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Webinar: What's Wrong with DRaaS and How to Fix it


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Typical disaster recovery plans leverage backup and/or replication to move data out of the primary data center and to a secondary site. Historically, the secondary site is another data center that the organization maintains. But now, companies are looking to the cloud to become a secondary site, leveraging it as a backup target and even a place to start their applications in the event of a failure. The problem with this approach is that it merely simulates a legacy design and presents some significant recovery challenges.

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Webinar: What's Wrong with DRaaS and How to Fix it

  1. 1. What's Wrong with Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) and How to Fix it Join us as we explain: ● Challenges with Traditional Disaster Recovery ● Why organizations are Using the Cloud for DR (DRaaS) ● Challenges that Cloud based DR (DRaaS) creates ● Alternative Approaches to DRaaS On Demand Webinar For audio playback and Q&A go to:
  2. 2. ● Analyst firm focused on storage, cloud and virtualization ● Knowledge of these markets is gained through product testing and interaction with end users and suppliers ● The results of this research can be found in the articles, videos, webinars, product analysis and case studies on our web site: Who Is Storage Switzerland?
  3. 3. Our Speakers George Crump is the founder of Storage Switzerland, the leading storage analyst focused on the subjects of big data, solid state storage, virtualization, cloud computing and data protection. He is widely recognized for his articles, white papers, and videos on such current approaches as all-flash arrays, deduplication, SSDs, software-defined storage, backup appliances, and storage networking. He has over 25 years of experience designing storage solutions for data centers across the US.
  4. 4. Our Speakers Neil Glazebrook, VP Product Management, ClearSky Data Neil leads the product management team at ClearSky. Throughout his career he has served in various senior product management positions, bringing complex networking and video technologies to market. Before joining ClearSky Data, Neil was a product manager in Akamai's media business unit, and then in a channel sales role managing six of Akamai’s largest media channel partners. Prior to Akamai, Neil held senior product management roles at Cisco Systems over the course of 13 years. During that time, he spearheaded the formation of Cisco’s video networking business unit and was a key member of the integration team that oversaw the Arroyo acquisition. He led early adoption of solid state drives for Cisco’s service provider video product portfolio, helping drive down costs while dramatically increasing streaming cache performance and session density. Neil co-authored an IEEE paper on multicast IPTV distribution and error correction. He recently earned an MBA with Honors from Babson College.
  5. 5. CONFIDENTIAL 4 ClearSky's global storage network delivers enterprise storage, spanning the entire data lifecycle, as a fully-managed service.
  6. 6. Polling Question What’s Your Biggest DR Challenge?
  7. 7. What Types Of Disasters Are There? • Site Disaster • Server / Application Disaster • Storage System Disaster • Operational / User Error Users don’t differentiate anymore
  8. 8. Disaster Recovery Challenges • User Expectations higher than ever • Faster recovery • Less data loss • No matter the disaster type • Application Explosion • More apps to recover in a disaster • Of course all these apps create more data • Overall Explosion of Unstructured Data
  9. 9. Disaster Recovery Challenges • Expensive • Facility and equipment • Software and networking • Testing
  10. 10. Enter Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) • Data is Backed up or Replicated to the Cloud • If there is a Disaster: • Data and application is restored in provider’s cloud • And is hosted by provider until primary data center can be reestablished • Recovery options: • Provider restoration of data to their compute platform • Mounting of the VM image on their backup storage • Activating data on live volume (replication)
  11. 11. The DRaaS Advantages • Organization does not have to pay for a full secondary site • Organization does not have to equip secondary site • IT does not have to go to secondary site to execute recovery • Provider “may” be able to assist with recovery • Relatively easy to test
  12. 12. The DRaaS Challenges • Networking issues to be resolved during recovery • Return to operations time-frame is hard to predict • Time to move data from backup storage to production storage • How many other recoveries are going on (in a disaster could be hundreds) • Overkill for a site, server or storage disaster • Which are far more likely to occur • Difficult to pinpoint performance after failure • At some point you still need to get data back to the on-prem data center
  13. 13. The IT Dilemma • Leverage DRaaS but put up with challenges or • Do it yourself and put up with expense, complexity and risk or • Leverage edge computing and the cloud for primary storage and DR
  14. 14. Primary Cloud Storage DR Advantages • Data is already in the cloud • Does not need to move in or out • Compute can be anywhere • On-prem, alternate prem or in the cloud But there is a latency problem...
  15. 15. Solve The Latency Problem To Get DR Advantages • Move Applications to the Cloud • Compatibility, security and performance concerns • On-prem cache • But cache miss represents severe performance drop • On-prem cache with second metro- cache/tier • Final data stored in cloud
  17. 17. CONFIDENTIAL 16 Changing How Enterprises Access Data Eliminate Storage Silos Guaranteed 99.999% Uptime 99.999% Multi-site Data Access without Replication DATA RECOVERY PRODUCTION Pay as You Grow 90 GB 100 GB Fully Managed, 24x7 Customer Support On-Prem Performance + Cloud Scalability
  18. 18. CONFIDENTIAL 17 Traditional DR Environment VPN Router High-speed connection for asynchronous or synchronous replication Primary Data Center Primary Array APP 1 APP 2 Router Backup Data Center Backup Array APP 1 APP 2 End Users
  19. 19. CONFIDENTIAL 18 ClearSky DR PoP Primary Metro PoP APP 1 APP 2 APP 3 Customer Data Center APP 1 APP 2 APP 3 The ClearSky Architecture iSCSI/FC Customer SAN 2x EPL Backing Cloud APP 1 APP 2 APP 3APP 1 APP 2 APP 3 End Users
  20. 20. CONFIDENTIAL 19 Multi-Site Availability Load Balancing and Disaster Recovery ClearSky DR PoP Backing Cloud APP 1 APP 2 APP 3 Primary Metro PoP APP 1 APP 2 APP 3 Customer DC 1 Customer DC 2 APP 1 APP 3APP 2 APP 1 APP 3APP 2 End Users VPN
  21. 21. CONFIDENTIAL 20 Multi-Site Availability Load Balancing and Disaster Recovery ClearSky DR PoP Backing Cloud APP 1 APP 2 APP 3 Primary Metro PoP APP 1 APP 2 APP 3 Customer DC 1 Customer DC 2 APP 1 APP 3APP 2 APP 1 APP 3APP 2 End Users VPN
  22. 22. CONFIDENTIAL 21 • Low latency / high-performance access to CSD service from within customer’s virtual datacenter in the Public Cloud • Application level migration between physical and virtual datacenters Workload Mobility – Cloud DR Primary Metro PoP Backing Cloud Customer Data Center APP 1 APP 2 APP 3 APP 1 APP 2 APP 3 Public Cloud Cloud Stack APP 3 APP 1 APP 2 APP 3 End Users VPN
  23. 23. CONFIDENTIAL 22 CHALLENGE: 1. Deliver agile, cloud-based storage services to growing customer base 2. Create a secure, logical path for customers to move primary storage to the cloud SOLUTION: ClearSky's fully-managed global storage network: • Resolves both latency and data portability issues • Delivers complete data mobility across multiple clouds for DR BENEFITS: ClearSky helped increase the MSP’s bottom line by: • Speeding up on-boarding of new customers • Optimizing its infrastructure • Eliminating data replication management and costs • Making all data available from distributed locations ! Use Case: Cross-Metro Data Mobility for DR
  24. 24. Thank you! Storage Switzerland StorageSwiss on Twitter: StorageSwiss on YouTube: ClearSky ClearSky on Twitter: ClearSky on YouTube: ClearSky on Facebook:
  25. 25. What's Wrong with Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) and How to Fix it For Complete Audio and Q&A please register for the On-Demand Version at