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Motivational Management Masterclass


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A new seminar for business owners and managers who want motivated and engaged staff

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Motivational Management Masterclass

  1. 1. MOTIVATIONAL MANAGEMENT MASTERCLASS A new seminar based on the bestselling book. Motivational management, raising morale and generating enthusiasm; these are some of the challenges faced by managers on a day-to-day basis. Managers often pose the question; ‘How do I motivate my staff?’ However, effective motivation is intrinsic; it has to come from within. Managers need to create a stress free environment where self-motivated staff deliver business results. This highly interactive workshop will give you the leadership skills to build a happy and highly motivated team. Delivered by Alan Fairweather in workshop format, over a day, half day, or as a keynote speech at your next conference or staff development day. Discover how to build a self- motivated and engaged team Reduce absence from work and reduce staff turnover Learn how to deal with difficult staff Help your staff get what they want Less stress for you and positive results for your team ALAN FAIRWEATHER INTERNATIONAL Seminars Worldwide To book - email now Phone +44 (0) 7506 578306