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Onsite SEO Checklist


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We have used this Onsite SEO Checklist for every single one of our clients. It is very comprehensive and gives us a jump start on performing well right at the beginning of the campaign.

Author Credit: Colin McDermott -

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Onsite SEO Checklist

  1. 1. Onsite SEO Cheatsheet Cheat Sheet by Colin McDermott (colinbancmedia) via Tag / Head Area Checklist Sitemaps Google Webmaster ToolsTitle Required XML Sitemap Recommended Fetch as Googlebot RequiredMeta Description Required Static Sitemap Recommended Submit .xml Sitemap RequiredRel Canonical Tag Recommended Compressed Sitemap Recommended Submit Compressed Sitemap RecommendedMeta Content Type Required Video Sitemap Optional Submit RSS Feed RecommendedMeta Keywords Optional - Not used by Google News Sitemap Optional Set Geographic target Recommended Google RSS Feed Recommended Set Preferred domain RecommendedMeta Robots Optional Sitemap Index File Optional HTML Improvements OptionalMeta Googlebot Optional Sitemap reference in Robots.txt Recommended Rich Snippets Testing Tool OptionalMeta Google OptionalMeta Google Site Verifi Optional Robots.txt Bing Webmaster Toolscation Robots.txt Recommended Fetch as Bingbot RecommendedRel Next/Prev Optional Robots.txt sitemap link Optional Submit Sitemap RecommendedRel DNS Prefetch Optional Robots.txt disallow rules Optional - be careful Submit RSS Feed OptionalRel Shortlink Optional Robots.txt allow rules Optional Submit URLs OptionalFacebook Open Graph Recommended Check in Webmaster Tools RecommendedTags Website Speed Tools (Online)Twitter Card Tags Optional Broken Links / Redirects Google PageSpeed InsightsRel Alternate (RSS Feed) Optional Check for broken links/error pages Required Neustar Instant Speed TestRel Shortcut Icon/Icon Recommended (4xx,5xx) GTmetrix(Favicon) Check for redirects (3xx) Required Pingdom Tools Full Page TestMeta Refresh Not recommended All website pages sending 200 success Required Yahoo! YSlow codeBody Homepage should not redirect Required Whichloadsfaster.comHeading tags (H1, H2, H3, H4...) Recomm Homepage should send 200 success Required ended codeParagraph tags Optional loadImpact.comPage Anchors Optional Links Auditing ToolsLinks Required Title RecommendedNavigation Required Screaming Frog Rel Nofollow Optional - Use with carePrivacy / Cookie / Contact pages Recomm Xenu Rel Alternate Hreflang x For Multi Language Sites ended Rel Next/Previous Optional FacebookAddress Info Recomm Rel Tag Optional ended Facebook Debugger Tool Rel Author / Me OptionalRich snippets (microdata, microf Recomm Google Structured Data Testing Toolormats, RDFa) ended Rel Bookmark OptionalStrong Optional Google Webmaster Guidelines 404 Error PageEm Optional Read, understand and follow the Google Webmaster Check 404 page exists RequiredBreadcrumbs Recomm Guidelines ended Check 404 page returns 404 status code Required Do not place a link exchange section on your website Custom 404 error page Optional Avoid automatically generated / scraped contentContent Add useful links, sitemap or search box to Optional Avoid cloakingCheck for duplicate/scraped content 404 page Avoid sneaky redirectsDo not mix languages on a page HTML Validation Avoid hidden text or linksCheck for spelling and grammar Avoid doorway pages W3C Markup Validation ServiceAvoid hidden content Do not abuse rich snippetsDo not over-use keywords/phrases 3rd Party Software: Flash/Silverlight/Java/PDF etcDo not over-use bold tags Keyword Research 3rd Party Software Navigation Menu AvoidNofollow all untrusted/UGC links Google Adwords Keyword Tool 3rd Party Software Intro page Avoid Google Suggest 3rd Party Software Text Content AvoidImage Optimisation UberSuggest Entire Site Using Third Party Software AvoidAlt Required Bing Keyword Tool Small Features AllowedSearch engine friendly Recommendedfile name Videos Allowed WordPress
  2. 2. Title Recommended Audio elements Allowed All in One SEOCompress Images Recommended Animations Allowed WordPress SEO by Yoast( etc) Tools Allowed W3 Total CacheConvert Images to Optional (Google Chrome &WebP Opera only) Over Optimisation CreditsStore on cookieless Recommended Is the site user friendly?sub-domains Cheat Sheet created by Colin McDermott from Banc Could a user class the page as spammy? Media.Store on cloud hosting Recommended Do not over-use keywords/phrases in text, headings or/ CDN Banc Media: meta data Colin McDermott: Do not create more internal links than necesssaryURL Big Thanks to Dave @ Added Bytes. Too many keyword rich linksSearch engine friendly URL Recommended Poor content/too many repeated phrasesNo Session ID in URL Required Too many ads (eg Adsense) above the foldHomepage URL is root ( / ) Required Too many ads, such that content is hard to accessURLs match Canonical Tags RequiredURLs match FB OG Site Tag RequiredAll lowercase letters RecommendedConsistent closing slash RequiredNo spaces RequiredNo non-permitted characters RequiredNo duplicate URLs for same page RequiredCheatographer Cheat Sheet Sponsor Colin McDermott (colinbancmedia) This cheat sheet was published on 9th February, 2013 FeedbackFair, increase your conversion rate today! and was last updated on 7th March, 2013. Try it free!