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Sales Letter Sample Pet Industry


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This sales letter was requested by a client selling a health report about dogs. They wanted a letter which would connect with the reader on an emotional level.

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Sales Letter Sample Pet Industry

  1. 1. Right Now, Your Bulldog Could Be Developing Potentially Deadly and Costly Health Problems But You Can Learn How To Protect And Lengthen The Life of your Companion With This Information-Packed Guide! Does your bulldog have multiple health problems that no vet can seem to figure out? Are you feeling helpless watching your bulldog suffer from skin problems, vomiting, respiratory and eye disease every time another temporary cure fails them? Do you constantly worry about losing your bulldog to a disease or medical condition that could have been easily prevented? Don’t you wish you could give your bulldog a happy, healthy and long life? It’s true – bulldogs are amazing and wonderful creatures. I know they are, because I own one. Actually, when you look at a bulldog, you realize that they’re genetic wonders as well. Thanks to generations of specialized breeding, their large heads, flat noses, broad shoulders and small hips make them one of the most unique-looking dogs in existence. Unfortunately, all that specialized breeding has also resulted in a host of health problems being bred right into these lovable creatures. And many of these health problems can be deadly to your bulldog if they are not treated properly or early enough. As we all know, bulldogs don’t come with any health guarantees! In fact, because they are a very stoic breed that doesn’t yelp in pain, it makes it that much more difficult to know if they are suffering. The bottom line is that your bulldog could be suffering from one or more health problems this very minute, and you may not even realize it. Introducing the Ultimate Bulldog Health Report Since you first laid eyes on it, you thought your bulldog was the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. And now that they’re a part of your heart and your family, you want to give them the most protection and the best care that you can. The Ultimate Bulldog Health Report was designed for bulldog lovers just like you who want answers to their bulldog’s health problems and the ability to prevent and cure them, without the cost of numerous vet visits. If you’ve ever looked at your precious bulldog and wondered: - Why does my bulldog have so many skin problems? - What are all those wheezing and snoring sounds about? - Why does my bulldog keep getting sick? - Why does my bulldog smell bad? - Why does my bulldog keep vomiting, and how can I stop it? Then the Ultimate Bulldog Health Report was written for you!
  2. 2. Click Here To Order The Ultimate Bulldog Health Report Thank you so much for your well-researched and well-written handbook dedicated to the healthy bulldog. As a bulldog lover, I was aware of the various quirks in the bulldog constitution but it is disheartening when everyone from the vet to random individuals in the street tell you how troublesome bulldog healthcare is. I really appreciate being able to embark on a health and nutritional plan based on the information in your book, to keep my pup healthy and happy. All of the extras from the doggie recipes to online resources are a terrific bonus! Best, Aileen Ward - and Pippa thanks you too!" The Truth About Bulldogs In A Format That’s Easy-To-Understand If you’ve taken your bulldog to the vet and been told about conditions like luxating patella, hypoplastic trachea or demodectic mange, you probably returned home more dazed and confused by your dog’s condition than ever! The Ultimate Bulldog Health Report not only explains common bulldog conditions in plain English, but it reveals the truth about how you can treat your bulldog’s non-life threatening conditions at home, easily and cost-effectively! You’ll also discover how to spot early symptoms of potentially deadly medical conditions in your dog and what treatments are available for them. Whether you already own a bulldog or are looking at getting one, the Ultimate Bulldog Health Report contains information that you owe it to yourself and your dog to know: The conditions that could be threatening your bulldog’s life right now, and how to recognize them
  3. 3. Proven tips on how to keep your bulldog healthy and happy How to care for your bulldog easily and cost-effectively Your bulldog’s breathing – how bad it really is The most deadly bulldog conditions The history of the bulldog breed What to feed your bulldog for maximum health When you should wait and worry and when it’s time to call the vet Why too much fun with your bulldog can actually be detrimental to their health The number one way to keep your bulldog healthy The well-organized and easy-to-read topics contained in the Ultimate Bulldog Health Report can save you literally hundreds of dollars on your next trip to the vet! Plus, you’ll learn all about bulldog conditions that require immediate emergency attention. Imagine how you could positively impact your bulldog’s life, simply by knowing: How the stomach of a bulldog really works The most common eye problems affecting bulldogs, illustrated for easy diagnosis The number one killer of bulldogs (it isn’t what you think it is!) The truth about heat stroke in bulldogs Your bulldog’s wrinkles, and the awful condition that can occur between them The orthopedic problems you can expect with your bulldog How to treat skin rashes and allergies in your bulldog, with and without a vet Learn The Secrets To Optimal Bulldog Health – Order Now! "Before anyone owns a bully it should be the law they have to read your book!" --Jenn Kevzgal Why I Wrote The Ultimate Bulldog Health Report
  4. 4. I wrote the Ultimate Bulldog Health Report because I was shocked by the lack of quality bulldog health information out there, even at the breeder level. I mean, let’s face it – a bulldog breeder has a much slimmer chance of making a sale if they list all of the potential problems your future pet can develop! I didn’t realize just how little bulldog information was available until I got Vivy at 8 weeks old. I fell in love with her at first sight. But she developed breathing problems that really had me worried. So I took her to the vet and imagine my shock when I was advised to euthanize her! Of course, I refused. It was then that I started my search for top quality information and vet care. What I learned was that, although bulldogs come with a host of potential health problems, many of them are preventable or at least controllable when you are properly informed about them. Although Vivy lived to be 12 years old (which is much longer than most bulldogs, many of whom die in their first five years), there were times I didn’t think she would make it past two. I learned the hard, expensive way, losing sleep and spending more than $5000 in vet bills in those first two years alone! I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I did. Your bulldog deserves good health, and you deserve to spend each day enjoying your dog instead of dealing with constant worry. That’s why I wrote the Ultimate Bulldog Health Report – to save owners and would-be owners the anxiety, stress and heartache of not knowing what their bulldog is going through. "What I love about "The Healthy Bulldog" is that the focus is strictly on our little (!) companions - and not broad-based information across all dog families that simply does not apply to our dogs. I have learned more about how to care for the ears, tail, and tummy of my bulldog, Pumpkin, in the few days I have had this book than I have learned in the 4 years she has owned me!" --Sherry B. So What Makes The Ultimate Bulldog Health Report Different From Every Other Guide Out There? Well, first of all, the Ultimate Bulldog Health Report is not a book about general dog health for all dog breeds – the Ultimate Bulldog Health Report focuses on the health conditions of English Bulldogs only, which are unique to the breed and
  5. 5. require special care. If you are already familiar with the many potential problems associated with bulldogs, please do not purchase the Ultimate Bulldog Health Report. Similarly, if you are looking for general information about bulldogs including training, grooming and dental care, the Ultimate Bulldog Health Report is not for you. If you’re considering breeding English bulldogs, you won’t find any information about breeding in the Ultimate Bulldog Health Report. Breeding English bulldogs is a very risky procedure that is best left to the experts. So what will you get with the Ultimate Bulldog Health Report? Well, as you know, it was written by me, a bulldog owner who experienced her pet’s problems first-hand and spared no expense in treating them. I spent years learning how to treat my bulldog, and I succeeded in making my bulldog a healthy and happy pet who surpassed her breed’s life expectancy by 50%. I wrote the Ultimate Bulldog Health Report to teach others how to do the same. "I absolutely loved the book. It provided me with such helpful information that was so useful for my bulldog puppy Lucy. Bulldogs are extremely precious and special animals and do require a lot of attention because they are so prone to many health problems, needless to say it can get pretty expensive. The book provided some great alternatives that we can do right at home without the use of a vet that will keep our bulldog happy and healthy. Thank you so much, it was exactly the resource I was looking for." --Marissa M. But Aren’t Regular Vets Trained to Look At A Bulldog’s Complete Health Picture? Surprisingly, no! Many vets cannot see the relationship between bulldog-specific symptoms and the breed itself. In fact, I found myself educating the vets about bulldog conditions and how to cure them! That’s not to say that I know more than a vet – but I do recognize and appreciate the fact that bulldogs are a breed
  6. 6. apart that require specialized and breed-specific care. It’s true, keeping Vivy healthy and happy was a long, rocky and emotional road. But because I educated myself about her breed and its potential problems, I ultimately got to enjoy many more years with her than the majority of bulldog owners do. Why should you miss out on those special moments with your bulldog? Order the Ultimate Bulldog Health Report today! Here’s a Sneak Peek of What You’ll Get With The Ultimate Bulldog Health Report The Ultimate Bulldog Health Report includes information on 7 medical conditions that are specific to English Bulldogs only. NEW: The Ultimate Bulldog Health Report is now available in a 1hour and 30 minute audio version! Plus, when you order you’ll receive email support for any questions or concerns you might have about any information contained in the guide. Once you’ve ordered, you’ll receive regular updates via email with the latest bulldog information and the most current amendments to the guide. The Ultimate Bulldog Health Report also comes with a 200 page bonus book which details the entire history of the English Bulldog breed. The bonus book is loaded with illustrations of early bulldogs and their bull-baiting history, along with how they were saved from extinction and became the dogs we now love. In addition, you’ll receive a bonus video which shows step by step how to clean your bulldog’s wrinkles, including nose and tail folds without causing any pain to your bulldog whatsoever! I purchased your book back in January and I Love it. I have 2 bullies and the wrinkles always seemed to have an odor, by reading your book and watching the video on how to clean their wrinkles they tolerate it better and they tend to stay odor free longer (if that is possible). I also e-mailed you a couple of times with some issues and just wanted to let you now you were right both times.
  7. 7. Thank you for all your knowledge on the breed and the funny little extra's you send out I really enjoy them. thanks, Sue Cain Hyattsville, Md Why Wait? Learn All About Your Bulldog Now By Ordering The Ultimate Bulldog Health Report! The Ultimate Bulldog Health Report is endorsed by Vivyland, one of the internet’s most visited English Bulldog sites. The guide and its bonus information are backed by a full and complete 100% guarantee. I am so confident that you and especially your bulldog will benefit from the information you’ll receive, you can keep the Ultimate Bulldog Health Report for up to 90 days before requesting a refund from me. Where else can you get bulldog-specific information like you’ll find in the Ultimate Bulldog Health Report with the same money-back guarantee? Here Are The 9 Incredible Bonuses You’ll Enjoy When You Order the Ultimate Bulldog Health Report Bonus #1: The Bulldog: a Monograph Value: $39 This is a bulldog classic! Extremely rare and highly coveted, The Bulldog: a Monograph, by Edgar Farman was originally published in 1903. It contains over 200 pages of information about the bulldog breed, its history, its characteristics and tons of illustrations. Copies of this rare book can fetch as much as $400, but I’ve managed to secure a digital copy to include here as a special bonus. Click here to read a short excerpt about the history of the English Bulldog breed. Bonus #2: Reference List Value: $25 This time-saving reference includes an exhaustive list of web sites which offer bulldog information of every kind, including merchandise, bulldog groups, additional health resources and much more! Bonus #3: Wrinkle Cleaning Video Value: $19.99
  8. 8. Does your bulldog have an awful, sour smell that’s almost unbearable? Then you’ll love this bonus video! I have developed an easy method for keeping nose folds, runny eyes, wrinkles, and tail pockets clean and fresh. It includes a step by step printable Wrinkle Cleaning guide which lists inexpensive, safe, and effective proven cleaning supplies. Plus, you’ll discover my secret weapon for eliminating tear stains! Bonus #4: What's in Your Pet Food Value: $4.99 This free bonus article will reveal what’s really going on in the pet food industry. Learn about what you’re feeding your pets – this article will really open your eyes! Bonus #5: Free Email Support Value: $97 When you order the Ultimate Bulldog Health Report, you’ll receive my undivided attention via email. Whether you need additional bulldog health information, want to check out a pet food or want to buy the best toy for your bulldog, I’ll find what you’re looking for! Bonus #6: Pet Medical Recorder Software Value: $19.95 The Pet Medical Recording Software makes it incredibly easy for you to keep track of all your bulldog’s pertinent medical information, including vet visits, immunizations, prescribed medications and much more. Sorry, this program is currently available only to Windows users. Bonus #7: 3 Must-Read Articles – Just Released! Value: $30 Article #1) Alternative bulldog diets, including the raw diet and alternatives to commercial pet food Article #2) Bulldogs and Allergies, a refreshing look at an age-old topic Article #3) How to Prevent Your Bulldog from Being Stolen, chock-full of practical advice that will help you keep your bulldog where it belongs – with you! Bonus #8: Lifetime Updates & Email Series Value: Priceless! You’ll receive lifetime updates to the Ultimate Bulldog Health Report, along with lifetime bulldog health tips for no extra charge!
  9. 9. Bonus #9: NEW! Access to Comprehensive Dog Food Site Value: Priceless! This dog food site contains the latest information about pet food recalls as well as the best foods for your bulldog, what supplements to add to commercial diets, foods for conditions like arthritis, ear infections and kidney problems, and more. Plus, you can learn about raw diets, how to make bulldog food at home, dog food mixes and much, much more! I am so pleased to have discovered you. i have only had a copy of the healthy bulldog for a few weeks and you have already saved me a trip to the vets. In the UK, bulldogs are less popular than in the states, so your average vet seems to know little about them, which causes the owner worry and often expense. I have e-mailed you twice already and you have replied so quickly with knowledgeable suggestions, I have been amazed, but then again, what more could I expect from a bulldog lover. Marie-Chloe Rowlands England Your Bulldog Is A Wonderful and Magnificent Creature And he or she can be one of the happiest and healthiest animals around when you know about and can treat their special needs! You can benefit from my experiences with Vivy, and avoid all the mistakes I made by ordering The Ultimate Bulldog Health Report today. There are two convenient ways to order: Instant Download The Ultimate Bulldog Health Report and all 9 bonus materials
  10. 10. downloaded to your computer’s desktop 1. .PDF version of The Ultimate Bulldog Health Report to Common English Bulldog Health Problems 2. The Audio version, which you can download to your computer, iPod or othe rmp3 player 3. all 9 Bonus Materials listed above valued at over $200 instantly downloadable to your computer Instant Download price $37.95 $29.97 Click here to order The Printed Guide and CD, delivered to your door via regular mail The Ultimate Bulldog Health Report to Common English Bulldog Health Problems - printed version 1. All 9 Bonus Materials listed above - valued at over $200, including the audio files and The Bulldog: a Monograph, plus all other bonus material 2. All materials including book and bonuses available as online download so you can read while you wait for your guide to arrive! 3. Email support - all your questions answered 4. Updates by special download page with notification via email Printed book price $47.97 $39.95 Click here to order we now offer PayPal and eCheck payments
  11. 11. order *anytime* of day or night **MY GUARANTEE** I feel very strongly that this guide will help you with your bulldog's health and happiness, and serve as a useful guide for years to come. Because of my conviction, I am willing to offer you an unconditional money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with my book, you will receive 100% of your money back! and you can keep the Guide and all bonus materials no questions asked, complete refund! Your Fellow Bulldog Lover, Jane Doe P.S. Why not save yourself a lot of heartache, or maybe your bulldog’s life? Get all the information you’ll ever need about your bulldog from one convenient location. Plus, receive over $200 in bonus material, just for ordering today! P.P.S. Don't forget my 100% unconditional guarantee. If you do not find this information a helpful and valuable guide to bulldog health, just send me an email and ask for a refund. I will refund your purchase price immediately, and the ebook and audios are yours to keep. For a refund on the printed book, simply mail it back to me for a full refund. Try it out, You could easily spend FIVE TIMES the cost of this guide on just one vet visit!
  12. 12. Not Ready to Buy? Sign Up for My eMail Series Whether you own an English Bulldog or plan to get a bulldog, you will find valuable information jam-packed into this free Bulldog Health Mini-Course. You will receive: • Information about symptoms of common English Bulldog health problems • Information on your bulldog's complex allergy problems • A peek into The Ultimate Bulldog Health Report’s chapters on eyes, skin, orthopedics, stomach and more • A special look at the bonus book "The Bulldog: A Monograph" • and much, much more . . . Simply complete the form and click on the "Submit” button Name: Email: Yes, send it to me!