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The most reliable and easiest way to watch BBC iPlayer Abroad is Virtual Private Network (VPN). You can access BBC iPlayer on your iPad, iPhone, Mac, Android, PS3, Apple TV, and of course on your PC and Laptop as well.

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Watch BBC iPlayer Abroad

  1. 1. VPN  To Watch  BBC iPlayer Abroad
  2. 2. BBC iPlayer, an internet TV and radio application service, is the key to unlimited enjoyment.
  3. 3. You can access BBC iPlayer on your iPad, iPhone, Mac, Android, PS3, Apple TV, and of course on your PC and Laptop as well.
  4. 4. You can watch amazing British classic shows such as “The Return of Sherlock Homes”, “The Archers” and many more. It offers a complete package of absolute entertainment. It has something for everyone, be it your one month old baby or much aged granny. Everyone will find things of their interest on BBC iPlayer which has the stellar reputation throughout the world.
  5. 5. Hmm! Trying to access BBC iPlayer, but unable to do so? Do you want to know what’s coming between you and your most adored media streaming service? Problem With BBC iPlayer Outside UK
  6. 6. If you try to get it from countries other than the UK, you will be denied access to the service. This is because the entertainment service uses Geo-blocking and is restricted to the territory of the UK alone. BBC iPlayer checks your IP address and if it is not of UK or within the range of UK, you will simply get a message saying “Not available in your location”.
  7. 7. So, It is the country from where you are trying to access the service. Perplexed? Let’s make it simpler.
  8. 8. Troubleshooting How about changing your IP address? Yes, this is possible. The most reliable and easiest way to change the IP is Virtual Private Network (VPN).
  9. 9. VPN masks the real, non-British IP with a UK IP address. That way you appear to be online from the United Kingdom, even when you might be lying on the pristine sands of Spain or enjoying your vacation in Manhattan. Your location is not a hindrance when you want to access BBC iPlayer as long as you have a VPN Connection in place.
  10. 10. For More information on  How to Stream BBC iPlayer  Outside the UK  browse 
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  12. 12. Thank You!