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People make profits for slideshare april 2015


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We need the right product or service, but we will only generate profits with the right people. Communicating with people, be they customers or staff, on a human level, will minimise costs and win more sales.

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People make profits for slideshare april 2015

  1. 1. People Make Profits with Alan Fairweather
  2. 2. Dealing with people is tough
  3. 3. Why?
  4. 4. Because they are all - Different
  5. 5. You need a Plan
  6. 6. Human Business Plan Human Business
  7. 7. Always communicate on a Human level and a Business level
  8. 8. Human Business Plan Human Business
  9. 9. Whether they are customers 0r -
  10. 10. Whether they are staff
  11. 11. Human Responses •Listen Listen Listen •Use names •See it how they see it •Empathise
  12. 12. Human Responses •Show interest •Be Flexible •Show you Care •Sell feelings not facts
  13. 13. Why would you do this? • You’ll have happy and engaged staff • You’ll retain customers • You’ll generate word of mouth • You’ll win more sales
  14. 14. And you will generate more……
  15. 15. Never ever forget People Make Profits
  16. 16. Thank you!