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Angels Watching Over Me


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All night, all day, angels watching over me.
A loving and gentle way to reassure a restless child...

Published in: Education
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Angels Watching Over Me

  2. 2. Day begins, dawn breaks anew. Sun wakes up, I wake up too.
  3. 3. Sun says play, I run outside. Sky so blue, the shadows hide.
  4. 4. Sky says race, I chase the wind. Wind blows on ‘til meadow’s end.
  5. 5. Wind says soar, I take up flight. Bird beside me gathers height.
  6. 6. Bird says sing, I hum a tune. Cloud floats by, a lace balloon.
  7. 7. Cloud says drift, I slowly fall. Tree below me stands so tall.
  8. 8. Tree says take, I eat its fruit. Bug trills sharply, like a flute.
  9. 9. Bug says jump, I touch the ground. Grass waves gently all around.
  10. 10. Grass says rest, I curl up snug. Dusk surrounds me like a hug.
  11. 11. Dusk says sleep, I close my eyes. Moon is full and on the rise.
  12. 12. Moon says dream, I nod my head. Angels guard my moonlit bed.