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130822 pubmtg3 1209

  1. 1. Wabash River Scenic Byway Local Corridor Management Plan August 22, 2013 Public Meeting 3
  2. 2. Introductions Wabash River Enhancement Corporation A joint enterprise of Tippecanoe County, Lafayette, West Lafayette and Purdue University Executive Director | Stan Lambert Consultant Team Meg Storrow, John Kinsella and Tony Gillund | SKA Kate Zale and Ryan Elliot | URS Indiana Tom Sturmer | Transportation Solutions LLC
  3. 3. Wabash River Enhancement Corporation WREC is the point agency for planning and preserving the Wabash River corridor The Scenic Byway Corridor Management Plan is a component of that effort
  4. 4. Wabash River Scenic Byway Corridor Management Plan Purpose  Review what we learned  Overview of draft plan  Share design concepts Format  Brief presentation  Indicate preferences at stations  Provide written comment here or on website
  5. 5. What is a Scenic Byway Corridor Management Plan? A local strategy for managing, promoting, maintaining, and preserving the scenic byway as a distinctive place and experience within the Wabash River corridor. Provides guidance to local agencies to ensure the byway’s intrinsic qualities are preserved and protected over time.
  6. 6. What we have heard from you Retain natural and scenic beauty, and tree canopy Respect property rights; acquire from willing sellers Develop continuous connected bicycle/pedestrian facilities from Ross Hills Camp to I-65 Improve access to the river for boating and fishing Tell the unique story, history and heritage of the Wabash River and Tippecanoe County Maintain the intrinsic character of the Scenic Byway Use sensitive design standards to guide capital improvements and maintenance operations throughout the corridor
  7. 7. Momentum Cooperation and partnerships are strong between Lafayette, West Lafayette, the County and Purdue US 231 relocation is in progress with hopes for reduction of through and truck traffic along River Road US 52 bridge reconstruction will include bicycle/pedestrian facilities in its design Wayfinding program will include the Scenic Byway as a district Segments of byway bicycle/pedestrian facilities are in place but need to find the best ways to connect them for continuity and access to all the destinations
  8. 8. West Lafayette Lafayette Tippecanoe County Scenic Byway Location Wabash Scenic
  9. 9. Overview of Draft Plan
  10. 10. Overview of Draft Plan
  11. 11. Context and Assessment Character Zones
  12. 12. Context and Assessment South River Road Character
  13. 13. Context and Assessment Wabash Riverfront Character
  14. 14. Context and Assessment North River Road Character
  15. 15. Intrinsic Quality Management Byway organizations manage opportunities for visitor experiences Fishtail Dance sculpture: a component of the visitor experience along the regional Outdoor Art Trail and Wabash River Scenic Byway
  16. 16. Intrinsic Quality Management Proposed Wabash River Scenic Byway Logo
  17. 17. Intrinsic Quality Management Proposed Wabash River Scenic Byway Identity Elements
  18. 18. Intrinsic Quality Management Value , celebrate, and link destinations, views, the unique qualities of the byway
  19. 19. The Byway Story  Guidebooks  Smart phone apps  Interpretive signage  Programs  Tours
  20. 20. The Byway Story Example Interpretive Sign Proposed Wabash River Interpretive Sign
  21. 21. The Byway Story Feast of the Hunters’ Moon Festive, Fort Ouiatenon, on the Scenic Byway (photo courtesy of Visit Lafayette – West Lafayette)
  22. 22. The Byway Story Organizing and improving the visitor experience
  23. 23. Safety Strategy  Create a comfortable stress-free experience based on a safe, intuitive, and well signed journey for vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians  Utilize context-sensitive design solutions for roadway, bicycle, pedestrian, and traffic improvements  Use traffic calming to optimize the user experience throughout the byway
  24. 24. Indicate your preferences
  25. 25. Indicate your preferences
  26. 26. Indicate your preferences South River Road Existing
  27. 27. Indicate your preferences South River Road Concept a
  28. 28. Indicate your preferences South River Road Concept b
  29. 29. Indicate your preferences South River Road Concept c
  30. 30. Provide comments tonight or comment by on the website by September 3:  Comment form at the meeting  Website www.wabashriverscenicbyway.org Draft Report available to the public for review on September 6. Comments due by September 20. • Website www.wabashriverscenicbyway.org • Hard copy available at County Engineering Office • Hard copy available at WREC office (Stan Lambert) Final Plan Submission October 1 to INDOT Posted on the website www.wabashriverscenicbyway.org Next steps
  31. 31. Wabash River Scenic Byway Local Corridor Management Plan Thank you