Ark Of Taste Istrain Ox


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Ark Of Taste Istrain Ox

  1. 1. Istrian Ox-Croatia<br />Amber Kraan<br />
  2. 2. Istrian Ox<br />The giant istrian ox is found in Croatia<br />The ox used to be used as a labour animal and also for it’s milk and meat. <br />Today, the oxen are not castrated and skipping this step doesn’t allow the ox to become it’s full muscular and giant size. <br />There is no market for the ox; and if any are sold it is very young oxen. Therefore, there is very little to no reproduction of the ox and there is no demand for it. <br />Before WW2 there were over 50, 000 oxen. Today only a mere 350 are alive.<br />
  3. 3. Istrian Ox<br />The region of Tuscany, the region of Istria, the breeders&apos; association and the University of Zagabria’s Agricultural Department have been working along with the Agency for the Istrian Rural Development (AZRRI) to raise awareness of the critical state of the future of the istrian ox and to promote eating it. <br />The promoters of the ox are pushing people to realize the benefits of eating this oxen. Firstly, it will raise demand for the oxen and therefore the farmers will start to breed their oxen more instead of killing them off at a young age. Secondly, the meat is very flavourful, marbled, and healthy. They feel that if there is a demand for the oxen, that the species will be saved.<br />
  4. 4. Istrian Ox-Sources<br /><br /> (photo of the ox)<br />