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PEX Asia 2014 Keynote Steve Towers


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An integrated approach to delivering Process Transformation

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PEX Asia 2014 Keynote Steve Towers

  1. 1. Keynote Steve Towers @stowers Transforming business in Asia using an integrated approach
  2. 2. STEVE TOWERS AUTHOR, COACH, CONSULTANT & MENTOR                                                                                                          long ked on a y a ve w o r n Ih with ma rm basis anies over te comp leading ades.. two dec ks.. the last eral boo ored sev Auth                                                                                               Industria l   Engineeri ng   O&M   Systems   Ops  Rese arc Outside-­‐I h   n       Reiki   NLP   Hypnosis       Originally an Industr ial Engineer worked in Operation s, Marketi ng Systems from the fr & ont line to the ‘C’ Level. Also a qu alified Master H ypnotist, Hypnothe NLP Prac rapist titioner an d Reiki Mas ter.
  3. 3.   Singapore  Feb  25  2014   Cer0fied  Process  Professionals  
  4. 4. Changing views of the organization
  5. 5. Away from Top down Industrial silo’s
  6. 6. And monolithic pyramids that exclude…..?
  7. 7. that had single simple communication
  8. 8. Where the customer had limited and restricted choice
  9. 9. Where the world seemed flat and the rules understood
  10. 10. how do we go about Connecting the dots and turning thoughts into Action?
  11. 11. inside-out –everything looks like a production line – where is the customer? and our ways of communicating are designed for the old world industrialized view of things
  12. 12. times have changed forever Different shapes sizes and places
  13. 13. We need simple and intuitive
  14. 14. That works for all our customers
  15. 15. That learns as we do and reconfigures on the fly
  16. 16. That works across all channels immediately
  17. 17. Which copes with the lack of cohesive systems and processes
  18. 18. And truly understands Customer NEEDS (not wants)
  19. 19. Is accessible to staff whatever the level and skill set
  20. 20. IT’s Time to change the way we do Process Excellence
  21. 21. And let people do what they need to do whenever whereever
  22. 22. That links everything together
  23. 23. Regardless of channel, customer, technology and process
  24. 24. So how could we look at our processes and strategy?
  25. 25. an integrated approach is needed OUTSIDE-IN…..why? because It’s a joke the way some orgs d/w customers the old ways often pay lip service to the REAL NEEDS
  26. 26. NEEDS V. WANTS 300,000  worldwide   Floirda/California/France/China/Japan  
  27. 27. PROCESS DESIGN FROM THE OUTSIDE-IN lookING at Process FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF successful customer outcome and MOMENTS OF TRUTH
  28. 28. Using PEX to improve things and we can learn from each other
  29. 29. nine moves to consider !   use tools and approaches suitable to the task in hand !   make sure what you do is accessible to all (even the CEO) !   avoid analysis paralysis (how much to do you need to know to know you know you know enough?) !   ensure what you are doing creates flexibility & adaptability !   deliver results quickly and simply (don’t over engineer) !   communicate openly across all channels !   understand customer NEEDS and not wants (Needs of Customer NOT Voice of Customer) !   put the customer at the centre of everything you do !   reframe the world from the Outside-In (lego)
  30. 30. so your opening moves could be….         !  Identify the interactions you have with your customer !  Note whether these are Moments of Magic or Moments of Misery !  Identify actions that would eliminate the Moments of Misery
  31. 31. STEVE TOWERS AUTHOR, COACH, CONSULTANT & MENTOR                                                                                                          Business Card > Thank you!                                                                                               Industria l   Engineeri ng   O&M   Systems   Ops  Rese arc Outside-­‐I h   n       Reiki   NLP   Hypnosis      
  32. 32. Keynote Steve Towers @stowers Transforming business in Asia using an integrated approach