Stratus Contact Solutions - Designing a Multi-Channel Strategy


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Stratus Contact Solutions - Designing a Multi-Channel Strategy

  1. 1. Designing a Multi-channelContact StrategyTapping into new opportunitiesDennis StoutenburghCo-Founder ILD Corp, SocialStrategy1
  2. 2. Stratus Contact SolutionsMulti-Channel Customer Care and Lead GenerationChanging landscape in customer communication provides unique opportunity to com-bine the assets of our outsource services division (call center and network) with oursocial media expertise (Social Strategy1) to provide clients a best in class multi-facetedcustomer care and lead generation solutionStratus Contact Solutions Launched in early 2012
  3. 3. Customer Life Cycle:Acquisition to Advocates
  4. 4. Direct Response (Inbound)Direct Response marketing has changed, although TV still buildsawareness, customers refer to the web to make purchase decisons. Social Media & Email Call Center Customer Reviews Social Media Web Chat Monitoring
  5. 5. Lead Generation (Outbound) If you only greet customers when they call, you could be missing lead generation opportunities every minute.1. 2. 3. Customers have open Social Media Engage & Direct coversations about Monitoring can customer to take products & services identify leads action
  6. 6. Social Media Lead GenerationSocial leads pin-point customers at point of need in real-time
  7. 7. Real Estate Case StudySocial conversations lead to in-person appointments
  8. 8. Loyalty is now driven bya business’s interactionwith it’s customer when &where the customer choosesto interact
  9. 9. The Connected CustomerThe way people communicate has shifted to the web• More than 2 billion people are using social media across 100 million channels• More than 85% of online purchases are driven by online ratings and reviews• There are more than 175 million internet enabled smartphones in the US alone• More than 30% of Americans have dropped their landline service in favor ofsmartphones
  10. 10. Enabling Social Media Customer Care
  11. 11. How are we making the shift?We marry deep social mediatechnology and subject expertswith call center operations toprovide an integrated offeringdriven by the client objectives.Our products and services include: Community Social Engage CRM Chat Email Voice
  12. 12. What have we learned?Traditional call center employees are not effective insocial media just because they have been provided the tools.Employees need to be trained in fundamentals of social media• How to engage using appropriate protocols• Removing canned responses• Best practices and moving the conversation offline• Operational changes in Quality Assurance and ROI Measurement
  13. 13. Social Media Blunders #failWithout establishing protocols and utilizing best practices, there is asignificant risk of error on a major scale.
  14. 14. Customer Care & Reputation Management Loyalty is now being built when and where the customer choosesSocial Media Email Call Center Web Chat Social Media Customer Mobile Web & Monitoring Reviews Text
  15. 15. Stratus Contact SolutionsIntegrated offering powers Stratus clients:• Ability to provide superior customer support - meeting customerswhere and when they want support• Provides for powerful sales and lead generation opportunities Prospective Sales leads in Twitter Product Reviews & Customer Sentiment
  16. 16. Stratus - Client ServicesStratus provides customized solutions for connected businesseswho need to engage customers and comprehend data beyond thetraditional call center.Our customer experience professionals become your brand advocates with real-timemulti-channel engagement tools.Industries we serve• Communications • Healthcare• Direct Response • Hospitality• Education • Retail• Financial Services • eCommerce• CRM
  17. 17. For More Information &Upcoming
  18. 18. Social Media Leadership AwardsIn partnership with Knowledge@Wharton & SocialStrategy1, Stratusis sponsoring a global social media best practices competition and1/2 day workshop.Entries will be evaluated by a panel comprised of global business and social media andacademic leaders. Champions will be chosen based on innovation and success in theuse of social media to solve organizational challenges. Champions will receive repeatedglobal exposure through Knowledge@Wharton online publications.
  19. 19. Upcoming Stratus Events10/14 - SOCAP 2012 Annual Conference San Diego, CA10/23 - Social Media for Customer Service Summit New York, NY11/7 - Social Media Leadership Awards Philadelphia, PA