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How storytelling can enhance digital projects

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How storytelling can enhance digital projects

  1. No one can deny the importance of social network in our days.
  2. data proving its relevance are all around the web.
  3. The tools for social network are growing faster and faster as well.
  4. Social Network has changed marketing environment forever.
  5. Lets talk about stories?
  6. Stories are the essence of human experience.
  7. Stories give us context, and context help us to understand things.
  8. Stories inspire and motivate people to action.
  9. and stories have proven its value in all kinds of human activities.
  10. So the question becomes on how to apply story concepts at the social media environment
  11. First of all, you need to understand what stories your brand can attach to or tell.
  12. Then, you gotta track conversations that are attached to your brand’s values.
  13. Finally, you must find a way to make your brand fill the gap between stories that are being told and stories that you can tell.
  14. We believe there are TWO WAYS that you can do it.
  15. 1. Learning with the guys from filmmaking 2. Learning with the guys from game design.
  16. 1. Lessons from filmmaking. • • •
  17. Coca-Cola have done it beautifully
  18. And people reacted to their story! • • • •
  19. Gatorade also got a great story.
  20. And everyone enjoyed so much! • • • • •
  21. In both examples, we had:
  22. 2. Lessons from game design
  23. 2. Lessons from game design • • •
  24. PEPSI showed us how to inspire stories.
  25. Responses were amazing! • • • • •
  26. FIAT MIO invited adventurers for a journey
  27. And people got the cause. • • • •
  28. In both examples, we had:
  29. Social network is all about conversations. Storytelling is all about conversations.
  30. And every BRAND has stories to tell.
  31. So you just have to master the art of storytelling.
  32. What are you waiting to inspire people to share your brandstories?
  33. Hands on and let the adventure begins!