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Business Process Management CEM Method (update at Slide 1
Business Process Management CEM Method (update at Slide 2
Business Process Management CEM Method (update at Slide 3

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Business Process Management CEM Method (update at



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Overiew of the Advanced BPM Method - Customer Expectation Management
NEW 2014-15 UPDATE

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Business Process Management CEM Method (update at

  1. 1. The BP Groups ( ) research a decade ago identified a shift from 'inside-out' to customer centric 'outside-in' techniques and methods. The early work around this was articulated in 'In Search of BPM Excellence' in 2004/5 at . Subsequently Customer Expectation Management was articulated as the most evolved form of BPM - see The method in its earliest form was called 8 Omega (see ) however 8 Omega fails the acid test - where is the customer? The subsequent emergence of CEM and its emphasis on doing the right things provides the means for dramatic and sustainable improvements - way beyond those achieved with classic approaches such as Lean and Six Sigma. Customer Expectation Management Method was presented at a keynote in an IQPC conference in London during June 2007 and mentioned in an associated article The CEM Method has now been refined, road tested and proved worthy in major companies across the globe.
  2. 3. CUSTOMER EXPECTATION MANAGEMENT METHOD (CEMMethod) CEMM is an 8 Step Method for aligning, optimizing and increasing the performance of any process or service.
  3. 4. 1) What do customers really need? “ The Right Things”
  4. 5. Successful Customer Outcomes <ul><li>Deriving the SCO is a straight forward activity, using a structured approach and building the “customer picture” </li></ul><ul><li>Who is my customer? </li></ul><ul><li>What is my customer’s current expectation? </li></ul><ul><li>What is the process that the customer is engaged in (from their point of view)? </li></ul><ul><li>How does what we do effect customer success? </li></ul><ul><li>What is the SCO (what does the customer really want from us)? </li></ul>
  5. 6. 2) What things are we doing now?
  6. 7. 3) Do you Capture every client interaction?
  7. 8. Moments of Truth MOT
  8. 9. CUSTOMER EXPECTATION MANAGEMENT METHOD (CEMM) 4) Do you capture every internal interaction?
  9. 10. Break Points BP
  10. 11. 5) Which of your business rules are really relevant?
  11. 12. Business Rules BR
  12. 13. The number of Process Diagnostics that exist in the organization Process diagnostics include: Moments of Truth Break Points Business Rules It’s simple math… Process Points of Failure PERFORMANCE, AGILITY, AND QUALITY ARE DRIVEN BY… MOT BP BR
  13. 14. 6) Do you understand the risk?
  14. 15. 7) Create Action Plan
  15. 16. 8) Execute
  16. 17. Can You Imagine How Different Things Would Be?
  17. 18. For more information please try these resources: – The worlds longest established BPM Business club (1992) with Articles, Case studies and advanced BPM resources – for certification, training and mentoring services using Advanced BPM & Customer Expectation Management – global consultancy specialising in the use of Customer Expectation Management, BPM and Strategic change – the latest versions of CEM and links to good resources - the BPGroup community on Linked-in