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  • In the 1930’s, S&H (The Sperry & Hutchinson Company) lauched a program that allowed participating merchants to “reward” customers (players) with stamps when they made specific purchases. Those stamps were collected and could then be used as a type of “virtual currency” to get free stuff from certain stores and catalogs.
  • ----- Meeting Notes (10/31/11 00:01) -----NOT: Super Tooth vs. Cavity Cavalcade.
  • ----- Meeting Notes (10/31/11 00:01) -----First, let's take a look at WHY gamification works.
  • ----- Meeting Notes (10/31/11 00:01) -----Football example
  • First Badge:Crunked (4sq) – if you check in to 4 different locations in a single night.Second Badge: Geoffrey Badge, given to first 3000 people to check into a Toys R’ Us on Thanksgiving.Third Badge: Healthy Fox, given out by Health Month for people who stick to their healthy living challenges for a month.
  • EA gave early previews and beta downloads to active gamers who had profiles created on the EA website earlier this year to reward and hype the game’s release.Scott Stratton (@unmarketing) was sent a free sample of Magnum’s Double Chocolate and loved the product. He wrote a post entitled :Magnum’s False Advertising” in which he called them out for including 4 kinds of chocolate and (jokingly) demanded it be renamed Quadruple Chocolate. A few weeks later, the Director of Social Marketing for Magnum showed up at Scott’s house with a box (seen above) they had had printed up titled “Scott Stratton’s Quadruple Chocolate.” Not only a great story of the reward of special access, but also great marketing.
  • The downside to giving stuff to your players is that if stuff is used as the initial motivation, once the item has been given away, the incentive to play is finished as well. “Stuff is only good until it is redeemed, which is the exact length of time your players will engage in the game.” Be sure to always disclose the value of the tangible prize or be sure the value is inherently known to your most loyal customers.
  • In gamification, we're designing EXPERIENCES. That's what we're doing. It's not a matter of just creating something for people to do, that's called WORK. This is about creating an action the resonates INTRINSICALLY and allows for the player to actually EXPERIENCE and ENJOY the action they are taking.
  • A bad strategy with gamification slapped on top at the last moment is just aturd with glasses, and a turd with glassesis just a turd going to a dinner party, which will still stink.
  • Happy workers = happy customers. Don't believe me? Just as Zappos.
  • Just because you CAN gamify every aspect of your life, doesn’t mean you SHOULD. Start learning to understand the difference.
  • Work Is Bullshit: Gaming & Success

    1. 1. workIS BULL$#!%Gaming & Success by joey STRAWN @joey_strawn
    2. 2. Gamification Is Not New In the opening book of The Histories, Herodotus writes: When Atys was king of Lydia some three thousand years ago, a great scarcity threatened his realm. For a while people accepted their lot without complaining, in the hope that times of plenty would return. But when things failed to get better, the Lydians devised a strange remedy for their problem. The plan adopted against the famine was to engage in games one day so entirely as to not feel any craving for food…and the next day to eat and abstain from games. In this way they passed eighteen years, and along the way they invented the dice, knuckle-bones, the ball, and all the games which are common.#NUSocialIMC
    3. 3. workIS BULLS#!%Gaming & Success
    4. 4. SOURCE: Paramore | the digital agency The Gamer AGE: 27 Years DIFFICULTY: 4 FIGHTING STYLE: Non-Existent TWITTER: @joey_strawnJOEY EMAIL: HASHTAG: #NUSocialIMC SPECIAL MOVE: Shout of Earth (Left, Right, Up, Down, A, A, A, B, B, B) RATING: Awesome
    5. 5. joey world 00000000 1–1 Paramore | the digital agency AGE: 10 Years LOCALE: TWITTER: @paramoreagency EMAIL: SPECIAL MOVES: Digital Marketing, Development, Website & App Design, PPC, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing RATING: Epic#NUSocialIMC
    6. 6. joey world 00000000 1–1 Empty Jar Marketing AGE: 2 Years LOCALE: TWITTER: @joey_strawn EMAIL: SPECIAL MOVES: Social Media Strategy, Social Media Training, Gamification, Game Theory Education RATING: Paragon#NUSocialIMC
    7. 7. joey world 00000000 1–1 WORLD 1-1 Gamification: Definition & Appearances#NUSocialIMC
