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Welcome to Saint Mary's University


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Published in: Education
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Welcome to Saint Mary's University

  1. 1. Welcome toSaint Mary’s University!
  2. 2. Welcome from Gena Bilden, Dean of Enrollment Management & Student Services“I’d like to welcome you to Saint Mary’s University, Schools of Graduateand Professional Programs. The Graduate and Professional programsincludes four schools:-School of Education-School of Business and Technology-School of Health and Human Services- School of Professional Programs”
  3. 3. “We have over 20 areas or departments providing student, staff, and facultyinfrastructure and support to serve over 7,000 students annually on our campuses.The schools offer 60 programs including professional development and continuing education courses, certificate programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels, bachelor completion programs, master’s programs, a specialist degree, and two doctoral programs.” Campuses Centers • Minneapolis • Rochester • Winona • Apple Valley • Nairobi, Kenya • Minnetonka • Jamaica • Oakdale • over 100 instructional sites throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin
  4. 4. “Saint Mary’s University will be celebrating its centennial in 2012.We have been at this location over 25 years. The College, in Winona, which is thetraditional undergraduate residential campus, has been in operation since 1912.”
  5. 5. “There are a few key resources that will be very important for you to familiarize yourself to during your course of study. First Resource: The catalog and student handbook. The handbook is available online either on the external website or in the inside pages of the website. When you have a moment please familiarize yourself with the policies outlined in thehandbook. The sections titled Academic Policies and University Conduct are most important. Topics included are: class attendance grading policy program time limits writing style academic probation academic honesty student conduct, and the grievance procedures.”
  6. 6. Second Resource: Course syllabus“Each course is required to have a course syllabus and must be approved by the curriculum committee prior to the start of the course.The syllabus is a contract between you and the institution that outlines what the course will cover and how you will be assessed. The syllabi must outline the instructor’s expectations of student performance, methods of assessment, and grading criteria. Syllabi are available in most cases on Blackboard and in some cases handed out in class. You should receive a syllabus prior to the start of class or the first night of class.”
  7. 7. Third Resource: SMU email “You will receive Student Services Updates with relevant information about policy changes, hours of operation, registration reminders,important events, and contact information for specific questions or issues. Please look for and read these emails as email is the official mode of communication for all student correspondence.You are responsible for the information sent to your SMU email account.
  8. 8. “Finally I wanted to take a moment to talk about Academic Dishonesty and will read a portion of the policy.Students at Saint Mary’s University are expected to maintain the highest standards of academic honesty. Academic dishonesty, in any form, will not be tolerated and may subject the student to disciplinary sanctions, up to and including dismissal. Academic dishonesty comes in a variety of forms. The most common forms include, but are not limited to,plagiarism, fabrication, cheating and academic misconduct. Please readthe full policy on academic dishonesty and talk to your program staff or the writing center staff should you have questions about plagiarism.”
  9. 9. “Thank you for choosing Saint Mary’s University. We look forward to helping you through your educational journey and helping you succeed. Our favorite part of the job is seeing all the happy faces of graduates and their families at graduation. We are happy you are here.” - Gena Bilden, Dean of Enrollment Management & Student Services
  10. 10. Still have questions? Contact the Student Services Department directly at: or (612) 238-4566