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Top 23 Exercise To Burn Fat And To Lose Weight


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To get rid of the extra fat in your body which sometimes gives rise to many health issues like obesi...

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Top 23 Exercise To Burn Fat And To Lose Weight

  1. 1. Top 23 Exercise To Burn Fat And To Lose Weight To get rid of the extra fat in your body which sometimes gives rise to many health issues like obesity most people turn to diets, medications or other supplements; however the best way to burn fat and to get the desired body shape is the proper exercise. Dieting alone may result in some fat loss; it will also result in muscle loss. But with regular exercise you burn the extra calories at the same time you build lean muscle, which helps in quick burning of the fat. You first burn all excess calories so that your body will know the need to initiate burning your fat deposits for extra energy. You can imagine shedding those extra pounds if you pursue a fat-burning exercise routine. You will have to do it in regular basis as your body does not immediately start to burn fat when you exercise. Although there are so many exercise to burn fat but people often gets confused as which exercise is going to show them the best result and that too in less time. Since modern exercise science proves that all exercise is not formed equal thus depending upon the goals and body type different workouts shows different effect in different people. As result a question always remains in the mind of many, ?Which are the exercises that will help out them to burn fat and lose weight?? and the very basic answer back is any work out that acquires your heart rate into your aimed heart range is the best fat burning exercise. As the movements that get your heart tempo into your intended heart range will automatically boost your metabolism and that?s what burns fat. Thus if you want to lose weight, you are required to exercise hard enough to increase your pulse rate as much as necessary to burn fat more efficiently.
  2. 2. Thus by doing exercises just for twenty minutes you will get those fat burning enzymes working and can easily burn fat. To burn fat successfully, exercise at a temperate speed for a longer period of time. Fat burning exercises are the aerobic, slow, time consuming kind of exercise that engages most of the important muscle sets. Your body will burn up a higher proportion of calories from fat with lower intensity cardio exercises. You must push yourself into the fat burning zone by elevating your heart rate substantially. Dedication is one of the prime keys to discover the best exercise to burn fat. Here is a top 20 fat burning exercise that are both intense and effective. Dead lift: The dead Heart Rate Monitor Reviews lift works as a booster for all programs aiming to cut body fat. The?dead lift?is a?weight training?exercise?in which a weighed down?barbell?is lifted off the floor to the hips, and then lowered back to the floor.?It is an excellent composite exercise that targets the hamstrings, quads, gluteus muscles, traps, lower back, and forearm. The total amount of muscle being draw on during this exercise makes you burn vast amounts of calories during and after the workout. Pilates Leg Pulls: Pilates is one of the best exercises not only to fight body fat but also belly flab and poor posture. It also helps in toning, strengthening and tightening the core and also improves the lymph flow to the body. Besides all that, Pilates is a stress reducing type of movement, which reduces the stress hormone cortisol that can lead to weight gain. When performed from a complete push-up position, this calls greatly upon the core muscles. The leg lifts are brilliant for thigh and gluteus toning; this move gives a lift to the butt lift because of the way the hamstrings and glutens are integrated. Since the large muscle groups are involved in this exercise you burn a high number of calories while you are toning. Russian twist: The Russian Twist is an outstanding workout that targets the oblique?s, abdominal and lower lumbar. To do this exercise what you need is sit on your butt, bend your knees and keep your heels resting on the ground. At an angle of 45?degrees from the ground leans back your torso so that your ab muscles become contracted and keep your spine straight. Then hold the dumbbell with both your hands and lift your feet from the ground. Then Twist your torso to the left and touch the ground, repeat the same thing on the opposite side i.e. twist back to the right and touch the
  3. 3. ground on the right. Doing it repeated will help you burns fat of the lower body. Because of the nature of the action, it is an excellent strength training tool. Burpee: The Burpee is a great total body exercise that particularly tones your upper body, core and legs all at once. In this exercise the fat is burnt quickly with the speed extra jumping motion. Since this exercise involves multiple muscle groups, it helps in burning more calories in less time. For this exercise you need stand straight then squat down low, with your hands palm down on the ground just outside of your feet. Then get back to the push up position. Rapidly jump your feet back under your body, then jump straight up tumbling back down into the low squat once you touch the ground. With high repetitions in quick succession, you will get a noticeable result. Push- ups: A Push Up is a fundamental bodyweight exercise that has been vital to increasing body strength and tone the body for centuries. It is a full body exercise that focuses mainly on lower back muscles, abdominal muscles and the hip flexors, and calf muscles of the lower body. Although it seems simple but it is highly useful muscle training tool. However in this exercise you only pull yourself up against gravity, Because of the number of muscles concerned and their movements involved this exercise is a power house for burning calories. Squat: The squat is much like the dead lift. It requires quite a bit of muscle launch to perform the movement. Very much like the dead lift, your hamstrings, quads