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Midkiff Horse Training Demonstration

Race horse training. Methods of training, managing, handling, healing, rehabilitating, feeding and caretaking of Thoroughbred Race Horses by Mary D. Midkiff

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Midkiff Horse Training Demonstration

  1. 1. Midkiff Horse Training Mary Midkiff’s Race and Pre-Training Thoroughbred Race Horses
  2. 2. Midkiff Horse Training Through my lifelong experience with horses I have come to understand how crucial it is to train horses within their world of understanding; listening and observing everything they are communicating to you as they develop.
  3. 3. Midkiff Horse Training We relate best to horses through what is natural to them. We are always learning about their diet, how they relate to one another, how they react as prey animals and how they move.
  4. 4. Midkiff Horse Training Approach to Managing and Training Horses 1. Evaluation  Overall health  Emotional and mental health  Personality and Life Force  Willingness to participate with me 2. Program  Internal Health and Nutrition  Balancing the Nervous System  Energy and Body Work  Ground Work  Games and Questions  Mounted Work
  5. 5. Midkiff Horse Training Approach to Managing and Training Horses When I meet a horse I take an overall impression.  Smell the breath  Look in the eyes  Notice the texture of the skin and hair  Feel the coat and body temperature  Check out quality of feet  Note the weight distribution  Watch him or her move
  6. 6. Midkiff Horse Training Approach to Managing and Training Horses As I evaluate the horse I gather information on what the horse needs and how I will progress from here.
  7. 7. Midkiff Horse Training Approach to Managing and Training Horses The program begins with the horse’s internal health. 1. Nutrition Health of the Intestinal Tract
  8. 8. Midkiff Horse Training 1. Nutrition - foundation for all steps in the program Horse’s health, comfort, ability to think, coordinate and learn start in the intestinal tract. Feed  Select and feed organic grain when possible  Use herbal or natural supplements  Avoid toxins such as sugars, preservatives, pesticides and herbicides  Avoid stored feeds as they may have spoiled  Have hay analyzed for nutrition  Provide natural mineral salt rocks free choice
  9. 9. Midkiff Horse Training 2. Balancing the Nervous System The nervous system must fully function in order for the horse to progress in his or her education. Steps  Aromatherapy with Midkiff’s The InBalance Horse essential oil blend  Release endorphins through the mouth  Massage Jaw and TMJ areas  Open up jaw bones and passage between  Oppositional energy of head and atlas joint  Massage around poll and ears  Acupressure in upper neck  Stretch nuchal ligament
  10. 10. Midkiff Horse Training 3. Energy and Body Work Finding and relieving excess and deficient energy throughout the horse will balance his ability to fully use his mind and body. Steps  Hands on massage  Laser therapy  Magnet therapy  Dowsing  Myo-fascial release  Stretches
  11. 11. Midkiff Horse Training 4. Ground Work Everything you do with a horse on the ground contributes to his acceptance of work in the saddle. Steps  Tying  Ropes around the body  Forward movement  Sideways movement  Backward movement  Driving with lines  Ability to distinguish each foot
  12. 12. Midkiff Horse Training Ground Work Steps and Training  Round pen with lines and free  Connected work  Wash stall  Trailer  Gates  Ground poles and obstacles
  13. 13. Midkiff Horse Training Acceptance of human interaction in every step of the program.
  14. 14. Midkiff Horse Training Building Trust
  15. 15. Midkiff Horse Training Leading and partnering with the young horse.
  16. 16. Midkiff Horse Training The reward is always the leader’s acceptance. Every step begins and ends with the leader’s acceptance.
  17. 17. Midkiff Horse Training Each introduction including bridle and bit, saddle, rider, racetrack, starting gate and beyond is based on the young horse’s acceptance and trust of the leader.
  18. 18. Midkiff Horse Training 5. Games and Questions – Development of mind/body connection
  19. 19. Midkiff Horse Training 6. Starting Under Saddle Does Not Have to Be Stressful
  20. 20. Midkiff Horse Training
  21. 21. Midkiff Horse Training Happy youngsters love to show you what they can do and display their pride. 21
  22. 22. Midkiff Horse Training From the stall, shedrow, arenas to the training track. Safety, comfort, happiness and pride continue to show. 22
  23. 23. Midkiff Horse Training 23
  24. 24. Midkiff Horse Training 24
  25. 25. Midkiff Horse Training Racing your horses, or educating yearlings out of the field or out of the sales to young horses that are breezing and racetrack ready, we would be honored to train your horses. We know how important they are to you and only want to see them flourish and shine as athletes! Come to High Pointe Training Center in LaGrange, KY. Mary D. Midkiff 502-552-1195 or 25
  26. 26. Midkiff Horse Training 26 Midkiff trainee Playrockforme on High Pointe Training Center Main Track
  27. 27. Midkiff Horse Training 27 Midkiff trainee Top Tier Lass jogs on High Pointe Training Center’s uphill allweather track.
  28. 28. Midkiff Horse Training 28 Limestone Stable’s yearling filly “In A Flury” exercises in the round pen with curcingle at High Pointe Training Center.
  29. 29. Midkiff Horse Training Your horses are in good hands.
  30. 30. Midkiff Horse Training Mary Midkiff Midkiff Horse Training PO Box 1209 Prospect, KY 40059 502-552-1195