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Basic Visual systems
Basic Visual systems
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Elements of masters



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How to identify the elements and styles of the masters and employ them in your own design. This is an exercise that you can go through to begin to recognize what makes great design and how to break it down and employ it. The PDF has audio comments that describe the slides.

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Elements of masters

  1. 1. IdentifyTHE Elements How to identify and then employ styles of the masters
  2. 2. Pick A MasterSomeone with a distinctive style and body of work.
  3. 3. How ABOUT Sagmeis- ter ?
  4. 4. TakeSOME TimeLook at his work and identify what elements define it.
  5. 5. 1. Handmade elements 2. Irreverent compositions 3. Bold and humorus 4. “ugly” or banal imagery
  6. 6. ItWON’T Work 1. If your handmade is computer 2. If your composition is rigid 3. If nothing is bold 4. If your imagery is bad (not “ugly”) Poor Example: Poster for fictitious lecture
  7. 7. ItWILL Work 1. If type is handmade 2. If the composition is irreverent 3. If its bold and/or humorous 4. If it uses “ugly” good images Good Example: Poster for fictitious lecture