and gluten all produce the movement and back stabilize the weight. The squat make active lots of muscle mass which results in burning the body fat quickly. This is one great workout because it burns a large amount of calories and endows unmatched lower body toning results, and all this can be achieved without any equipment. The Squat Press: This is one of the favorite fat burning exercises of many as doing this exercise on a regular basis will? leave you feel great and look fabulous. This exercise is beneficial for both your shoulders and bottom. For doing this exercise all you need to do is stand on your feet with shoulder- width apart than hold a 6 kg dumbbells at each side of your face. Then bend down as squat as you can go, then push up extending your arms towards the upper limit. Then lower yourself back to the initial position. However make sure that throughout the exercise your feet stay flat and avoid tipping forward. Side Plank: This abs exercise is more challenging as well as faster fat burner than a traditional plank because in this exercise the entire body weight is supported by two points of contact instead of four which results in more calorie burn. For doing so lie on one side with your elbow directly below your shoulder and legs piled. Then place your hand on your alternative shoulder or on your hip. Then support your abs and lift your hips off the ground such that your forearm and feet forms a diagonal line. Stay in this position for 30 to 45 seconds, after that switch sides and repeat. Plank and Push: The plank and push-up is the simplest as well as the most effective exercises for burning the extra fat and get into the best shape. These simple body-weight exercises work the arms and your lower stomach muscles; promote core control, stamina and flexibility. This exercise is start by resting the forearms on a stability ball with the legs extended and hips, shoulders and ankles all in a straight line. And keep your back straight at all times, at the same time keep your body flat and stomach muscles tight throughout this exercise. Then Start to push the ball forward and then slowly go back to the initiate position. Jumping Squats: This is a plyometric exercise that concentrates mainly lower part of the body. This is a strengthen version of a conventional lower body move that boosts tone and builds force more rapidly. It is one beneficial exercise that helps in burning fat. Doing this exercise for a minute or two straight will vanish all your doubts about the effects of this exercise. And for that you will have to stand on your feet with your shoulder width apart, and then stick your butt out as if you are sitting in a chair, but make sure that your knees do not go past your toes. Then push up through your heels and jump straight up. As soon as you land immediately bring the lower back into a squatting position to complete one Jumping jack: Jumping jacks: Jumping Jacks are an easy cardio exercise that is in practice for a long
  4. 4. time. It is an excellent exercise to get your heart rate up quickly. It is a great total body workout that burns the fat of the entire body. All you have to do in this exercise is stand in your feet keeping your arms on your side. Then with raising your arms and spreading the feet, jump, land on the ground in such a way that the legs will reach around 2-3 feet apart and the arms will lie on the head. Then jump again and attain the initial position. Repeating this exercise for number of time burns great amount of calories. This exercise helps in getting rid of the fat and makes the person happy as well as it is so easy to do. Jumping Lunges: Lunges are amazing thigh toning work out. It is a plyometric exercise that burns a huge amount of calories. The energy required to jump up in between the move and lunges turns into an implausible calorie burner. The jumping lunge is also one of the finest exercises for butt muscles and can support in building balance. This leg strength training tool provides muscle toning benefits and a cardio workout simultaneously, making it an ideal addition to weight loss fitness programs. Crunches: Crunches are exercises that mainly required getting great abs and core. This is an abdominal exercise that targets the upper abs and the oblique muscles. The crunches are mostly a core working exercise and burns calorie as well due to the numbers of the muscles involves in this exercise. Although there are many types of crunches that are one according the requirements, however the basis crunch is done by lying flat on the back with the knees bend and hands behind the head. Then start movement by crunching down in your lower torso to feel the abdominal muscles. Then slowly lift the shoulders and upper back from the ground. As you rise, bend your waist over to the right so that the right armpit is in alliance with the right hip. After a small pause, set straight and turn over to the other side. H i g h K n e e C r u n c h e s : T h e H i g h K nee Crunch is a misleadingly tricky core exercise.? It is a great fat burner exercise as it incorporates the abs muscles. Raising the knee high is great for boosting strength in the mid-section of the body. The sit-up variation flattens and tones the abdominal muscles effectively and quickly making it a
  5. 5. perfect exercise for a core routine.?As a core-building exercise, high-knee crunches not only burns the extra fat it also promote the body posture, improve your balance and help with coordination, control and agility as well as prevent or reduce low-back pain. Jumping rope: Rope jumping is highly effective as well as an enjoyful exercise. It is definitely among the top exercises that help in shed extra weight by burning the extra fat. It is one exercise that helps you burn most calories with just doing it for 20 to 30 minutes. It has been proves in researches that an hour of this activity can help women to burn up to 750 calories while men can burn up to 850 calories. For its fast fat burning effects, it has been listed in the list of top 20 fat burning exercises. The best thing about this exercise is done without making too much arrangement and thus it is easily adopted by every person.
  6. 6. The Jack Knife Crunch: This crunch tone?s the abs and also strengthens the lower back, legs and gives the benefits of a quick cardio workout too. Fascinatingly the jack knife has the additional benefit of striking the lower abs a lot more than the other traditional sit-ups, making it an advantageous way of adding it to the core routine. The Jack Knife can be carried out on the floor with the arms above the head and legs extended. Then bend at the waist bringing both the arms and torso up at the same Heart Rate Monitor Reviews time, lifting and then lowering. Mountain climbers: Mountain Climber is also called as Rabbit Chasers. It is a bodyweight exercise that blow ups calories as well as provides overall body toning assistances. It is a great gluten workout. This exercise mainly strengthens arms, abs, quadriceps and hamstrings. This total body move is ideal for anyone looking to lose weight. Although Mountain Climbers feel like a punishment, but they are truly is one of the best fat burning moves out there that do not require a bit of equipment. Leg Flutters:? Exercise is one of the most essential tips on how to lose love handles quickly. Leg flutters are especially helpful exercise in reducing fat from your body. This exercise burns fat at the same time makes your stomach firm and build your back stronger. It works as explosive for the fat of the waist line. To correctly do leg flutters, rest down on your stomach, then lift your head up a bit, and keep your hands by the side bring your feet and knees up and then kick your legs in the backward and forward direction at an interval of ?30 seconds?at a stretch and then settle down. Leg lifts: One of the most accepted exercises to get rid of fat fast are leg lifts. To do this exercise lay on your back and stretch your feet straight. Then lift your leg one at a time at an angle of 90 degree with the floor such that it will form ?L?. Then repeat the same thing with another leg. Try repeating it 30 times per leg. Jogging: Among the best full body exercises is jogging. Jogging is also considered as one of the most effective exercise that shows really great results. Jogging has always been a booster of fat loss. With jogging alone you can use up 8 to 11 calories from the stored fat per minute depending on your speed. It actually increases the metabolism of the body which results in the loss of the excess fat at the same time providing the great stamina and fitness level. Cycling: It is a favorite fat burning exercise for many because it helps them to lose fat up to a great
  7. 7. extent and that too without much hassle. Many people also like it because they enjoy doing so. This is a cardiovascular activity and thus helps to burn fat and lose weight. It actually uses the body fat as a fuel and thus prevents the fat turning into a new fat. One can easily alter the intensity of cycling as the body regulates to the exercise. With only an hour of cycling you can burn 200 to 400 calories. It mainly helps to trim the fat of the region like the thigh and waist. Kickboxing: Kickboxing is a High-calorie-burning workout that helps you get rid of kilos of weight; tone up as well as burn fat quickly. Kickboxing works chief muscle groups of the body, making it an excellent fat burner exercise. This exercise mainly boosts the heart rate. It is consists of a series of fast-paced kicks and punches. As soon as one throws the kicks and punches, core muscles get toned, increasing the strength and flexibility. With this exercise you can burn about 350 to 450 calories per hour, which will help you lose about 1 pound ? of primarily body fat ? each week. Swimming: Since Water offers resistance, swimming becomes a great exercise to burn fat and shed those extra fats from the body. Swimming exercises numerous muscles in the upper and lower parts of the body which uses great numbers of calories resulting in the most of the fat burn to supply energy. With swimming for 30 minutes only you can shed about 400 calories. It not only helps to burn fat it also enhances heart and lung functions and builds stamina. Losing weight has become more a necessity than then wish because it also prevents lots of diseases and at the same time maintain a healthy lifestyle. These exercises all combine for a fantastic full body workout and aim your fat burning and that too in less time with great body toning effects. They also strengthen the body fitness levels. For most benefit, doing these exercises with regular intervals is a must. . Always remember to warm-up and do some stretches before exercising to prevent injury.