Document Storage and Retrievals


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Document storage is the process of storing document in electronic files or physically storing of papers. Document storage plays an important role in business or company.

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Document Storage and Retrievals

  1. 1. Document Storage and RetrievalsDocument storage is the process of storing document in electronic filesor physically storing of papers. Document storage plays an importantrole in business or company. Anyone who needs to store documents,whether a business or an individual, should take special care in whereand how a data is saved. Documents require special care when they areplaced into storage.On a per-square-foot basis, our dedicated and secure SouthernCalifornia storage facilities are an exceptionally cost effectivealternative to in-house storage. Document storage is a great problem,as availability of relatively expensive data storage devices.Cost EffectiveAt a time when Southern California companies increasingly look at theoutcome, it makes sense to dedicate as much space and employee Email: Website:
  2. 2. Document Storage and Retrievalsresources as possible to revenue-producing operations. Organizationstoday need to store more data for longer periods of time. Manyinactive files (which are not used on the daily basis) are stored off sitebut they also take memory for the storage of records. At Storetrieve wewill perform a complete on-site vs. off-site storage cost analysis.Storing your information off-site is more than just a risk aversiondecision it is a fiscally sound decision.Regulations and ComplianceSarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, PIPEDA have made it imperative thatcompanies comply with mandated regulations. Data storagecompliance and corporate governance regulations are having atremendous impact on the storage organization, as well as themanagement practices employed to retain, search, certify and destroydata. Companies are often left alone in their quest to identify theregulations that relate to them, identify what data should be saved andimplement storage to meet those regulations. It is no longer a storagespace vs. office space real estate bottom line driven decision. RecordsStorage has become a risk aversion and compliance equation that Email: Website:
  3. 3. Document Storage and Retrievalscompanies cannot afford to ignore.Pick up and DeliveriesAt Storetrieve all of your information is protected and handledprofessionally from the minute it leaves your premises until it isreturned. All pickups and deliveries are made with our fleet of companycars, vans and trucks, driven by our insured personnel. Backgroundchecks and drug tests are performed prior to an applicant gainingemployment, and thereafter, all employees are subject to random drugtests.Life Cycle Document ManagementInformation goes through a life cycle process. Documents are oftenactive and accessed daily. After some time they become inactive andover time are placed in long term storage awaiting destruction. Email: Website:
  4. 4. Document Storage and RetrievalsStoretrieve will manage the life cycle of documents, from creation todestruction, keeping them safe, secure and always accessible.Complete data management solution should provide, documentretrieval and offsite backup to help you switch to a paperlessenvironment whilst ensuring your data is backed up and secure.Document storage can help you save and retrieve the vital informationof your business anytime you wish. You cannot take a chance withdocument storage as it can affect well-being of business. Many of thedocuments are confidential which should be stored properly, so thatyour competitors do not access it.For more info about Document Storage and Retrievals Visit here: Email: Website: