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Webinar: Sizing Up Object Storage for the Enterprise


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Object Storage promises many things - unlimited scalability, both in terms of capacity and file count, low cost but highly redundant capacity and excellent connectivity to legacy NAS. But, despite these promises object storage has not caught on in the enterprise like it has in the cloud. It seems like, for the enterprise object storage just isn’t a good fit. The problem is that most object storage system’s starting capacity is too large. And while connectivity to legacy NAS systems is available, seamless integration is not. Can object storage be sized so that it is a better fit for the enterprise?

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Webinar: Sizing Up Object Storage for the Enterprise

  1. 1. In this webinar you will learn: ❏ Why Object Storage should be ideal for the enterprise ❏ Why Object Storage has not been a good fit for the enterprise ❏ How Object Storage vendors are failing at making the fit better ❏ How to make Object Storage a perfect fit for the enterprise Sizing Up Object Storage for the Enterprise On Demand Webinar ObjectStorage For audio playback and Q&A go to:
  2. 2. ● Analyst firm focused on storage, cloud and virtualization ● Knowledge of these markets is gained through product testing and interaction with end users and suppliers ● The results of this research can be found in the articles, videos, webinars, product analysis and case studies on our web site: Who Is Storage Switzerland?
  3. 3. Our Speakers George Crump is the founder of Storage Switzerland, the leading storage analyst focused on the subjects of big data, solid state storage, virtualization, cloud computing and data protection. He is widely recognized for his articles, white papers, and videos on such current approaches as all-flash arrays, deduplication, SSDs, software-defined storage, backup appliances, and storage networking. He has over 25 years of experience designing storage solutions for data centers across the US.
  4. 4. Our Speakers Jeff Tabor is the Senior Director of Product Management and Marketing at Avere Systems. Jeff leads product definition, marketing, and communication for Avere’s Hybrid Cloud NAS product family. Prior to Avere, Jeff managed clustered NAS solutions at NetApp and Spinnaker Networks. He holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  5. 5. ● File systems company based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ● Mission to free where data is stored in the enterprise ● Founded by industry veterans Ron Bianchini, CEO & Michael Kazar, CTO ● Build FXT Edge filer hardware and software that separates performance from capacity and enabled hybrid IT that includes the cloud ● Media & Entertainment, Finance, Life Sciences, Government and Enterprise R&D Who is Avere Systems?
  6. 6. Polling Question What Are Your Object Storage Plans?
  7. 7. What Is Different About Object Storage? ● Object Storage is different in how data is accessed ● Data is assigned a Unique ID and is accessed by that ID ● The ID is used to: • Confirm Protection Level • Confirm Data Integrity • Eliminate Unnecessary Copies Object Storage
  8. 8. Attributes Of Object Storage ● Extremely High File (object) Count ● Systems are in the thousands of TBs scaling to hundreds of PBs ● Designed to be inexpensive, long- term, easy to manage • Scale-Out • Built on Commodity Servers and Storage ● Search-able
  9. 9. Why Object Storage is a Good Fit for the Enterprise ● Enterprises are flooded with Unstructured Data ● Makes an ideal primary store for this data • User Data • IoT, Sensor Data • Machine Data (Logs)
  10. 10. Why Object Storage is a Good Fit for the Enterprise ● Archive ● Cost effective destination for old data ● Retrieval times are still excellent ● But costs are lower
  11. 11. Why Object Storage In The Enterprise ● Modern Apps are Object ready • Cassandra, Hadoop, Splunk, Spark, etc… are Object Aware
  12. 12. Why Object Storage is a Good Fit for the Enterprise ● One System - Multiple Use Cases Object Storage Archive User Data New Apps Backups
  13. 13. The Challenges with Object Storage in the Enterprise ● Moving Data to Object Storage • Manual Movement • Migration • Caching
  14. 14. Where To Start REST API NFS/SMB iSCSI ● Accessing Data on Object Storage • Legacy Protocols • Native Protocols
  15. 15. Why Object Storage Has Not Been A Good Fit For The Enterprise
  16. 16. Access Issues ● Access requires something other than NFS, SMB, or iSCSI ● Typically S3 ● Applications have to be re-written
  17. 17. Migration Issues ● Lack of traditional protocol makes data movement more complicated ● Even if legacy protocol support is available… • Identifying the right data to move is difficult • Especially on an ongoing seamless basis • Then you have the challenge of how users will find and access that data
  18. 18. NAS Still Has A Place ● Enterprises don’t want to dump their NAS ● Still offers higher performance, ideal for some IoT projects ● They just want to slow NAS capacity growth
  19. 19. “Buy” Issues ● Initial System is too Big for initial need ● Complexity in configuring - software and hardware purchased separately
  20. 20. How Object Storage Vendors Are Missing The Mark ● Providing Legacy Protocol Support • NFS/SMB support but typically low performance • Object storage is still a separate silo of storage ● Integrated System • Faster implementation at expense of flexibility • Initial system configured too large
  21. 21. How To Make Object Storage A Perfect Fit For The Enterprise ● Holistic approach • Unify current NAS systems with object with global name space ● Accelerate NAS tier with Flash front end • Improve the analytics performance ● Allow seamless connectivity to the cloud
  22. 22. 22Proprietary & Confidential Avere Hybrid Cloud NAS Cloud Compute On-Prem Compute Cloud Storage On-Prem Storage NAS Object Bucket 1 Bucket 2 Bucket n Virtual Compute Farm Virtual FXT File Storage for Private Object NAS Optimization Cloud NAS Physical FXT
  23. 23. 23Proprietary & Confidential Avere C2N – Cloud-Core NAS System • C2N overview - Avere’s first integrated Edge+Core system - Combines NAS with object storage - Easy integration with public cloud • Customer benefits - NAS simplicity for easy fit with existing applications - Object efficiency for better scaling and economics - Cloud awareness for simple integration in public/private cloud and NAS infrastructures Typical C2N configuration with 640TB usable capacity
  24. 24. 24Proprietary & Confidential Integrated CX200 Core Filer • Hardware configuration - CX200 storage node (120TB raw capacity) • Space-efficient 1U server • Qty=12 hot-swappable 10TB drives - Min. TR config: CX200 (3), 120TB usable - Min. EC config: CX200 (6), 480TB usable • Integrated object storage software - Based on OpenStack Swift from SwiftStack - Erasure coding (EC) - Triple replication (TR) - Geo-dispersal for disaster recovery (DR) Min. TR config: 3 CX200 nodes, 120TB usable capacity Min. EC config: 6 CX200 nodes, 480TB usable capacity
  25. 25. 25Proprietary & Confidential Object Storage Efficiency • Capacity scaling - 120TB entry point - Expand in 80TB increments - Scales to more than 5PB • Erasure coding (EC) - N+4 availability - Over 60% usable capacity • Triple replication (TR) - Enables 120TB usable capacity entry point • Geo-dispersal - Implement disaster recovery (DR) solutions across three sites - Simpler and more efficient than NAS replication/mirroring
  26. 26. 26Proprietary & Confidential Scale-out NAS Functionality • Integrated, all-Flash FXT performance tier - Clustering for performance scaling and HA - Scales from 14 to 480TB SSD - File system built for object storage • Complete NAS feature set - Powerful GUI and storage analytics - NFS, SMB, multi-protocol support - Snapshots - Global namespace - Data migration - Mirroring - Compression - Encryption Avere GUI showing client-side NFS access to object storage Integrated FXT 5000 performance tier
  27. 27. 27Proprietary & Confidential C2N vs. Competitive Solutions for Active Archive Old Way: Traditional NAS Future Way: Cloud Public & Private Object Storage NAS Challenges • Inefficient silos of data • Management is difficult • DR is complex and expensive Simple Path to Cloud: C2N Cloud Challenges • Public: data migration, security • Private (BIG vendor): entry point is 1PB+ and $1M+ • Private (DIY): open source software + 3rd-party hardware is complex C2N Benefits • NAS protocols, no application changes • Object storage for high efficiency • 120TB entry point • Turnkey solution with Avere support • GNS for existing NAS and future cloud
  28. 28. Thank you! Storage Switzerland StorageSwiss on Twitter: StorageSwiss on YouTube: Avere Systems Avere Systems on Twitter: Avere Systems on YouTube:
  29. 29. Sizing Up Object Storage for the Enterprise ObjectStorage For complete Audio and Q&A please register for the On Demand Version at: