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Wegmans Food Markets (Operations Management)


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Presentation on "Wegmans Food markets" by Shabbir Akhtar (PGPM 10, Globsyn Business School - Global Campus) for the subject "Operations Management"

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Wegmans Food Markets (Operations Management)

  1. 1. Presented by – Shabbir Akhtar(PGPM 10, Globsyn Business School – Global Campus)
  2. 2. Wegmans Food Markets• Started in 1916 by Walter and John Wegman• In 1930s they expanded their product line• Adopted a self-service format in 1940s• Consumer Affairs department started in 1970s• "Shoppers Club" electronic discount program introduced in 1990s Wegmans Food Bar started in 2010• The iPhone app and blog were launched in April 2010
  3. 3. The Case Study• How do customers judge • Factors important to the the quality of a successful operation of a supermarket? supermarket:  Customer satisfaction  Location  Inventory management  Store layout  Scheduling  Forecasting  Capacity planning
  4. 4. Quality Of Supermarket• Competence• Tangible• Reliability• Responsiveness• Assurance• Empathy
  5. 5. Customer Satisfaction• Customer is the king and he should not only be satisfied but delighted• Profitability is a function of customer satisfaction• Customer satisfaction leads to word of mouth marketing
  6. 6. Location• Proximity to customers• Level of competition• Revenue earned• Demographic factors• Community attitude• Expansion potential• Quality of life live map
  7. 7. Inventory Management• Carry optimum level of inventory• Minimize inventory holding cost• Avoid stock out• Plan sales operation well Produce Section at Rochester, New York Wegmans
  8. 8. Store Layout• Process Layout – Loop Layouts – Spine Layouts• Front Office and Back Office• Allocation of displays and check out Cherry Hill Wegmans procedures
  9. 9. Scheduling• HR scheduling• Transport scheduling• Inventory scheduling
  10. 10. Forecasting• Plan finances well• Plan the merchandise availability• Maintain optimum inventory levels• Forecast with respect to festivals, weather “Due to significant increase in demand for Wegmans Brand conditions and changing cereals, our manufacturing partner ison some Wegmans Brand You may see inconsistent availability working hard to keep up. cereals. We apologize for the inconvenience.” taste and preferences
  11. 11. Capacity Planning• Know how much stock can be maintained• Plan the floor area depending upon the customer’s demand for different products• Maintain comfortable ratio of sales staff per customer
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