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Food web poster assignment

Food web poster assignment

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Food web poster assignment

  1. 1. Due: Next Class
  2. 2. Physical Requirements Should be 16 by 20 inches or larger May be neatly hand drawn May use pictures neatly cut out of magazines Must have color Must be neatly labeled
  3. 3. Content Requirements 1: Pick a type of biome (area of the world) your poster covers  Desert  Tropical Rainforest  Ocean  Taiga  Tundra  Grassland  Temperate Forrest Must have at least four trophic levels  Producers  Primary consumers  Secondary consumers  Tertiary consumers  Decomposers
  4. 4. Content Requirements 2: Must show relationships between different tropic levels Use different colors to indicate different trophic levels Identify the trophic levels along the side of the diagram Use arrows to indicate energy flow through the web from species to species Create a key listing of all of the producers, primary consumers, secondary consumers, tertiary consumers, and decomposers Make it neat and artistic
  5. 5. Grading — 30pts. Your poster will be graded based on the following: 1. Creativity (5 pts.) — did you use your own ideas 2. Neatness (5 pts.) — are there eraser mark, glue showing 3. Effort (5 pts.) — did you follow directions 4. Accuracy (10 pts.) — is the information correct, including spelling 5. Completeness (5 pts.) — did you meet all the requirements
  6. 6. Remember: You are to demostrate your knowledge of food webs and the relationship between different tropic levels Do not forget how the amount of energy changes when moving from one tropic level to the next Spelling counts, label carefully Neatness counts
  7. 7. Presentations 1. State your name 2. Tell which biome you chose and why. 3. Explain what organisms you chose and why. 4. Point out your top consumer and its trophic level. 5. Explain how energy moves through your system.

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  • AnitaSmithDombkowski

    Jun. 5, 2017

Food web poster assignment


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