StoryCode Immersion #2 - Project Funding


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StoryCode Immersion #2 - Project Funding

  1. 1. April 10, 2012StoryCode Immersions #2 Project Funding
  2. 2. AGENDA• Project Funding Overview - 45 Minutes• Working with Brands / Deep-Dive: 45 Minutes Sparrow Hall - Twitter: @sparrowhall• #storycodeorg
  3. 3. OVERVIEW• Self Funding• Crowd Sourced Options• Investors / VCs• Markets• Conferences• Grants / Labs• Branded Entertainment
  4. 4. TROUGH OF SORROW From Paul Graham’s ‘Trough of Sorrow’ to Infinity and Beyond
  5. 5. SELF FUNDING• DIY Ethos• Digital “mindset” - Be open, Accept random info, Be supportive• Keep it lean/reduce scope - prototype and release• Consider “open-source” approach• Show your work at Meetups (NY Video, Big Screen/Little Screen, StoryCode, other Transmedia Meetups)• Involve actors / others as Exec. Producers• Repurpose client work / technology
  6. 6. CROWD SOURCED• Free Money - Really?• Hype vs. Return• Indie Go-Go (4% if goal is met, 9% if it isn’t) vs. Kickstarter (All or nothing - 5%)• Tips: • Build a Team • Brainstorm the Campaign as a Rollout with Different Phases • Make a GREAT Trailer • Reach out to Appropriate Partners to Help Promote for your Campaign / Befriend the Tastemakers • Reach Out Often, Regularly, and Best at the Beginning of the Week•
  7. 7. INVESTORS / VCs• Less about Story more about value proposition• Hone your elevator pitch• The “Investor Deck”• Business model is vital - experiments are hard to fund this way• Attractive option if you are developing a new technology in your project that can be used for other stories• Example: “18 Days in Egypt” and
  8. 8. MARKETS• Speed dating for creators and funders• Set realistic expectations• Pay to play?• Bring headphones if you plan to play a trailer• Bring candies or something to set you apart• Examples: • Power to the Pixel - Pixel Market • BANFF Co-Production and Co-Venture Business Market
  9. 9. CONFERENCES• Great networking opportunities• Focus on getting contacts and meetings• StoryWorld - SF in 2011, LA in 2012• Ad: Tech - Fall NY / Spring SF• Digital Hollywood - Fall NY / Spring LA• Participate in Hackathons - TechCrunch / StoryCode
  10. 10. GRANTS / LABS• Few and far between here in the US - highly competitive• Consider co-production with Canadian (Canadian Media Fund / Bell Media Fund - more info) or European partners• Tribeca New Media Fund - (Non-Fiction / Social Issues)• Sundance New Frontiers - (Lab and Festival)• Creative Capital (grants for “adventurous” artists) -
  11. 11. BRANDED ENTERTAINMENT• Work with a brand to sponsor your project• Time consuming to find and close a sponsor• Target Agencies Embracing Cross-Platform Storytelling • Digitas (The Third Act) • Ogilvy Entertainment• Branded Entertainment “Agents” • Brand Cinema ( • The Opportunity Management Company • Traditional Talent Agencies (UTA, CAA)
  12. 12. @sparrowhall