Are File Servers Holding Users Back? How To Increase Productivty While Securing Data


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The SlideShare covers the importance of business class file sync, share and collaborate and why the storage team should lead the effort. The on-demand webinar features audio from George Crump, Founder and Lead Analyst at Storage Switzerland and Soonr’s VP of Products and Security Ahmet Tuncay.

The key points covered are:
1.Why IT Can’t Ignore The File Sync and Share Demand
2.What to Look For in a Business Class File Sync and Share Product
3.Why Empowering Collaboration is a Key Next Step for File Sync and Share

All on-demand viewers will receive an exclusive copy of Storage Switzerland’s latest white paper, “Are File Servers Holding Users Back?”

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Are File Servers Holding Users Back? How To Increase Productivty While Securing Data

  1. 1. Wednesday, April 9th at 1pm Eastern, 10am Pacific Available Now On Demand! Available Now On Demand! For Audio and Q&A Please go to: Watch The On-Demand Webinar and Get an Exclusive Copy of our White Paper “Are File Servers Holding Users Back?”
  2. 2. Logistics ○  SlideShare Viewers please tweet us questions @storageswiss
  3. 3. Our Speakers Before Soonr, Ahmet was Vice President of Products at SpiderCloud Wireless, a venture-backed company developing small-cell infrastructure and service assurance platforms for mobile operators. Prior to that, Ahmet was Senior Vice President and CTO at Trapeze Networks where he led the company's wireless product portfolio and technology partnerships, paving the way for the acquisition of Trapeze by Belden and subsequently by Juniper Networks. George Crump is the founder of Storage Switzerland, the leading storage analyst focused on the subjects of big data, solid state storage, virtualization, cloud computing and data protection. He is widely recognized for his articles, white papers, and videos on such current approaches as all-flash arrays, deduplication, SSDs, software-defined storage, backup appliances, and storage networking. He has 25 years of experience designing storage solutions for data centers across the US.
  4. 4. Background ●  Analyst firm focused on storage, cloud and virtualization ●  Knowledge of these markets is gained through product testing and interaction with users and suppliers ●  The results of this research can be found in the articles, videos, webinars, product analysis and case studies on our web site:
  5. 5. Soonr  Overview   •  Founded  in  2005;  HQ  in  Silicon   Valley   •  Privately-­‐funded,  venture-­‐ backed.  Key  patents   •  500%  growth  over  the  past  3   years   •  Over  150,000  paying  business   customers,  400+  VARs  and  key   partnerships   Key  Strategic  /  Technology  Partners   Industry  Awards   ©2014  Soonr,  Inc.  
  6. 6. Today’s Agenda ●  What End Users Are Demanding of IT to Be More Productive ●  What The Organization Demands of IT ●  Needs of the User vs. Needs of the Organization ●  IT Can’t Ignore The File Sync and Share Demand ●  IT Needs A Business Class File Sync and Share Solution
  7. 7. First Polling Question
  8. 8. First Polling Question
  9. 9. What Users Are Demanding To Be More Productive
  10. 10. How Users Want To Be More Productive ●  Work Anywhere on Anything (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone) ●  Access To All Their Data From Anywhere/Anything ●  The Ability To Share Their Data With Anyone/Anything ●  The Ability To Collaborate With Anyone/Anything
  11. 11. What The Organization Demands Protect The Organization
  12. 12. What The Organization Demands of IT ●  Protect Data ●  Eliminate Data Leakage ●  Reduce Costs ●  Improve User Productivity
  13. 13. Needs Of The User vs. Needs Of The Organization
  14. 14. Needs of the User vs. Organization ●  Typical IT Response is User Demand Comes Second ●  Results in End-Users “Going Their Own Way” ○  Buy Their Own Devices ○  Use Their Own Consumer Cloud Offerings ○  Email Files to their Private Accounts
  15. 15. Second Polling Question
  16. 16. IT Can’t Ignore The File Sync And Share Demand
  17. 17. What IT Can’t Ignore File Sync and Share ●  Avoid The Temptation of Consumer Cloud ●  Risks To Organization Data ●  Risks To User’s Productivity ●  IT Will End Up With More Work
  18. 18. IT Needs A Business Class File Sync And Share Solution
  19. 19. Business Class File Sync and Share ●  Business Class Must = A Great End User Experience ○  Great Interface ○  File System Integration ○  Work On All Devices ○  No VPN ○  Easy To Sync And Share ○  Data Protection
  20. 20. Business Class File Sync and Share ●  Business Class = Security ○  Device Authentication ○  Remote Wipe ○  Access Denial
  21. 21. Business Class File Sync and Share ●  Business Class = IT Control ○  Visibility §  To what is being shared §  to how it is being shared with §  How long something has been shared
  22. 22. Business Class File Sync and Share ●  Business Class = Increase User Productivity ○  Collaboration §  Check in / Check out §  File Lock §  Share with non-service users §  Render / Play within the Interface §  In App editing on Devices
  23. 23. Introducing  Soonr  Workplace  
  24. 24. Cloud  File  Sharing  &  CollaboraVon   Win, Mac, LinuxiOS, Android, BB, Win ©2014  Soonr,  Inc.  
  25. 25. •  Supports  all  major  devices   and  content  types   •  Local  sync  for  offline  access   and  ease-­‐of-­‐use   •  View,  edit,  annotate,  send,   save  and  more  on  mobile   •  Soonr  Workplace  One-­‐App™   Mobile   CollaboraVon  
  26. 26. Purpose-­‐built  for   Business  AND  Users   •  Team-­‐based  approach  with   central  control     •  Highly  granular,  policy-­‐based   control  of  content,  seats  and   devices     •  Integrates  into  corporate   environments  through  APIs   and  plugins     •  Easy  for  users:  setup  and  go  
  27. 27. Enterprise-­‐grade   Security   •  Industry-­‐leading  upVme  and   no-­‐breach  history     •  Geo-­‐redundant  and  local  data   centers  (US,  CAN  &  EU)     •  HIPAA  compliant,  SSAE-­‐16   audited  data  centers     •  Two-­‐factor  AuthenVcaVon  
  28. 28. Trusted  by  more  than   150,000  businesses  worldwide   ©2014  Soonr,  Inc.  
  29. 29. Summary ●  IT Can’t Ignore File Sync and Share - Most Provide Business Class Alternative ●  IT Can Offer A Better Solution That Improves User Productivity ●  IT Can Gain Better Control Over Data Assets ●  IT Can Reduce File Data Operational Costs
  30. 30. Thank you! Storage Switzerland StorageSwiss on Twitter: StorageSwiss on YouTube: StorageSwiss on LinkedIN: Website: Call: 1.855.377.8500 Email: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: