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Panels pub mtg1_1209a

  1. 1. the visionThe River Road State Scenic Byway Corridor Management Plan will be a blueprint and strategy for managing, promoting, preserving and enhancing the Scenic Byway’s image and function as a distinctive place and experience within the Wabash River Corridor in Tippecanoe County. The management plan will identify the Scenic Byway’s intrinsic qualities: scenic, natural, historic, cultural, archaeological, recreational, and tourism features and facilities. mission & objectivesDevelop a distinctive visual and experiential identity for the byway as a continuum through the multiple rural and urban districts it traverses. Establish a framework based on that identity for promotion of byway related quality of life, tourism and economic development to potential partners, corridor stakeholders, the community at large and the corridor’s potential market area. Create opportunities that advance the corridor vision; respond to challenges that compromise the corridor vision Advance context sensitive physical improvements to the multimodal functionality, safety and accessibility of river Road for pedestrians, cyclists, automobiles and transit. Identify funding strategies and opportunities for byway and corridor enhancement and management. Fulfill corridor Managemnt Plan grant requirements to maintain eligibility for known and potential funding and implementation opportunities
  2. 2. what is a management plan?It is a Safety Strategy developed as a management system for improvements to the Scenic Byway by design, maintenance or operation, to create a multimodal corridor that enhances visitor experience and provides route clarity and safety for all users. It is a Visitor Needs and Expectations Strategy that builds on existing resources to strengthen the visitor experience and that of local residents and businesses, including enhancement of existing development and accommodation of new development, while preserving the intrinsic qualities of the Scenic Byway. It is a Promotion, Marketing and Interpretation Strategy in collaboration with existing entities and efforts for promotion, marketing and interpretation of corridor- associated places and events to develop a strong visitor relationship with the Scenic Byway, creating value for the visitor and Byway sustainability. It is the Scenic Byway Story and Visitor Experience as a narrative of the Scenic Byway experience highlighting points of interest, history, and features of the route, keyed to a Scenic Byway Master Map as the foundation for future visitor maps, brochures and media outreach, as well as wayfinding and interpretive signage. It is Design Standards to Guide Capital Improvements by implementing agencies for transition from a state through route to a local destination parkway, with physical improvements that reinforce Bway character and continuity through multiple urban and rural districts, considering signage, traffic calming, bicycle/pedestrian facilities, rest and parking areas.
  3. 3. economic development quality of life purpose & benefits Attraction and Retention of a quality worforce that values recreational and open space amenities, and that would otherwise go to competitor cities that understand that dynamic. That workforce, importantly, influences business decisions to locate here. Destination Tourism that brings outside revenue and tax dollars to local businesses, sustaining them and this quality of life amenity for enjoyment by residents. Reinforcement of Purdue University standing as being both a world class institution and being in a livable and cool city, a value to both students and faculty. Establishment of Tippecanoe County, Lafayette and West Lafayette as a world class region with core world class twin cities centered on a rich heritage and recreation resource; the Wabash River Corridor and its Scenic Byway corridor.
  4. 4. byway character & preferencesRiver Road as a Urban/Rural Parkway Wayfinding/Interpretation/Identity to create continuity, image, sense of place Greenway multimodality for parallel mobility systems OR?