    8. 8. joey world 00000700 1–1 gamification [gay-muh-fi-kay-shuhn] The process of integrating game dynamics into your site, service, community, content or campaign, in order to drive participation. -Bunchball#NUSocialIMC
    9. 9. joey world 00000750 1–1 Who thought this was a new idea? WRONG !#NUSocialIMC
    10. 10. joey world 00000775 1–1 Customer = Players s#NUSocialIMC
    11. 11. joey world 00000800 1–1#NUSocialIMC
    12. 12. joey world 00000800 1–1#NUSocialIMC
    13. 13. joey world 00000900 1–1#NUSocialIMC
    14. 14. joey world 00000900 1–1#NUSocialIMC
    15. 15. joey world 00000950 1–1#NUSocialIMC
    16. 16. joey world 00000970 1–1#NUSocialIMC
    17. 17. joey world 00001200 1–1#NUSocialIMC
    18. 18. joey world 00001280 1–1#NUSocialIMC
    19. 19. joey world 00001500 1–1#NUSocialIMC
    20. 20. joey world 00001500 1–1#NUSocialIMC
    21. 21. joey world 00001580 1–1#NUSocialIMC
    22. 22. joey world 00002050 1–2 WORLD 1-2 Gamification: What It Isn’t#NUSocialIMC
    23. 23. joey world 00002750 1–2 Gamification Isn’t… - Slapping Badges on Crap - Creating a Game Based on Your Company’s Products/Services - Giving Meaningless Points - A Solution For A Bad Strategy#NUSocialIMC
    24. 24. joey world 00003025 1–3 WORLD 1-3 Motivations: Player & Business#NUSocialIMC
    25. 25. joey world 00003200 1–3 “Games are the only force in the known universe that can get people to take actions against their self-interest, in a predictable way, without using force.” - Gabe Zichermann#NUSocialIMC
    26. 26. joey world 00003333 1–3 S - Status A - Access P - Power S - Stuff#NUSocialIMC
    27. 27. joey world 00003334 1–3 Status “Status is the relative position of an individual in relation to others, especially in a social group. Status benefits and rewards give players the ability to move ahead of others in a defined ranking system.” Gamification by Design (Zichermann & Cunningham, 2011)#NUSocialIMC
    28. 28. joey world 00003335 1–3 Access Access rewards give players the opportunity to interact in a private or special way with a company or brand. (Ex. Giving top-ranked players a dinner with the company’s CEO or celebrity spokesperson; or, a head start on deals/offers made on the company website.)#NUSocialIMC
    29. 29. joey world 00003336 1–3 Power Power is the act of awarding a modicum of control over the other players in the game for exemplary or high-scoring action in the game being played. Examples of power as a reward would be asking a good player to serve as moderator on a forum or giving them a chance to name a new badge or level of the game.#NUSocialIMC
    30. 30. joey world 00003337 1–3 Stuff This one shouldn’t need an explanation, but just in case: Stuff is stuff you give to players for doing things in your game. You’re welcome.#NUSocialIMC
    31. 31. joey world 00003720 1–3 Theory of Flow - Mihály Csíkszentmihályi#NUSocialIMC
    32. 32. joey world 00003725 1–3#NUSocialIMC
    33. 33. joey world 00003745 1–3 Theory of Flow - Mihály Csíkszentmihályi#NUSocialIMC
    34. 34. joey world 00010405 2–1 WORLD 2-1 Gamification at Work: Speed Camera Lottery#NUSocialIMC
    35. 35. joey world 00011300 2–1 SOURCE: The Fun Theory Contest DATE: 2010 PLACE: Stockholm, Sweden CREATOR: Kevin Richardson SPECIAL MOVE: Greenback Grab RATING: Nifty-Thrift#NUSocialIMC
    36. 36. joey world 00012055 2–2 WORLD 2-2 Gamification at Work: Ananth Pai#NUSocialIMC
    37. 37. joey world 00012880 2–2 SOURCE: Minnesota School System DATE: Present Day WHO: Ananth Pai WEAPON: Nintendo DS SPECIAL MOVE: Curriculum Crush RATING: Super Awesome#NUSocialIMC
    38. 38. joey world 00013665 2–3 WORLD 2-3 Gamification at Work: McDonald’s Pong Board#NUSocialIMC
    39. 39. joey world 00013999 2–3 SOURCE: Sweden (yes, again) DATE: 2011 WHO: McDonalds WEAPON: Interactive Billboard SPECIAL MOVE: Retro Rush RATING: ★★★★#NUSocialIMC
    40. 40. joey world 00020025 3–1 WORLD 3-1 Gamifying Your Life#NUSocialIMC
    41. 41. joey world 00020349 3–1 - Not About Badges - Tapping Into Motivations - Discovering Flow#NUSocialIMC
    42. 42. joey world 00020999 3–1 Winning family managed to lower its carbon footprint by 63%. The project has seen a 16% increase in recycling in Philadelphia. The recycling rate in Philadelphia has broken 20% for the first time in history.#NUSocialIMC
    43. 43. joey world 00022790 3–1 “You might be skeptical about the possibility of making school fun. The truth is that school doesn’t have to be as fun as World of Warcraft — it just has to be less boring than it is today.” “If we tap into motivational game dynamics like small achievable goals, desirable rewards, constant positive feedback and compelling interactive content, then we can design an educational experience.”#NUSocialIMC
