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Mobile Media Strategy

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St Presentation

  1. 1. Connecting Business toPeople
  2. 2. CHALLENGESMore insight into the emerging mobile market is needed in order to exploit the full potential of mobile marketing opportunities.Concerns regarding the level of integration of the mobile marketing and commerceAction within the concept as well as the critical success factors
  3. 3. SOLUTIONIntegrated Mobile Marketing Channel(IMMC) is a ‘concept of marketing communication that recognizes the added value of using a comprehensive plan to evaluate the strategic roles of a variety of communications disciplines.’Communicators with an IMMC approach will consider all forms of communication, all message delivery channels, customers and prospects, and all brand contact points, while planning and implement marketing communications strategies.
  4. 4. BUSINESS MODELDeveloping a mobile strategy in promoting your companies brandA personalized mobile solution for your company and its budgetInvesting 15% of your marketing budget into a mobile campaignMobile campaign can be accessed and analysed via the reports platformReal time feedback creates a live active database that can be built for future marketing campaignsROI can be accurately measured
  5. 5. UNDERLYING MAGICPersonalization- The mobile is a truly personal device, allowing you to personalise marketing messages.Accessibility- This enables consumers to gain instant access to the content they want and provides you with instant responses to your calls to action.New channels to market - Increase the options you have to promote your brand. Banner advertising and click -though campaigns.Increase addressable market- The use of mobile payments allows you to address this market simply and cost effectively generating incremental revenues.Create revenue streams- Launch new services on mobile that generate revenue. Use mobile payments to generate new revenue.
  6. 6. MOBILE MEDIAMobisite is a specifically designed platform for all makes of mobile phones and compressed enough that can be accessing consistently and easily viewed. A mobisite contains 5 pages which contains information about your company, the product and services offered and a contact details. A mobisite is a valuable marketing and branding tool in today’s business world and is easy to access.Mobile Web is a mobile site that be accessed easily and quickly from your mobile cell phone on any handset on screen size. It contains unlimited amounted pages, a landing page, links to all your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn fan pages, Registration page , Refer a friend link, Sport, News and financial feeds appear on top of the screen.
  7. 7. MOBILE APPLICATIONS Mobile Vouchers Solutions includes increased revenues, improved brand loyalty and instant, measurable direct -to-customer marketing. Campaigns can be tailored to specific customer groups and voucher redemption can be tracked in real time. Mobile Ticketing Solutions allows customers to purchase tickets directly from their mobile phone and save you the resources of having to print and post tickets. Mobile Loyalty Solutions allows to identify, register, reward and engage your customers. The objective of the platform is to acquire, track & engage your customers. Identify your BEST customers and provide them benefits to keep them glued to your brand. Mobile Commerce talks directly with their bank and returns an authorization code back, meaning your customers have a quick, easy and discreet method of paying for your products without the need for costly human resource intervention, dramatically reducing your live agent costs.
  8. 8. MOBILE MARKETING Mobile Marketer is a concept where your business can launch is services with a personalised touch to it. Also a great method in the launching of new products, conduct a competition or better still promote your own products. Mobile Marketer allows you to derive an income from the line. Mobile Billing is an interactive, colourful, animated MMS that is sent to your clients, which contains the outstanding balance, his monthly charge, allowing the client to pay for his account and specials/ launches you will be offering in the next month. Mobile Ads is a unique and innovative concept that assists in the promoting of products and services to your clients via MMS directly to their Mobile Cell phones; it’s like watching an advert or a movie on your mobile cell phone. IVR lines are a dedicated income generated number with a scripted message to inform your clients of products and services your company offers and then directs them directly to your email, number of any other dedicated number while at the same time obtaining revenue at the cost of the call.
  9. 9. MOBILE STRATEGYImperative to consider not only the specific set of activities that a firm undertakes to perform a mobile marketing campaignHow the firm employs a combination of communication tools and integrates its many communication channels to deliver a clear, consistent and compelling message about the company and its products.Where are the customers?What shall they feel?What our message to them?What do you want the customer to do?
  10. 10. MOBILE CAMPAIGN PLANNINGBackground informationBudget and schedulingContent/Creativity/ProductionOperator ConnectionsWho will coordinate the overall media implementation?Do you have a customer op-in database?What will be measured?
  11. 11. OBJECTIVESSaving on Advertising costsPersonalised Brand campaignsValuable data through real-time report systemBigger target audienceNew marketsIncrease in revenueMarketing and Commerce applications
  12. 12. PROJECTIONS600% more visits to your site( 30m mobile web vs. 4m internet users)Voucher application allows easily redeemable and effective method to increase salesIntegrated commerce solutions provided a reliable payment platform – virtual or physicalBuilding a community via the Register link resulting more clients, transactions, sales and referralsVirtual Sales Manager allows you to measure accurately the growth of customers ,sales, visits and transactions.
  13. 13. Percentage of mobile web users who infrequently use desktopWeb - On Device ResearchRank Country Percentage1 Egypt 70%2 India 59%3 South Africa 57%4 Ghana 55%5 Kenya 54%6 Nigeria 50%7 Indonesia 44%8 Thailand 32%9 China 30%10 US 25%
  14. 14. TEAMLeaders in Mobile servicesPioneers of Mobile Marketing and Commerce channelsExperienced developersHosting of all Mobile solutionsAgreements with all Mobile Network operatorsReserve Bank approved
  15. 15. CONTACT USTelephone: 082 875 7272 E-mail address: Website: