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Northern edge draft plan presentation r10 fr don


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Five Year Plan For the Trinity Vicariate: Northern Edge Group

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Northern edge draft plan presentation r10 fr don

  1. 1. (Draft) 10/28/2011 - Revision 10 Six Parishes. One Vision • Christ the King • Corpus Christi • Gesu • Presentation Our Lady of Victory • St. Peter Claver Catholic Community • St. Scholastica
  2. 2.  Archdiocese developing plan to address changing realities  Decline in priests  Reduced membership/Aging population  High parish debt levels  Excess facilities  Parish operating deficits Key objective for Archbishop is “the strengthening of the Church in the City of Detroit” Planning generally occurring at the Vicariate level Trinity Vicariate divided into 3 Planning Groups  The NORTHERN EDGE GROUP is Christ the King, Corpus Christi, Gesu, Presentation/Our Lady of Victory, St. Peter Claver and St. Scholastica
  3. 3. 70 people from our 16 Trinity Vicariateparishes have met 12 times since January. Our parish is part of six parishes forming a group called the Northern Edge Group.
  4. 4.  Vicariate Planning Meetings began in January  Each Parish has been represented by at least 4 active parishioners  First Draft of APC Responses sent to AOD/Archdiocesan Pastoral Council (APC) in June Archdioceseresponded with further questions and a more detailed format for plan submission  Northern Edge Planning Day held on October 8th  Draft plan, consistent with AOD requirements, is now ready for review by the Pastors and Parish Leadership  Plan due to AOD no later than November 18th
  5. 5. Since January, 2011, all sixteen vicariates in theArchdiocese of Detroit are involved in 5 year plansfor their parishes Called Together In Faith II. TheArchdiocese requires our plan to address thesePriorities 1. Evangelization & Catechesis 2. Christian Service & Outreach 3. Youth & Young Adults 4. Lay Leadership 5. Stewardship & Administration 6. Catholic School Education 7. Vocations Note: Worship was added as an 8th priority by the Northern Edge work group
  6. 6. 3 Main Topics to address the required FocusAreas: Organizational Structure: Covers pastoral leadership, lay leadership and formation Sustainability: Covers Finances, Facilities, Stewardship, Administration and Best Practices Inter-Parish Programming: Covers Evangelization & Catechesis, Christian Service & Outreach, Youth & Young Adults, Vocations, Catholic Schools & Education and Worship
  7. 7. Archdiocese assumes the following:  Number of priests for our group will be reduced with no new priests added  Lay Leadership roles will increase, but only within the bounds of Canon Law.  In most parishes, membership is in decline or aging.How will we face this situation?
  8. 8. After prayerful consideration and discussion,the Northern Edge Group decided that furtherreduction of Catholic presence in ourneighborhoods is not in the best interest of“strengthening the Church in the City ofDetroit”By “presence”, we mean outreach andworship  Worship without outreach fails to give witness to Christ  Outreach without worship fails to identify us as Catholic
  9. 9. We believe it is essential to keep a presencein local neighborhood communities.Therefore we will:  Create a structure of shared ministry among all six existing urban parishes in the Northern Edge.  Collaborative professional leadership (lay and ordained)  Facilitate substantial ministerial formation to create cohesiveness.
  10. 10.  Pastors and administrators will coordinate the pastoral and sacramental responsibilities among the parishes Diocesan priests and religious order priests in the six parishes will develop a unique relationship to serve their parishes and orders. Will form a Northern Edge Pastoral Council (NEPC) Must get AOD approval for this unique structure
  11. 11. Archdiocese assumes the following:  Two parishes have large outstanding debt  One parish has no debt, but low attendance  Due to decrease in membership and the economy, offertory donations alone are insufficient to maintain facilities
  12. 12. What we know: Corpus Christi will pay its debt in-full after the sale of property at the IHM Center St. Peter Claver’s debt (inherited from St. Francis de Sales) is not expected to be paid back and should not be a factor in this analysis. Also, St. Peter Claver has no record of compensation from the sale of two schools by the AOD. A letter regarding these issues has been sent to the AOD Chancellor. We have many creative ideas to help sustain our parishes while we seek ways to increase membership
  13. 13. Creative Ideas:  Consolidate back-office activities like accounting, purchasing, and contracted services.  Share best practices like Gesu’s Green Plan that lowers water treatment costs  Utilize existing programs like DTE Energy and WARM Training Center to perform energy analysis and facility updates.  Use Schools of Architecture and Engineering to develop plans to retro-fit and update facilities
  14. 14. Sharing Responsibility:  Collaborating on the sale of unused facilities  Updating Capital improvement plans  Sharing ideas to pool purchasing power  Utilizing Changing Lives Together for capital improvements  Downsizing facilities if necessary
  15. 15. Our goals and objectives: Create a stronger bond among Northern Edge parishes Build and reshape our neighborhoods through collaborative Outreach and Christian Service programs Increase community awareness, participation and membership through Evangelization and Outreach
  16. 16. We will organize this effort by:  Create a Northern Edge Pastoral Council (NEPC) with members from each parish  Requiring all programs be approved by participating parishes and the Northern Edge Pastoral Council  Allowing individual parishes to opt-out of participation in programs that lack parish support
  17. 17. Most of the programs selectedare easy to implement or arealready in progress.A few already exist at variousparishes and we will eithershare resources or expand tocover more territoryA couple are long-termprojects that can have a majorimpact within ourcommunities.
  18. 18. Short Term Intermediate Long-Term Evangelization & Catechesis• Joint Confirmation • Cooperative RCIA• Alpha Training• RCIA Retreat• Visiting Parishes• Interfaith Services Christian Service & Outreach• Adopt-a-Day Soup Kitchen • Job Club • Foreclosures• Blood Drive • Tutoring • Emergency Housing • Newsletter (Quarterly) • Transportation with testimonials Youth & Young Adults• Youth Council • Inter-Generation Mentoring• Youth Events Vocations• Career Day• Vocation Promotion Worship• Collaborative Mass (yearly)• Healing Service• Stations of the Cross
  19. 19.  Clergy will begin meeting to develop organizational structure Parishes will review the proposed plan and give feedback Revised plan will be submitted to AOD / APC by November 18th which is the final deadline for submission
  20. 20.  Consortium Board Seeks to Coordinate  Development / Outreach / Fundraising  Marketing / Enrollment  Curriculum / Academic Standards / Excellence  GOAL: Health and Growth of all schools / Providing Christ-Centered Education NeedAOD commitment of existing financial support for 3 – 5 years with goal of reducing need for AOD support for operating costs.
  21. 21.  Createcombined school approach called “Central Catholic Consortium” (CCC) but schools continue with independent principals and strong parish connections (Gesu, Christ the King, St. Scholastica, St. Bartholomew, Holy Trinity, Holy Redeemer) Schools/Parishes send reps create to governing board of CCC CCC Board hires paid Development Director  May seek AOD grant to cover 5-year salary of director staff  Goal: self sufficiency