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Digital and social media has greatly matured. 2016 will be a banner year for businesses big and small to take advantage of all of the opportunities available to reach your target. We asked some of the industries leading experts from marketing agencies such as Burrell Communications, Google, Standard Media Index, and more to share what would be big in 2016.

Use these tips and WIN big!

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  1. 1. 2016 DIGITAL/SOCIAL TRENDS Presented by AD FAM and What'sComingandWhattoLookOutforin2016
  2. 2. @MRMIKESTREET SMARTBROWNVOICES.COM Make 2016 Matter Digital and social media has greatly matured. 2016 will be a banner year for businesses big and small to take advantage of all of the opportunities available to reach your target. We asked some of the industries leading experts from marketing agencies such as Burrell Communications, Google, Standard Media Index, and more to share what would be big in 2016. Use these tips and WIN big! 
  3. 3. MANAGER, CLIENT ENGAGEMENT AT STANDARD MEDIA INDEX New York Here’s why: 1) No shade to video, but if we get back to basic biology, there’s power in retaining information when using one sense over multiple, 2) Low cost and low effort, 3) Pandora/Spotify has maintained listening habits and SoundCloud is HUGE. 4) Growing infrastructures to include more Wi-Fi everywhere = more opportunities to listen. K A E I S H A O ' N E A L G O B I G O N P O D C A S T I N G
  4. 4. CONSULTANT, DIGITAL STRATEGY BURRELL, FIT, DIGITAL FLASH New York Video across all channels is the ticket to success. I reached over 2.1 million people and got over 515,000 video views on a 15 second video. So if you are not doing video across all of your channels you are missing an opportunity to reach your customers. Start small, test, and scale up from there. You don't need to have a Hollywood production budget to win at video. Advanced: Virtual Reality, 360 Video #JUSTSHOOTIT @ M R M I K E S T R E E T V I D E O I S E V E R Y T H I N G
  5. 5. CONSULTANT, DIGITAL STRATEGY BURRELL Chicago In a marketplace where influential celebrities shill products based on their outsized personalities, inflated social media followings, and market entire coffee table books based on their #selfie game, the Selfie Economy is here to stay. The ease in which consumers can now concept, develop and post content which rivals their favorite celebs in social media reach is now engulfing an area that was once inhabited by #spon #ads from celebutants like Kylie Jenner and her social media super endorser sister Kim Kardashian. A quick glance at even the most moderately popular influencer profiles (@Bretmanrock, @MrPhillWade, @theblondesalad) shows a stream of their curated lives, interspersed with content directly representing their collaborations with lifestyle advertisers. There will be a continued play from brands to analyze social media to find passive entrepreneurs with decent followings willing to make money by doing what comes naturally to them. D E N I T R I A L E W I S CUSTOMERS AS CONTENT
  6. 6. CO-FOUNDER OF POINT AB CONSULTING, ENTREPRENEUR IN RESIDENCE W/ GOOGLE Durham, NC Small business will begin to leverage ad buying in Instagram to drive more action + traction. Instagram has made it easier to purchase photo, video, and carousel ads through the Facebook Ads. Small businesses that take the time to get their demographic targeting correct and are willing to spend a modest ad budget can win. T A L I B G R A V E S - M A N N S INSTAGRAM ADS FOR THE WIN
  7. 7. CREATIVE DIRECTOR AND FOUNDER OF KMBA BLOG Atlanta The excitement of social media lives in private groups. Communities like Slack will explode. Multicultural budgets will again diminish. Despite subcultures' dominance over popular culture. Live video streaming will have rapid growth. Facebook, Blab, Periscope, are leading the way. Twitter cannibalize Periscope and offer live streaming as well. C R A I G B R I M M D O N ' T S L A C K O F F
  8. 8. MARKETING DIRECTOR FOR THE ASSOCIATION OF NATIONAL ADVERTISERS’ New York While it’s not being adopted as quickly as I’d like, signs are there that it’s becoming critical for marketers to understand contemporary culture. Why? Because it’s not data that’s important, it’s context. So whether you’re looking at customer journeys or trying to leveraging behavioral economics insights —the study of how people make choices —you’re working to place people in real world contexts. And that means you need to understand how they’re making meaning and the forces that shape how they perceive their options. That’s where contemporary culture comes in. R O B F I E L D S C U L T U R E B E C O M E S C R I T I C A L T O B U I L D I N G B U S I N E S S E S A N D B R A N D S
  9. 9. VP/CREATIVE DIRECTOR, CULTURE/COLLECTIVE Atlanta Snapchat isn't like Facebook or Instagram, think of it as the new alternative to television. With continuing diminishing returns, marketers using Snapchat as an organic social channel are realizing that it isn't cost-effective. Brands should use it differently — think appointment-watching, awareness and buying eyeballs — not as growing communities, editorial calendars and real-time marketing. The language that the “new TV” will use will be different. Its perfect for brands that don't have big budgets yet want to find creative ways to get their content in front of millions of daily users by building a following, first. While there is a some overlap of tactics, the common thread in building a Snapchat following will be by promoting the content across both traditional and social channels. D E R R I C K W . R I V E R S S N A P C H A T I S N ’ T J U S T S O C I A L M E D I A — I T ’ S T H E N E W T V . U S E I T A C C O R D I N G L Y .