Fantasy Rankings - Fantasy Baseball Players to Look Out For


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Fantasy Rankings - Fantasy Baseball Players to Look Out For

  1. 1. Fantasy Rankings - Fantasy Baseball Players to Look OutForBaseball season is close and I’m sureeveryone wants to read about the fantasyrankings of these baseball players. Readingup on fantasy rankings is an importantaspect of playing fantasy baseball.Because when you know the fantasyrankings, you know which players to get. Ifyou know which players to get, you canform a good team or have a good fantasydraft. Having a winning fantasy draft can be an exciting thing for players, and it can make youwin in your fantasy baseball league.Now, let us review the fantasy ranking of the following players.First, let us take a look at Alex Rios (CHW RF). Alex Rios showed solid performance in the firstyear that he played for the Chicago baseball team. His number of hits reached .284 - 334 - 457.Alex Rios also has a 20-home run and a 30-SB season. Now, the big question that is runningthrough everyone’s head is, can Alex Rios be able to replicate the outstanding performance hehas shown us in 2011? Our take is it is possible to do so. The only caveat is he has to remainhealthy and injury free. Rios is the man who can hit a solid line up. Get him in your draft.The second player in focus is a TEX RF named Nelson Cruz. We are thinking, how many homeruns Nelson Cruz can possible make if he remains injury-free and healthy for 600 at bats? Thenumbers that Cruz has been crunching are a hit of .318 - .374 - .576 with 22 home runs, 78 RBIand 17 saved bases. And that is just as low as 400 bats for last year. What we like about Cruz ishe is able to hit a lot of flyballs and he gets a 45 percent FB number. The thing is, we mentioned
  2. 2. that Nelson Cruz can perform well if he remains healthy. The problem is he already has an injuryrisk. To all fantasy sports people out there, you know you really have to read up on those injurylists.Another player to look at is Chris Young (AR CF). Mr. Young has .257 - .341 - .452 with 27HRs. Chris Young also has 27 HR, 91 RBI, 94 runs and 28 SB in 2010. So, what will his futurebe in 2011? Well, Young is actually 27, and he is in the peak of his career in 2011. He also has anewly hired manager in the person of Kirk Gibson and he is telling everyone that Young willbecome more aggressive on the base paths this year.