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How to make sales when you dont like selling 2


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New Seminar and Workshop based on the successful book of the same name. Designed to help business owners and sales people, particularly those who find selling challenging.

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How to make sales when you dont like selling 2

  1. 1. How to Make Sales When You Don’t Like Selling Learning Session Description: Selling is tough! Making sales is one of the hardest jobs there is. Why? Because the majority of people will tell you, they don’t need your product or service, don’t want it, and can’t afford it. And there’s no stock answer to that; no magic bullet that will turn a non-customer into a customer. However, if you are a business owner, a sole trader, established sales person, or new to sales; then you need to find new clients and customers. You need to make sales to make sure your business survives, and is profitable and successful. As a modern business person, you need to develop skills, knowledge, attitude and personal qualities to meet the greater expectations of your customers and their business. This learning event addresses the qualities, knowledge and skills needed by a professional business person. It is primarily directed at those who have not been trained in sales, and are not particularly comfortable about selling. It examines the importance of attitude, sales psychology and basic sales techniques. It will show you how to get customers to come to you and motivate them to buy. Once you have attended this event, you will have a better understanding of why people buy; how to be more proactive, influence decisions, become more persuasive and build lasting customer relationships.
  2. 2. Learning Session Objectives: By the end of this workshop, participants will have learned: The difference between old and new style selling The vital ingredient in sales The psychology of sales How to sell yourself How to get an appointment The 4 steps of the sale How to deal with resistance and motivate people to buy Learning Session Benefits (to the participants & to the organization) Participants will develop the skills and abilities to: Obtain more appointments and handle initial resistance Develop a simple structure for opening the sale, identify customer needs, present the benefits, gain commitment to buy, or move to the next step Develop more confidence to sell, and generate more sales for their organisation Learning Session Outline: A new type of salesperson Developing an understanding about the difference between old style selling, and new style selling Attitude – the vital ingredient Getting into the mindset and developing an attitude for success Selling yourself Nothing will happen until you are successful in selling yourself. Learn how to impact on the prospect, by asking relevant questions, listening and using body language
  3. 3. The initial approach How to deal with the gatekeeper, handle initial resistance, and get the appointment Planning each contact Being prepared for each customer meeting 4 simple steps to a successful sales call Developing a simple structure that enables the salesperson to control the sales visit 1. The opening 2. Questioning 3. The presentation 4. Closing Dealing with resistance Identifying the different reasons for resistance and how you can handle them. Method: This program can be run to suit the needs of your business. It is primarily designed to be delivered in workshop fashion. However, it can be delivered effectively as a half-day seminar, or onehour keynote speech. The workshop is highly interactive. It includes team exercises, group discussion and skill practise/role playing. Participants are encouraged to raise real life situations and discuss the challenges they face. Your learning event leader Alan Fairweather, The Motivation Doctor, is an International Speaker, New Business Consultant and Successful Author. Before starting his own business, he spent a total of 23 years in sales, customer service and management.
  4. 4. He worked in six different organisations as a Sales Engineer, Training Manager and Sales Manager. He originally trained as an engineer before his career in Sales and Management. He formed his speaking, consulting and learning business in 1993 and for the past twenty years has been running seminars and workshops in the UK, US, Europe, Middle East and South East Asia. His books are available worldwide through Amazon and other retailers.