional support to STREET GAMESTM:ParkWest Town Center; West Philadelphia Financial Services Institution; The Goldenberg Group; USA Track & Field;Brown’s ShopRite; Clear Channel; Philly 360; Greater Philadelphia Cares; the Mayor’s Office; With Purpose, LLC;Hurst & Leigh Communications Group; Zero Gravity Studio and MadHouz Graphics. 3 3720 Spruce Street #445 ● Philadelphia, PA 19104 ● ● T: 484-362-9443 ● E:
  4. 4. EMPOWERMENT ZONE APPLICATION: PHILADELPHIA 2011Application Fee: $50□ Businesses □ Individual □ Non-Profit GroupThe Empowerment Zone is a “gallery” of exhibitors offering free health screenings, demonstrations, information on academicenrichment programs, and pre-approved packaged healthy food and beverage samples. Your hand-outs or pre-packagedsamples must be pre-approved. Your application and payment in full entitle you to one (1) 6-ft. table, two (2) chairs and one(1) tablecloth. No electricity will be provided. You may submit dimensions and specifications of your custom display.Please print.BRIEFLY DESCRIBE THE NATURE OF YOUR ORGANIZATION OR BUSINESS AND PRODUCT(S) AND/OR SERVICE(S):______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________YOUR PACKAGED FOOD & ITEMS MUST BE PRE-APPROVED. DO YOU PLAN TO DISTRIBUTE:□ Packaged Product Samples. Description: _______________________________________________________________□ Brochures/ Information. Description: ________________________________________________________________YOUR NAME: ____________________________________________________________________________________________YOUR TITLE: ____________________________________________________________________________________________BUSINESS NAME: ________________________________________________________________________________________MAILING ADDRESS: ______________________________________________________________________________________PHONE: ___________________________ FAX: _______________________ EMAIL: _________________________________LIST YOUR CONTRIBUTION IN PRINTED MATERIALS AS: _ ________________________________________________________ Include disk containing.jpg files of artwork/logo in black/white and full-colorCHECK ENCLOSED. CHECK #_________________________ AMOUNT: ______________________________________ No personal checks. Please make check payable to: JON DRUMMOND ACHIEVEMENT FOUNDATIONCHARGE. TO:MC VISA AMEX AMOUNT: ______________________________________________ Circle ONECREDIT CARD# _______________________________________________________ EXP. DATE: ________________________NAME AS IT APPEARS ON CREDIT CARD ______________________________________________________________________AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE: _________________________________________________________________________________TODAY’S DATE: ___________________ Street GamesTM is authorized to use the above credit card to pay all applicable fees for agreed upon sponsorship. PLEASE MAIL APPLICATION AND PAYMENT TO: STREET GAMESTM 3720 Spruce Street, Suite 445 ● Philadelphia, PA 19104 For more information, contact: Shelton Mercer at 484-362-9443 or Jon Drummond Achievement Foundation, A Non-Profit Corporation – 501(c)(3) 4 3720 Spruce Street #445 ● Philadelphia, PA 19104 ● ● T: 484-362-9443 ● E: