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Dark temptation (PREVIEW)


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Published in: Travel, Education
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Dark temptation (PREVIEW)

  1. 1. Dark Temptation<br />1533525209486500By Jordan Malcolm<br />Chapter 1<br />Brutal Finding<br />“We are almost there!” exclaimed Alice, as she accelerated past the sandy, dry, dessert-like floor. Alice always thought highly of herself… her long brown hair, her weight, her driving skills… Everything was perfect, especially her golden brown eyes! Suddenly, Stephanie peered her head past the smooth leather seats and looked straight at Alice.<br />“We’ve been in this car for almost four hours, how do you think mother will react? She was expecting us in an hour, I bet she is crying to herself right now!”<br />Alice just looked at Stephanie, as if she was an enemy, she just looked her straight in her hazel eyes… At that moment Alice snapped.<br />“Get out the car if you hate the journey so much!”<br />She got out the car and rushed over to Stephanie’s side. She opened the door and grabbed her with such fury… Just then, the sand blew all around them and the sky transformed into a mist of grey and black. The ground shook under their feet, only to open up a gigantic crack in the ground… <br />“Alice what’s happening? I’m scared!” Stephanie cried.<br />“I don’t know, but we should get over to that crack right now! Come on! Hurry!” Alice replied.<br />Alice then looked through the window of the car, only to see a pale white man, standing at the other side of the vehicle. <br />“Quick Stephanie, get out! A man is approaching you!” Alice screamed.<br />They both tugged and tugged at the handle of the door but it was no use, it wouldn’t budge. Stephanie looked at the other door, which was now open, she was about to get out, when a pale hand reached in towards her leg… She tried to stay away from it, but, it grabbed her. It grabbed her so hard, it was as if ten thousand bricks were piled up on her. She just cried to herself. Then, a man came in, only to drag her out the car, she screamed and struggled for her life, it then came to the point that the man was so fed up, he snapped her neck to kill her. She died.<br /> Alice was now, understandably, terrified. So many thoughts rushed through her head. Why us? What did we do? Is he going to kill me? I better run! At that point, Alice ran into her car, she pressed her foot on the accelerate peddle and sped away into the dessert. Just when she thought she escaped the grasp of this evil man, he appeared in front of her car and stopped it. He smashed the front window and grabbed her face aggressively, she screamed as he ripped her face off, leaving her to bleed to death. She also died.<br /> After this man got his satisfaction from the murders, he looked at the mangled bodies of two beautiful woman, Alice and Stephanie. He had to dispose them. He lit a fire, chopped the bodies into sections with his bare hands, and threw them into the fire, turning them into ash… Turning them into nothing. A fallen angel was now born. Born into planet Earth.<br />Chapter 2<br />Strange disappearances<br />Two weeks after the dessert murders, more and more people started to go missing. It was even more surprising how this man, this man of evil had not been found yet. How could he have not been found if he lives in the area of the police, the whole area and areas outside of it are swarmed with police men and women! Could there be a possibility of this ‘man’ not being a human and possessing great powers… speed, agility, strength and focus?<br /> In an area just outside of this, lived a girl called Rosalie. She was an independent girl, with a great education, great grades and a sense of humour. She was the perfect role model. She also loved forests. She was afraid of them, but very drawn to them at the same time. Most of her time was either spent in a forest or reading books about supernatural things like vampires, ghosts, zombies… things like that.<br />