Video Coaching with iChat Orientation


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  • Video Coaching with iChat Orientation

    1. 1. Recording video with Flip
    2. 2. Flip Ultra HD Camcorder USB arm power on/off play delete record
    3. 3. About • Record up to 120 minutes of video • No tapes or memory cards required • Attaches to tripod, but not external audio
    4. 4. Charging your Flip • Provides full charge in 3.5 hours • Can also plug into computer
    5. 5. Record short video clip • Select a subject and turn on camera • Press red Record button to start • Record video for 30 seconds • Press red Record button to end • Press play to review lm
    6. 6. Using your MacBook
    7. 7. Power • Press power button to turn laptop on
    8. 8. Desktop iChat window Finder Safari iChat iPhoto Video Movies (Internet) Conversion Folder
    9. 9. Connect to the network • Select from the list of available networks • Enter password OR • Open Safari
    10. 10. Access the Internet • Safari is the default Internet browser for Macs • Click the Safari icon located in the dock
    11. 11. Adjusting volume mute increase decrease
    12. 12. Turn computer off • Press the same power button used to turn the computer on • Click Shut Down to turn the computer completely off
    13. 13. Downloading video with iPhoto
    14. 14. Plug the Flip into your laptop • e camera will automatically turn on • You can also charge the camera this way
    15. 15. iPhoto • iPhoto will start up automatically • If not, double-click the icon
    16. 16. Select your video clip • Click the video clip you would like to import • Click Import Selected to begin the import process • Click Import All to import any video currently on the Flip camera
    17. 17. Delete video • Once the video clips are imported, iPhoto will offer to delete the video from your Flip • is is your choice, but we recommend deleting them to clear up space on the camera
    18. 18. Removing Flip from your MacBook • Locate the FlipVideo icon in the iPhoto window • Click the eject button • Once this icon disappears, it is now safe to remove the Flip USB arm from the MacBook
    19. 19. Compressing Video
    20. 20. Prepare Video for iChat • Drag (click and hold) your video from the iPhoto window to the video compressor • e robot will jump once and start working • Compression time will last as long as the video length (example: A 20 minute video will take 20 minutes to compress)
    21. 21. Video will save to the Movies folder • e Movies folder will automatically open when video is nished compressing • is is the new home of your compressed video • Click the red, exit button to close the window
    22. 22. Video Conferencing in iChat
    23. 23. Open iChat • Click the iChat icon located in the dock
    24. 24. Set your status to Available • is allows others to reach you • Click the arrow beneath your name • Select an option • Green = available • Red = not available
    25. 25. Select a friend • You can only chat with people who are currently available • Select a friend by clicking on a name • Click the green Video Chat button located to the right
    26. 26. Smile! • Green light = camera is turned on • A message is being sent to the recipient at this time
    27. 27. What your friend sees • Your friend will need to accept your invitation to begin
    28. 28. Start talking! • Use the built-in camera and microphone to communicate
    29. 29. Sharing compressed video clips in iChat
    30. 30. Share a File • A video conference must currently be in session • Select Share a File with iChat eater from the File menu
    31. 31. Find your video clip • Clip will be located in the Movies folder
    32. 32. Begin watching video • Use the built-in camera and microphone to communicate while the video is being played • Your friend can view you and the video • e initiator of the conversation controls the video
    33. 33. When you are nished • Your screen will return to the normal chat window. • e camera will stay on and conversation can continue
    34. 34. End the conversation • Click the red button at the top left of the chat window to end all the conversation • Your camera isn’t off until the green light turns off
    35. 35. Troubleshooting with the Connection Doctor
    36. 36. Open iChat • Select Connection Doctor from the Video menu
    37. 37. Capabilities • It will start automatically • Audio and video capabilities will be summarized • Good information to have before seeking assistance
    38. 38. Additional Support • Email: • Web: