Selection criteria examples


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Selection criteria examples show potential employers what, why and how you performed or demonstrated that particular selection criterion. It displays that you are competent and are already trained in the skill.

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Selection criteria examples

  1. 1. The Importance of Getting Selection Criteria Examples RightLanding that dream job can sometimes feel like it is out of reach. Continual job applicationsand persistent knock-backs can be disheartening. Instead of finding the real source of theproblem, we often look to ourselves and wonder what is wrong with our abilities. Forget this.Have you ever considered that you are looking in the wrong place? Perhaps you have all theprerequisites for the role, but the problem lies in the writing of your selection criteriastatement.Is the Selection Criteria Statement letting you down?Although there can be a number of valid reasons why that ideal job is eluding you, the fact isthat often the selection criteria statement – in particular the writing of selection criteriaexamples – is ruining your chances. As long as you have the skills, qualifications, experienceand personal qualities, there is no reason why you aren’t, at least, being shortlisted. Thecommon reason applicants are not making it to the interview stage is because they’re notwriting a good selection criteria statement and providing adequate selection criteria examples.Providing those all-important selection criteria examples are one area that often letscandidates down. Selection criteria examples show potential employers what, why and howyou performed or demonstrated that particular selection criterion. It displays that you arecompetent and are already trained in the skill. Selection criteria examples form a veryimportant part of selection criteria writing. Employers want to know candidates have eitherperformed the necessary skills in a prior role; that they’ve the knowledge to do so; or, thatthey can easily pick up the new skill. This is shown by selection criteria examples.The Importance of Writing Good Selection Criteria Examples  Selection criteria examples form a significant part of the STAR (Situation, Task, Actions, Results) method of writing a selection criteria statement. Your selection criteria example should include in which role or situation you performed the skill; what you actually did; how you performed it; and, what the outcome of you performing this skill was.  Selection criteria examples support your claims that you meet a certain selection criterion. As such, you need to provide real selection criteria examples that you can elaborate upon in the interview.  Selection criteria examples can be sourced from almost any aspect of your life – even if not from a similar role as the one you are applying for. Draw selection criteria examples from anywhere you’ve shown these abilities or personal attributes.  Selection criteria examples should also be coupled with the outcome. What was the result of you performing this action?Efficient and Definitely Effective: Selection Criteria SoftwareAlthough we might equip ourselves with sufficient knowledge on how to write effectiveselection criteria and selection criteria examples, the fact remains is that it takes quite a lot ofpractice and is time-consuming. There is, however, a software tool that can take the pain, timeand energy out of the entire process – that is, Selection Criteria Writer.
  2. 2. Selection Criteria Writer is a tried and tested method for helping candidates to word real-lifepractical selection criteria examples; ensure that the correct formatting and layout is applied;and, use the appropriate language and terminology. All you need to do is type and click andyou can simply develop an application using automated templates. Instant access; overfourteen pages of tips; online help and tutorials; and, ongoing email tips and strategies are allincluded in this exciting software package.Don’t waste your weekends applying for jobs. With Selection Criteria Writer, all it takes is afraction of the time and you will be well on your way to writing that job-winning application.Click on the link for assistance with addressing selection criteria