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Applying Action Triggers to Game Mechanics


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Action Triggers are a time-tested method of increasing marketing response. In this presentation, we take a look in the application of these methods into Facebook game design.

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Applying Action Triggers to Game Mechanics

  1. 1. This Presentation Will Self-Destruct in 10-9-8... Applying Action Triggers into Game Mechanics WARNING: This presentation is fast and fluff-free. Failure to pay attention may lead to knowledge loss!
  2. 2. The Funny Slide
  3. 3. Action Trigger Formula To trigger an action, the emotional motivation to act must be greater than the logical effort to make a decision to the power of two. Action = |Emotional Motivation > Logical Effort2| In Other Words Any time a player has to think, you need an exponential amount of emotion motivation to trigger an action.
  4. 4. Decreasing Logical Effort Benefit - What it’s in for me? Value Proposition Proof of Value Objection Handling Pricing Tiers Process - How long is this going to take? Time Requirements Speed of Delivery Ease of Process Payment Methods Anxiety - Is this the right decision? Privacy Policy Loss from Inaction Brand Promise Satisfaction Guarantee Logical Clarity Credibility
  5. 5. Increasing Emotional Motivation Ego - Internal Emotional Stimuli Power Ownership Achievement Suprise Pride Interest Social Status - External Emotional Stimuli Involvement Synergy Belonging Gratitude Closure - Unresolved Emotional Stimuli Storylines Collections Reciprocity Hooks Curiosity
  6. 6. Action Triggers in Game Mechanics Closure - Long Term Objective Game Social Ego State Status Info Benefit Closure - Short Term Individual Social Resource Feedback Feedback Anxiety Individual Social Player Game Game Action Progression Reaction Individual Game Social Game State Simulation Game State Change Change
  7. 7. Case Study 1 - Farmville Fertilization Mechanics Social Status - Gratitude Ego - Surprise New Closure - Reciprocity Trigger occurs when player opens game
  8. 8. Case Study 2 - Mafia Wars War Mechanics Social Status - Gratitude, Belonging, Synergy Ego - Power, Pride New Closure - Collecting Measures strength of player’s social group
  9. 9. Case Study 3 - Cafe World Cookbook Benefit - Clear (52 Earned / 15 Cost) Resource - Clear Time + Cost Anxiety - Loss of Inaction, Logical Clarity
  10. 10. Thank You - More Questions? David Chu is a freelance Online Marketer with an interest in how marketing principles can be applied to game mechanics.