    44. 44. joey world 00022870 3–1 Nike +#NUSocialIMC
    45. 45. joey world 00022998 3–2 Mission Alarm Clock#NUSocialIMC
    46. 46. joey world 00023005 3–2 WORLD 3-2 Gamifying Your Work#NUSocialIMC
    47. 47. joey world 00024444 3–2 No one cares about this shit at my company? - 55% of Americans want to work for a company that utilizes gamification to increase productivity. - Younger Americans (18-24 year olds) were willing to take a salary reduction to work for a socially responsible company. - ‘Discounts’ are the most compelling incentives for winning a social challenge, followed by ‘Social Action’ and ‘Points Towards Loyalty Program’. Only 1-in-4 of those interested in social challenges said that ‘Status in the Community’ was a very compelling incentive. - 27% of those interested in social challenges said they would be very likely to opt in to a social challenge sponsored by a large corporate brand; 64% very likely if it were initiated by friends or family. - When it comes to specific kinds of social challenges, respondents were most interested in participating in multi-player gaming and trivia challenges. While not as many people are familiar with scavenger hunts and guessing. - Saatchi & Saatchi S (2011)#NUSocialIMC
    48. 48. joey world 00105666 3–2 @[yourhandle] “A turd with glasses is just a turd going to a dinner party, which will still stink.” –Joey Strawn #NUSocialIMC#NUSocialIMC
    49. 49. joey world 00223956 3–2 1. Augment existing product/service. 2. Gamify internal systems for outward effects.#NUSocialIMC
    50. 50. joey world 02223345 3–2 Augment Existing Product/Service • Adding gamified aspects to products or systems already in place (Ex. Offering Foursquare discounts to the mayor of a location or loyalty programs) • Companies like Bunchball, BigDoor, Badgeville offer platforms and services to do this for you#NUSocialIMC
    51. 51. joey world 04567890 3–2 Gamify Internal Systems • Goal is to encourage and engage employees • One way is to implement game-based mechanics to improve otherwise menial tasks (i.e. checkout lines, expense reports, etc.) • Give feedback in the context of a game, incentivizing employees to act accordingly • Creating a more joyous workforce will radiate out to your customers#NUSocialIMC
    52. 52. joey world 80808045 3–2 Nitro for Salesforce#NUSocialIMC
    53. 53. joey world 86548075 3–2 Happy Employees Equal Happy Players#NUSocialIMC
    54. 54. joey world 99902345 ★–1 Conclusion • Gamification is everywhere (and always has been) • Gamification isn’t going away • Gamification is good (when used correctly) • We’re attempting to tap into deep motivations • You can gamify every aspect of your life • People want to work in gamified environments • Turds look weird with glasses on#NUSocialIMC
    55. 55. joey world 99999999 ★–2 Further Reading Gabe Zichermann Amy Jo Kim Game-Based Marketing (2010) Community Building on the Web (2000) Gamification by Design (2011) @amyjokim @gzicherm Jon Radoff Jesse Schell Game On (2011) The Art of Game Design (2008) @jradoff @jesseschell Aaron Dignan Jane McGonigal Game Frame (2011) Reality is Broken (2011) @aarondignan @avantgame Tom Chatfield Byron Reeves Fun, Inc. (2010) Total Engagement (2009) @TomChatfield @byronreeves Michael Wu, Ph.D. “The Science of Gamification” @mich8elwu#NUSocialIMC
    56. 56. joey world 99999999 ★–2 More Further Reading David Edery & Ethan Mollick James P. Carse Changing The Game (2009) Finite and Infinite Games: A Vision of Life @djedery as Play and Possibility (1987)* @emollick Raph Koster Steven Johnson A Theory of Fun for Game Design (2004) Everything Bad Is Good For You (2005) @raphkoster @stevenbjohnson John C. Beck & Mitchell Wade Sebastian Deterding Got Game: How the Gamer Generation Is @dingstweets Reshaping Business Forver (2004) @John_C_Beck Len Fisher Rock, Paper, Scissors: Game Theory in Everyday Life (2008) * Read only if you want your head to explode.#NUSocialIMC
    57. 57. joey world 99999999 CHARACTER CARD ★–3 NAME: Joey Strawn SOURCE: Paramore | the digital agency Empty Jar Marketing The Gamer DIFFICULTY: 4 FIGHTING STYLE: Non-Existent TWITTER: @joey_strawn EMAIL: EMAIL: WEBSITE: SPECIAL MOVE: Shout of Earth (Left, Right, Up, Down, A, A, A, B, B, B) RATING: Still Awesome#NUSocialIMC
    58. 58. joeyworld99999999★–★ Thanks For Playing!