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SF1 Marketing and Consulting


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If you need marketing and consulting help then hire me.

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SF1 Marketing and Consulting

  1. 1. By Mike StreetThe Force is Strong With ThisConsultingSF1 Marketing
  2. 2. StrategyYou Can’t Win Without a
  3. 3. With out an effective strategy you’re just pumpingmoney into tactics that DON’T WORK
  4. 4. GambleDon’tWith Your Business
  5. 5. Hire SF1 Marketing
  6. 6. 1 2 3Research Data Human InputStrategy is your road map based on
  7. 7. But most small business don’t take the time or energyto develop solid strategies related to their business,
  8. 8. TacticsAnd they get LOST inThat waste MONEY
  9. 9. HopeBut There Is
  10. 10. SF1 Marketing is Your Personal Yoda
  11. 11. 1 2 3Intergalactic Star-Studded Engage YourStrategy Network EmpireWe Use the Force….
  12. 12. StrategyWe Develop WinningThat solvesbusiness problems
  13. 13. NetworkConnected InfluencerReady to promote yourbrand
  14. 14. EmpireEngage YourVia content and communitymanagement
  15. 15. Why Us?15 Years of DigitalMarketing ExperienceStrategy Development used byOprah, Home Depot,Allstate Insurance, and otherfortune 500 companiesCommunity Managementthat is reliable andeffectively engages aBrands target audience
  16. 16. We Strong Believe inStrategy First•  We conduct social audits and social listeningto uncover consumer insights related to yourbrand•  We work closely with your team to fullyunderstand your brand and your businessneeds/pains•  We develop holistic strategy, tactics, andcampaigns with focused KPI’s
  17. 17. SF1 Consulting is lead byMichael Street, a social/digital marketing leader,whose expertise has helpbrands such as Jim Beam,Oscar de la Renta, and P&Gnavigate the digital landscape.15 Years ofDigital Experience
  18. 18. Engaging Content andCommunity ManagementSF1 Consulting team ofexperienced ContentProducers and CommunityManagers know how to driveAwareness and keep yourCommunities engaged.
  19. 19. Our Work
  20. 20. Allstate FanFest 2013 w/FUN.Livestream Twitter PartyBlogger OutreachOn-Site Influencer videosResults: 20 million consumerimpressions
  21. 21. Home Depot’s ‘Girl’s Night Out’w/ Tom JoynerTwitter PartySocial Media GiveawaysOn-Site Influencer videosResults: 15 million consumerimpressions
  22. 22. Jazz Foundation ofAmericaCommunity ManagementBlogger OutreachWebsite Social IntegrationResults: 50% increase in socialengagement and PR placementsafter 2 months
  23. 23. Book Club 2.0Oprah / OWN TVCommunity ManagementBook Blogger OutreachSurprise and DelightResults: 500 million consumerimpressions generated
  24. 24. Hire SF1 Marketing andMove your business light-years ahead
  25. 25. SF1 MarketingThank