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Advertising of Services in India (Marketing Management)


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[ detailed report at: ] Presentation on "Advertising of Services in India" by Shabbir Akhtar (PGPM 10, Globsyn Business School - Global Campus) for the subject "Marketing Management"

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Advertising of Services in India (Marketing Management)

  1. 1. Advertising Services
  2. 2. What is a Services?• Defining service• Characteristics of a serviceAdvertising Services
  3. 3. Difference Between Services and ProductsMajor differences because of the characteristics:Advertising Services
  4. 4. Promotion of Services• Advertising• Public relations• Sales promotion• Personal selling• Direct Mail• Internet Marketing• SponsorshipAdvertising Services
  5. 5. Advertising of Services• Travel - Tourism Services• Banking - Financial - Insurance Services• Online Services• Entertainment Services• Telecom Services• Confections – Snacks – Foods ServicesAdvertising Services
  6. 6. Travel - Tourism Services• Company/Brand: Indigo Airlines• Campaign: Runway Musical• Analyzing using 5 MsAdvertising Services
  7. 7. Banking - Financial Services• Company/Brand: Birla Sun Life Insurance• Campaign: Jab balla nehi chalega toh• Analyzing using 5 MsAdvertising Services
  8. 8. Entertainment Services• Company/Brand: Tata Sky• Campaign: Video-on-Demand (Rishi)• Analyzing using 5 MsAdvertising Services
  9. 9. Telecom Services• Company/Brand: Airtel• Campaign: Har Friend Zaroori Hai, Yaar• Analyzing using 5 MsAdvertising Services
  10. 10. Online Services• Company/Brand: Flipkart• Campaign: No kidding. No worries. (cafe)• Analyzing using 5 MsAdvertising Services
  11. 11. Snacks – Foods Services• Company/Brand: Domino’s• Campaign: Khushiyon Ki Home Delivery• Analyzing using 5 MsAdvertising Services
  12. 12. Suggestions for the Industry• Use of humor in advertising services as frequentlyas they are used in case of goods• Intangibility can contribute to value rather thandetract from it and it is an advertiser’s special talentto communicate intangibilityAdvertising Services
  13. 13. Advertising Services