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FOSS VT 2009


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Slides from the "Collaboration is Key" presentation at the 10 April 2009 FOSS VT conference.

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FOSS VT 2009

  1. 1. It’s Open Source: Collaboration is Key.
  2. 2. the technology is almost irrelevant People will almost always want to hang on to what they already know Flickr:
  3. 3. instead… • Do you have a mutual problem? • Do you have a mutual need? • Are you willing to be an innovator? • Are you willing to take part in a “pilot project”?
  4. 4. saving money is a good place to start. Flickr:
  5. 5. what benefits can participants expect? Flickr:
  6. 6. transparency is important: what are people’s fears? Flickr:
  7. 7. build your network • build a varied group • put in leadership the group trusts • don’t let one person be the face -- or the tech support -- of the project Flickr:
  8. 8. koha • Free • Customizeable • Rich, established development • Patron focused • Product of the future -- not the past • Lots of buzz
  9. 9. vokal • Welcoming • Purposefully includes libraries of many different sizes • Threw participants right in -- overcome fear of technology • Word of mouth • Share freely • Long development time frame • Lots of different opportunities for participation
  10. 10. most importantly: the timing was perfectFlickr:
  11. 11. stumbling blocks • Budget • Time frame • Distribution of workload • Participants’ need for face to face meetings Flickr:
  12. 12. green mountain library consortium For more information on the GMLC, visit our blog at: Or speak with the Board of Directors: Stephanie Chase, Stowe Free Library Judah Hamer, Ilsley Public Library Lucinda Walker, Norwich Public Library